Why would Bank of Ceylon want to open branches in Seychelles & Solomon Islands?

Why would Bank of Ceylon want to open branches in Seychelles & Solomon Islands? Why does Mihin Air fly to Seychelles?
Despite their stated Vision of “Bankers to the nation” and the Mission - “Extending banking service to larger society as a beneficial beacon in the country” it’s not so difficult to understand which ‘nation’ or the ‘section’ of the Sri Lankan society Bank of Ceylon is trying to serve with their recent opening of a branch in Seychelles.
With a population of 90,024 and rated as the highest income inequality country in the world, Seychelles has less than 100 Sri Lankans living there. Seychelles is also considered as the money laundering base in Africa and a haven for dirty money! There have been several investigations on reported money laundering cases in Seychelles including by the former Ukrainian President. Anyone can verify these facts with a bit of internet research.
Bank of Ceylon is also looking at opening a branch in Solomon Islands, which has a population of 549,598 and may not have a single Sri Lankan among them. The World Bank says Solomon Islands, one of the poorest countries in the Pacific, had a GDP per capita of US$ 2,068 in 2013, compared to US$ 9,736 of Sri Lanka. It’s no mean a country to engage in any profitable banking business. However with its well established offshore financial services / tax-heaven banking systems, Solomon Islands is a popular destination for many Sri Lankan politicians!
Ask yourselves why Bank of Ceylon is opening branches in countries that have none or paltry Sri Lankan population? Wouldn’t it serve a better good if branches are opened in countries from where the bulk of Sri Lanka’s foreign exchange US$ 7 Billion per year is earned, especially in the Middle-East? It would be most appropriate now for Bank of Ceylon to add “Assisting predatory politicians to conceal their masses of illegally gotten money” to its Mission statement.
Why does Mihin Air Fly to Seychelles? The next would be that they will fly to Solomon Islands as well. Central Bank / other banks regularly repatriate foreign currency notes in bulk through air(lines) as a part of their normal business. It doesn’t have to be legitimate but with absolute power and control, so can they!


  1. You guessed it, money laundering and by using their own airline they cut out the middleman. It will be easier to erase their prints from the scene of a crime. ///

  2. Under partilepep our country is involve in hosting one of the Frica^s largest financial fraud on the 21st century,Partilepep has set up a system that operates through a network of dummies combine with state institutions,or create dummy companies to maintain full secrecy.

    Why a branch of Ceylon bANK IN Seychelles?With a strong organized Oppostion In Sri Lank,Dicitator RAJAPAKSE feels vulnerable and finding it hard to wash stolen money through Banks bsed on Sir LanKan's territories and many of Interantional Banks such as Barcaly Banks have been coorporating with government and have taken actions to avoid that their banks are used as wwashing machines fro Intenrationla criminals,Dictators ,Durg traffickings etc...

    So That Why thief RAJAPEKSE together with,and the full knowledge of Michel and aprtilepep decided to allow Ceylon Bank to set foot on our shores in order to conduct the money laundering of Dcitator RAJPAKSE and ilks without impunity,scrutiny,challenges and in full secrecy to operate its criminal activites on our shores.Ditto ,to Paritlepep thieves,Banks like Barcalay ,BAnque Francaise refused to continue to be used by thieves as platform for money laundering ,thus Ceylon Bank provides Apartilepep thieves to also has a safe means to wash their stolen bounty.

    MiHIn Air ,we may ask why so much flight to Seychelles,more than all airlines when there is a handful of Sri Lnakans on GOP in Seychelles?It keeps RAJAPKSE MIHIN ARILINE afloat,maybe also to transfer bags full of stolen money.Why not facilitate Aprtilepep Escobars importation of Hard drugs?We must keep in mind that both Micheland RAJAPAKSE has a record in illegal International as well as National criminal activities on their records and a lucrative business as dealing with Ahrd drug ,is too lucrative for them to ignore it.

