Sun and Shadows: How an Island Paradise Became a Haven for Dirty Money


  1. I have said before Pp equates State State terrorism and the above article just nailed deeper this assertion.Money launderying and Terrorism.drug trafficking, Human trafficking etc..all have , been proven by experts, to walk hands in hand. AL Capone Rene and Mobster Meyer Lansky Michel, have made Seychelles a transit point for possible up-and- going money launderying center,listing our land and people on the list of failed,corrupted,and involvement in Interantional Crimes.

    Pp has made Seychelles a poster of alms,criminality around the world.We need to get those maron out in order to face their crimes.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. The article gives you a dot to dot on James Michel and King Glenny Savy business dealings.
    Glenny Savy uses his Mauritian wife to handle Michel's offshore business.
    He is likely banking money from sales of properties in Desroches Island to foreigners and money from transhipment of drugs using Desroches as a landing strip.

  3. Donot forget about Michel OFFSHORE company --uses for the same purposes.As those banks created under REN to facilitate the transactions.laundered illegally obtained money etc...

  4. Suddenly like by magic,a saltwater crocodile appears at Roche Caimen .The question that crops up is,Why have no single Seychellois for the last 300 plus years not seen a single swimming in the Ocean?Or is it an illegal re - introduction by partilepep and foreign friends , in order to make it a tourist attraction spot?This is a dangerous act,that needs to be scrutinized.If no other reptiles is found it would be therefore right to conclude that it was illegally re-introduce by someone and should be eliminated.The present of this crocodile is doubtful since no one would belive that slatwater crocodile would hide in the bush and not swimm into the Ocean for centuries and just suddenly like by magic re-appear again.Probably The bobo in Mauritius would soon re-appear too.

    1. Breaking news; Heavy snow is in the forecast for next week!
      People leaving in the mountain area are asked to take precaution.
      Motorist are asked to start chain their wheels.
      People with CAMELS need to erect their tents and get ready the heater.

      I meant dodo and not bobo.


  5. crocodiles lay eegs and produce not one but many babies at a time.Where is the other babies partilepep,the the adult ones ,how they feed partielpep?why no trace on adult partilepep?

  6. And in the mean time a group of twenty are stepping up to fight invasive species.
    Schong senk do not look or wander too FAR. i can tell you the direction where to find them. go to the assembly room on a tuesday and you will see them all warming their seats,kill time until the next pay check.

  7. Michel the thug reaction to the article is"rehash of old news".Well Michel it is about a criminal act you committed.First,a culprit we donot expect you to be your own judge and second all crimes must be punished regardless when ,how long it was committed.Justice must prevail Buthcer Michel.CRIMINALS MUST FACE JUSTICE .

    Michel wants us to beleive that for instance NAZI criminals who butchered JEWS should they be still alive should not face justice because they committed their crimes decades ago.Or that He must not face justice for killing innocent Seychellois ,simply because it dated back 5 decades.Maybe,man-_god Michel(man of the people)thinks he should get divine justice-

    Meditate on this quote for Victor HUgo butcher Michel"a criminal remains a criminal whether he uses a convict's suit or a monarch 's crown"And the writer goes on to say*Michel's Offshore business in Virgin was LEGAL.Well it it was Legal there would have been no need to consider the Butcher action as illegal.No it is illegal,becuase as have been well-documented by international experts and government ,and Virgin Island is considered a platform for perpetuating financial crimes by individuals ,Thugee Michel.

    When ,would you stop staining our People image and make our country the poster not as Tourist destination but for having a thuggish ganster government involves in all kinds of Interantional organized crimes, thugee Michel?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Partilepep and a German crook,illegally introduce a crocodile in Roche Ciaman mares and told us it is sensation discovery "We still have crocodile in Seychelles and the reason we did not see any single one of them is because for the last 200 years they were hiding under the water without coming a single time up to breath.They were hiding that though they do have predators they did not proliferate therefore that why we saw only ONE YOUNG> crocodile(without parents who laid the eggs,no skeleton found of dead ones,not a single one came out and walked donw the sea etc.. and all that because for the last 200 years they were hiding under the water"

    Well, partileppe.Corcodiles have been extincted for more than 200 years ago,and there is no more crocodile present in Seychelles.The crocodile you illegally introduce At Roche Caiamn is a risk to human ,to established ecosystem in this spot,and create imbalances in our ecosystem.

    This crocodile should be remove in Roche Ciaman mares immediately for partielepe /german crook action is criminal.

