Top French tour operators in Seychelles to chart an effective course to check recent slump in arrivals on French Market

As part of its policy of targeted marketing and In response to the worrying 13% decrease (2014 vs 2013) in visitor arrivals from its much valued French market, the Seychelles Tourism Board has taken the initiative to invite a group of top French tour operators currently selling the destination to attend a strategy meeting in Seychelles in mid-September 2014.
The aim of this meeting is to deliberate on the way forward, listen to the challenges currently faced by French tour operators and agree upon and implement an immediate plan of action for increasing market share from this important market.
“France is a country with which we have enjoyed significant ties for more than 250 years and has been a leading market for inbound tourism since the beginnings of our tourism industry in the early 1970s,”affirmed Alain St. Ange, Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism & Culture, “and we will leave no stone unturned in our attempts to ensure that whatever challenges we are currently facing in this area of our tourism are addressed timeously and comprehensively.”

Relevant, senior members of the Seychelles government will be invited to be present at the scheduled meeting of leading French tour operators to listen to their concerns as well as key stake holders of the local tourism industry with years of experience in marketing the destination to ensure that a high level of professionalism in discussions is achieved.
“This is a wonderful opportunity for all parties concerned with inbound tourism to put our heads together in a brainstorming session and tackle problems from every perspective. We’re hopeful the findings will enable us to chart an effective course to check the recent slump in arrivals,” stated Sherin Naiken, Chief Executive of Seychelles’ Tourism Board.
Bernadette Willemin Seychelles Tourism Board Director for Europe said she is happy with rapid response of top French tour operators to attend the strategic meeting.
Mrs Willemin added the rapidity of their response send out a clear message, top French tour operators are still interested to sell Seychelles as an island destination.
’’ We’ve always promoted Seychelles on French market in close collaborations with our top key tour operators. Today, it is in the same spirit that we met to mapped out new strategies and put the market back on the right track’’
The meeting will be held Monday 15th at Contance Ephelia Resort


  1. France has been our main tourists provider in our main European market---agencies are having difficulty to explain to their clients why there is no direct lfgihts from France to Seychelles ,but also affecting their own agencies--which is seeing a drop of reservation to Seychelles because of not having Direct flights connection from Europe.So,these agencies want to see for themselves beucase S Ange--pl has failed to give them concrete explaination of this mess,Whatis going on Here.maybe this visit would pressure Pl to do the right things and have the irghts strategy especially that Pl has now bankrupted us a second time and need urgently money to stay afloat.I hope that these persons would convinced PL to put Seychelles interest first but also that since Pl like foreigners more than Seychellois---the delegation would be able get Pl get things done-

    1. Direct flights from Paris to Mahe take nine hours. Nowadays with Emirates and Etihad it takes 13 hours due to the time spent in transit.
      Visitors prefer to reach their destination as quickly as possible so that they can spent as much time enjoying their holidays rather than stuck for 3 hrs or more in an airport transit area waiting for their connection to their final destination. With no direct flights, we will be in the same situation next year and the year after. A meeting with their French counterpart will not solved the problem. How many times do we have to tell these idiots in the Tourism Industry that Seychelles is in urgent need of DIRECT FLIGHTS from Europe.

    2. Hope Seychelles Airways can feel these gap.
      Right Affif?

  2. Surely bad connectivity is making these travel agencies specialzed in the Indian COean, REgion are losing money because of PL destructive tourism strategy which consisit of forcing potential clients to transit in ADUBAHI Duty free.These clients refuse this long costly transit,so they opting for other destinations which are less profitable for these agencies.But as these agencies representatives are proffsesionals they do act quickly when they see things getting bad,not like Pl that keeps following the same destructive policy though it is a failures.They came to tell Pl idiots that for both their companies and Seychelles as a destination--there must be good connectivity betweem Europe and Seychelles else our tourism industry as also their agnecies would suffer.I hope these monkeys at State house would listen and get the message.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D?arc

  3. Up until 1976 the Seychelles was poised to become a world class tourist destination.
    But the SPUP terrorists thought they had a better idea with their AK47 ideas.

    41 years into this reign of terror, this government of vagabonds is still trying to figure out how to manage a tourist holiday destination!

    France or any other foreign country cannot make the leopard change its' spots.
    These vagabonds need to get realistic (if they can) and recognize that there are very many capable Seychellois who possess the required professionalism, qualifications and methodology to make the tourism industry commercially viable, highly profitable and top rated.

    The only problem is that these professionals do not share this government's AK47 ideologies of governing by suppression, division, intimidation, discrimination and monopoly.

    In a nut shell, this is the dilemma facing the Seychelles and the PL government is part of the problem and most certainly not the solution!

  4. In the mean time FAR is a no show at JRM new book that goes on sale. Yet SPUPSPPFPL want reconciliation to start.

    1. The above comment represent in strong essence the real problematic - for the past 25 years through our Community workings and those who know - come Minister Alan St Ange and his wish to control instead of appreciating what others have been doing for free for 25 years for Seychelles and they were getting Tourist - the word had been spread, many are talking why are these Seychellois what hey are doing are they daft or mad. All the Ambasadors and appointee to control, regulate and dominate our EU community workings - Minister St Ange do not know Europe that well. Others with more guns, money and resource have tried to do this to our EU community workings the results and their outcome. We can list them.

  5. The problems are there. We all know the reasons why, unless you are one of those brain dead minister who depends on hoteliers to solve his problems. Why we have such an overpaid useless moron running such an important portfolio is beyond belief.

  6. There are Four critical steps that must be taken to make Seychelles Tourism work:
    1. Air Seychelles Etihad and Emirates must give seat allotments to TO's in France;
    2 Clear strategy for direct flights;
    3. Reduction of VAT to make Seychelles a pleasurable value experience (our competitors VAT is 7%. );
    4. Reduction across the Board of fuel tax (40%) to (25%) and cancellation of all fuel concessions. This will bring down the cost of the Seychelles experience;
    5. License all Taxi pirates since they offer service at 1/2 price of a regular taxi;
    6. seek out direct flights from other carriers cease protectionist policies ( money has no face or name);
    7. Increase inter island connectivity with cost effective ticket pricing on planes and ferries;
    8. cancel VAT on all inter island cargo service;
    9. micro manage each step;
    10. engage the private sector fast and in overtime, end the era of cronism that has caused the failure.
    Christopher Gill

  7. Rene the POULAYER use to say Mancham was a playboy when he was trying his best to bring tourist home. Now we have another StAnge playboy.

  8. JRM liki langate ou maman how much have you been paid to sell the seychellois people to the devil.?
    liki ou maman,seychellios is tire of yr shit with yr bitch clapping her hands on the repression and oppression.
    liki ou maman why you don't go and drown yourself off glaci ser met.
    you knew about the coup detat of 1977.yr bodygard of the time ti bill notifiy you about the firing off the island and you go and tell rene about it liki ou you getting are using Bishop chanhim to legitimate your guilty concious langet ou maman.

  9. St. Ange really has a great team.
    What should be done is replace dead beat non performing ministers with them. Build up STB and Minister of Tourism with private sector players.
    Christopher Gill

    1. 45 years after the airport was opened, it now takes longer to fly Europe to Seychelles. This is not progress. It takes just 9 hrs to fly the Mauritius-London route direct, a further 1000 miles. Nobody wants to sit in Dubai for up to 12 hours - if the planes have to be routed though there then the transit needs to be much quicker, under one hour.

  10. The energy generated by tourism is a result of a vision,an inspiring view of what a destination an become as a result of tourism.
    Underly this vision must however,be a clear,comprehensive plan ,a define HOW of destination growth and development.

    At the heart of the tourism sector,as allgood business thinkers know,must be the present of a solid strategy.Stragety provides the framework for fulfillment of defined,measurable bojectives.

    For as individual Tourism is,nations transforming themselves into compelling,competitive and clearly differentialted destination must establish strategies,systems and processes to ensure that the sector can indeed deliver against specific tourism objectives.Butthe development and growth of a successful tourism sector is not simply about successful tourism strategy,no matter how brilliant the strategic thinking may be.The strategy is key:Without it destination risks throwing its doors open to the world and for lack of better words selling it soul,losing it culture,character and care for one another for the purpose of making money through tourists.(as pl policies today).

    Strategy is to a tourism sector what a sheet music is to an Orchestra.It is the directions,the focus and the framework.But it is merely paper-ink on the lines with will huge promise and desire if create something beautiful----until brought to life through the hands,heart and eyes of the conductor.For the tourism sector the conductor is the government of the destination,the source of vision,inspiration and discipling director which turns passion into proud,purposeful,clearly positioned tourism marketing and experience excellence.

    Tourism is not prely for tourism sake.To operate effectively for long-term benefit of the destination government must mobilize the tourism sector as a critical driver of the greater:economic,social,cultureal,industrial and infracstructural development of the destination for its people and their future.

    Genenrally speaking,leadership of the tourism sector by government is required at TWO fundamentals:1)MACRO----Establishment of overall tourism strategy and ensure sustainable growth and development of the sector at social,economic and environmental levels,and alignment of sector efforts to the greater National /regional growth mandate.