    Now,let say it would be good to re-intorudce a few pairs of corcodiles in Sechelles -in order to provide a glimpse of what kinds of repitles we had before and for tourist attractions--For this Partilepep there is other way of doing.You could have create a Zoo,or could find a palce LIke in the Mares At Port lAunay(between Amda's hotel and road)a create a demi--natural/demi-free park so that we can control,observe but at the same time alow the crocodile to have a kind of semi-liberty in a natural environment.So that between the sea and amres something like a wired fence could be built where necessary(to firstly allow the natural flow out and in of sea water but to ensure no crocodile escape),Morevoer,that it looks more aesthetic,on each sides of the wwired fnece Mangroove trees could be planted ,and the later with time would become and provide an extract natural barrier(auxiliary to wired fenced).

    In other owrds,it would become a kind of natural zoo of crocodile,in semi-liberty,controlable,manageable with no risks to human and risk of proliferate.

    And to avoid profileration and increase oof these corcodiles(only a certain among of crocodiles should be allowed and through medical possibilities that exist that they can not lay eggs--instead when they grow old or die they could be easily replaced.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. James Michel taught he became the messiah after visiting and confessed all his sins to the pope. This President indeed continues to impress the Seysellwa communities around the world with his fake ideas and pea size brain. And now after 10 years he acts like Tarzan, walk like Jane Fonda and smell like a cheetah.

  10. Rehash of the old new on crimes committed by Michel and yet,the culprit has still not face justice.And unstill that is achieved,the news on Michel's crimes would allow be updated until justice is done.

  11. 16.19

    The visit to Vatican was suppose3d to exorcised him---but the Pope refused because he considered is a waste of time----the devil spirit in him was to extreme and even an excorcism session won't be enough to freed the evil in Michel.Proof ,when Michel came back he allowed Chinese to conduct illegal naval training in our EEZ,recruited mercenaires to butcher Seychellois in his place,and Hard Drug business has and still florishing,he and Khalifa opened a brothel at Kempski Hotel and got involved in Sex slave trafficking etc..etc..etc..

  12. Russain Mafia Andrey Nabilevich was condmend us 4 million dollars but not jailed sentnec and asking his criminal company to shut down and not even deported for committing crimes on our shores.Instead Partilepep signed deals with Putin ,Russina chief Mafia to protect,disguise their criminal activites on our shores.Sechelles continue to operate criminal Fooshore foreign companies on its soil thereby participating in Interantional fianancial crimes,money launderying,protecting mafias,evne illegally selling them our birthrights and patrimony.

    when would aprtielepep stop getting involve in Interantional organized crimes and allow foreign mafias to abuse our country as Base for their criminal activities?

  13. The Father of modern Seychelles Rene sent Seychellois Kids as slaves on Eden Isalnd in order to plant trees for the South African racist .Instead of asking the south Africa to find a registred gradeing company and pay them to finish planting trees on Eden Island,Partilepep abuses and uses our Kids to go plant tress for free for Eden Island.

    Our childrens should be planintg tress in their school gardens,on our burned mountains,at maybe Elderly houses ,etc.. not on a pirvate Island for a Foriegners -

    Stop abusing our Children as modern slaves partielepep?

    And note partielepep we have already existing places such as the forestry devision where our kids can be sent for such project not planting tress for a south African racist.

  14. Mother and Father in Seychellios don't care now a days if their children are modern slave or not.

  15. It all has to do with social-economic problems Pp brought them in.When you striving to figure out how you going to feed yourselfe as parent on a day to day baisis surely caring for one's kids become secondary.Hard drug addicts which increase Domestic violence,parents addicted thus not fit to work,kids are left alone depending on themselves.

    First step must be to reduce Expats and start feeding Seychellois citizens first before feeding foriegners--Seychellois are not benefiting from their own economy but rather Indains,Pakistanis etc keep making kids like pigs,without family planning then are send to our shores in order that we feed them.This policy by Pp is crooked,create many unwanted,underserve,problems from soci-economic,housing ,wethnic prblems,h^land use,water ,electricity ,wastage problems,cultural,tradtional,and millions left the country and enter Indains,püakistanis economy instead of ours.Than of course to compensate those losses.PP sucks Seychellois businesses and citizens to pay for their failures and crooked policies.

    Any GOvernemnt in the world find it normal and is an obligation to take care of their citizens first and above all--Under Pp thugtators Seychellois are in second position..Pp creates jobs for Expats before its people,and the most disturbing thing in all that, is the fact that the trend continues and Pp thugs do nothing to reduce and stop it.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. What about Seychellois who lived on Diego Garcia--islands we lost because of partielepep-PAret of our citizens were forced to Mauritius ,Why has partielepep never tries to get them home,Then partilepep could reduce Indian ,Pakistanis expats who have bullshit culture and are affecting our own culture and traditions.


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