    2)MICRO---brand leadership of the destination ensuring creative,coordinated,compelitive and compliant of markwting ,promotion and innovation of the destination.

    Working in harmony,these two dimensions of tourism leadership ensure that the vision of the destination is brought to life through its daily expression,i.e.destination Brand promise,destination promotion,experience offerings,product and service delivery,policy implementation,infrastructure re-investment.

    In other words,Seychelles government must revisit its tourism polcies completely from A to Z should it wants to become successful as its neighbours.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. 45 years after the airport was opened, it now takes longer to fly Europe to Seychelles. This is not progress. It takes just 9 hrs to fly the Mauritius-London route direct, a further 1000 miles. Nobody wants to sit in Dubai for up to 12 hours - if the planes have to be routed though there then the transit needs to be much quicker, under one hour.

  12. Seychelles depend on tourists no tourists arrival more bankrupt and no foreign exchange coming in more problem for business.

  13. Michel will bring back BI ship to move us about.
    Khalifa Michel husband has had a stroke.

  14. Mr. Michel
    Monica Lowenski said hello to you.
    She wants an internship at State House Anytime Now!
    Are you ready?

  15. I see our local ‘Big Wigs, Ministers’ met with the Directors of Exotisme, Autral Lagon and TUI France were in Seychelles at the invitation of the Tourism Board to discuss with trade partners and key decision makers why it was becoming difficult for them to sell Seychelles. France arrivals are some 13% down compared to the same period last year.

    We should count ourselves lucky that we are only 13% down. This was predicted once Air Seychelles ceased its direct link from Charles De Gaulle. With the added burden of 15% VAT we should blame ourselves for trying to ‘milk the cowshed as well as the cow ! ‘

    1 + 1 = 2 (not 11)
    Remove Direct Flights from Charles De Gaulle = reduction in French Tourists
    Add 2 Air Seychelles Flight from Charles De Gaulle via Abu Dhabi = Same Shit, different Airline = reduction in French Tourist.

    On the other hand we see the German market doing extremely well due to the direct link with Condor. It is such a lucrative market, Condor is introducing a 2nd direct flight. (incidentally, Etihad and Emirates are not too happy about this 2nd Flight) If you remove the 15% VAT on small establishments that turnover less than 10 million rupees, then Condor will have to introduce more weekly flghts to keep up with demand !

    Big wigs, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to increase arrivals to our shores. If you cannot figure out the solution grow up and speak to Mr Christopher Gill. Mr Gill will help you find the right solution. If you are too proud to take Gills advise, then keep on signing books with JRM……SPTC

  16. Wake up folks.
    While Michel is giving speeches in Samoa where they do not speak english well, Jean Paul Adam is flying Diamond Class on Etihad to USA $15,000.00 one way so round trip = $30,000.00 we are collapsing.
    $30,000.00 for a bald head dude on a round trip ticket to do nothing, is a waste of money.
    How many brochures could STB produce with this money?

  17. Why is it difficult to sell se<xchelles ,it is well-known by all professional in the touriasm industry and if Pl does not know the aNSWER ,THE QUESTION IS wHAT IS pL DOING ON POWER?i will tell Morgan Why?Becuase of no direct flight to transport them to our shore,They refuse being forced to transit via ABUDA and this route Seychelles ADUBADI ,Seychelles is expensive s,tressful,a waste of their time,long,etc..France is the main provider on visitors to Seychelles--so any company would have given or pay extra attension to its market,.bUT nO.pL PAY more attention to the WILL of Khalifa/Etihad---Maybe because in the deal Pl has been offered secret share in return.

  18. How do we get frnch tourists to our shores Pl asks--how did Michel the butcher get to SAMOA,?how did Adam get to USa?By boat,by swimming,on mancahm back,with parachute, Pl?Hopw did the French get to our shores bofore selling Airsey to Khalfia Pl?In submarine maybe,by foot maybe?or they walked like jesus on water Pl?Michel you know what donkey disssovle or government and go find a life donkey.

  19. I am asking this simple question to St Ange--why is it that you have been staying silence on this issue ,when you know that one of the main motor to boost our tourism industry is having direct flight operation between our main market?

    We are not the only one around the world protesting against these Arabs attemptto monopolize the aviaition market and the attempt to destroy National Airlines around the world or reduce National Airlines as reguional airlines by Arab Airlines.

    EUroepans as well as USA carriers have already shown their opposition to the crooked polices follow by these Arab airlines.

    In Indai promonent Indian politican AJIT Singh and other prominent Indians are opposiing a deal made by JET AIRLINE with EITHAD for the same reasons.

    Eithad policy is the same in all the deals it made namely.It takes shahre in an Airline in order that it can get access to these countries market then finally destroy their National Airlines or turn them into secondary ,unimportant Airlines.The way the deal is structured to evade the controlling stake cause,it is clear that the perons controlling the purse strings will control the Airline(that is the case with Air Seychelles though the ogvernemnt holds 60 percent of the shake Eithad control our Airline---a dictates the policies).Eithad uses the infrastructure of these Iarlines it makes deal with,more to its benefit rather than the other way round.And at it has already been proven in the case of Air Seychelles -we are the loser.REMEMBER When the deal was unilaterally signed by Pl,the later told us "this deal with boost our tourism industry and provide better connectivity"What we seeing now ,is the destruction of our National Airline and our tourism industry.

    Morevoer, I have doubts of these figures Pl gives us each years on the profit Air Seychelles is making since it made the deal with ETIHAD------I donot believe a single moment thatAir Seychlles operation in the region (and due to the completion with other regional airlines)that it is making a profit by its own operation.If so it is only a small profits only to cover the annual operational cost of Air Seychlles --which means no money enter our coffers at all .What happens and apparently it is also the policy of eithad towards other Airlines having code share with EITAHD--is to make us bleive that Air Seychlles is profitable-----EITAHD owner KHALIFA uses its own money ,pour it into Air Seychlles coffer to give us the illusion that Air Seychlles is profitable and successful.which in turn is good for Pl--for it allow Pl to cover the fialures of deal and allow EITAHD to continue controllingour makrtet and that of the region.NB Air Seychelles recent profit is about 2 million dollar --this amount is less what Khalfia spend on food for his camel herb daily--so to give Pl two million annually to create the illusion that Air Seychelles is being successful is nothing at all.
    Seychlleois want the Iar line back Pl---stop bribing,stop robbing trax payers money,stop destroying Seychelles marons.

    Time for pl to go--voluntarily or if pl does not do it alone I promise Pl it would go by force--But one thing must be clear to Pl--YOU WILL GO NEITHER AY YOU CHOOSE! Make no mistake about this.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  20. Pl signed deal with Coambodia Airline.what for?to benefit Seychelles?I donot think so.Cmabodia is one of Aisen poorest country.The deal PL is signing with Hong kong,Cmabodia and more will come--is a strategy to favour Etiahd and give it indirect access to these countries.That instead of EITAHD making the deal with these countires,ETIHAd uses PL/Airseychelles to make the deal literally in its place.Noting that Air Seychlles is in code share with ETIAHD.That instead of Etihad making the deal and operating its airl9ine of these market it uses AirSey,but the end result is ETIHAD benfit and get more access to these countires market.

  21. Direct Flights to Combodia.
    Tourist from Paris will hub directly to Non Penh.
    No need to go to Abu Dhabi anymore.
    From Non Penh you will fly directly into Mahe.
    Called the RED ROUTE!

  22. Pp are destroying our EU market and for pp they don't need tourists the need more immigrant form Asia to vote for them after nuturalize as a Seychelles citizen to keep them wicked in Power for pp immigrants arrival on our better than tourists arrival.

  23. Don't worry, they (Papa, Morgan & Etihad) take Seselwa for fools. We have been asking direct flights from Europe and what do we get...Direct flights from India, Cambodia, Madagascar, Tanzania....Whats up with you Papa & Morgan. Are you being paid by Maldives & Mauritius to screw up our European tourist market ? SPTC

  24. Surely ,Morgan is being pressured by Khalfia not to open up to other airlines-----and you can imagine the pressure inserted by Khalfia of him after bribering Morgan to help kill Seychellois tourism industry.Ho would this Little maron Morgan who have already spent all the bribes given to him by Khalifia not obey his Master?Else he would be forced to refund Khalifa the millions back,no cent is left ,like a drunken sailor Morgan has spent every cent.

    You know,like Landlorss used to do----the former indebted their slaves in order to ensure total and long-term control of them.That is exactly what Khalfia has done to Pl/Morgan.Indebted them (briberization) in order to enslave them.


  25. We were told by NATION ,that NDEA destroyed 400 Grass palnts,and that in secrecy,without public scrutiny but not a single gramm of Hard drug that are responsible for sending our youths to REHABS has been destroyed to date.Destroyed or re-introduced on the streets NDEA?

  26. NDEA smokes pot.
    Why would they destroy pot with press there?


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