    NDEA and FIU confiscate half million doallr at the Airport,and that after being ecposed by SFp on the illict deals going on between Sri LanKan Dictator and paritlepep.It seems NDEA,especailly FIU is telling us"You see ,we are acting and verifying those allegations on money laundering"But the problem is that the actors we talking about are those in the partielepep and not this little drug dealer arrested with half a million doallr at the Airport.We want to see actions against partilepep criminals who pre-meditatedly put the money laundering machine in place and cover it b yabusing power,our institutions, by dis-information,etc... the millions being laundered by apritlepep and Intenrational thieves like RAJAPAKSE are in multi-millions if not billions hence these are the crooks FUI should be concentrating on and apprehend in the first palce.

    Investigate Michle's offshore company,Laporte minister of financial role,the activie and pre-meditated role of Micheland paritlepep as government for as to the later insitutions are being raped,abused to conduct these illcit International criminal activities.

    Is FUi independent?That is what Partilepep wants to tell us--then prove ourself FUI,So us your independency by opening an investigation against paritilepep as criminal organized and its members state terorrists.
    As to Alporte he has a duty and obligation to come out and give Seychellois a detail account on those thousands of dummy Companies registered in Seychelles.
    Time is not for ridiculous explanation by JENPA ,or any attempt to pretending partilepep did not know or is not involved but rather take judiciary actions against partielepep perpetrators with Michel as mastermind(CAPO DI TUTTI CAPI.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Paritlepep has minucailly put all in palce including National instituions such as Finance ministry,foriegn ministry and other branches of State insitutions to allow a smooth wash up of criminal money on our shores.Partilepep creates the bakhole that allow international nafias,sex lsve masters,tyrannts,drug traffickers,Terrorists to hide their ill-gotten wealth with State protection and secrecy to proliferate as Mushrooms on our shores.

    Though its mouth piece JENPA .aprtilepep tells us and the world that "We have all the mechanism in Place"Yes you do,JENAP in fact you have more mechanisms in aplce for anything and everything ,even that the most richest and modern Western society but none functions.Why they did not function?Becuase all were put in place(Mechanisms)by state and mebers of all these so call mechanisms are paritlepep benefitors,ilks,unemployed that partilepep msut create fake positions for,and paritlepep crooks.In other words these mechanisims are simply window dressing to sell to and fool the world especially Foiregn financial Institutions such as IMF,World ank etc.. in order to give paritlepep some kind of legitimacy and thereby allows the continued and non stop bail out of parilepep frailing and dictatorial system.

    In those illicit deals,one must not thinks apart rom damaging our country's image abroad ,our country financially benfit from any kinds of benefits--All the debtors of these illict criminal activities is and only is partilepep criminal organization with Butcher Michel at its helm.

    There must be an investigations against government for its active,pre-meditated,addicted invovlememnt in these illicit businesses.But not only States or Banks like Ceylon Bank,but lawyers(e.g LUCAS) ,and other companies already based on our shores including individuals both National and trans -regional.

  4. What the consequences of partilepep illcit money laundering has on our National ECONOMY?The act of converting DIRTY crimes proceeds into apparently CLEAN and RESPECTABLE property,is not only tarnishing our country and people image abroad but also killing lelgtimate businesses in Seychelles and stunting our economic development(NB alsoad for the rule of law,bad for government and therefore requires urgent actions.

    Apart from killing National economic development(economic growth too)Money laundering undermines Global market by siphoning billions of illiegitimate "CLEANED UP money from Normal economy,(you can understand why paritlepep cannot pay back the astronomic debt it created and keeps depending on Intenrational aid)

    Stop your criminal activites Partilepep!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Why the need for a Sri Lanakn Ambassy in Seychelles?Surely not to represent the handful of Sri Lanakns working as Exapts in Seychelles, thereby protects its citizens.it seems more as an extension of Dictator RAJPAKSE present in Seychelles to facilitate his money laundering activities,but also facilitate negociation with host counry government.
    Ususally Ambassies are desgined to increase communication between two countires by having representatives of foreign governments to consult,or negociate with the host country and adivse of people seeking to travel.In bot situation ,due to the distance,present of Sri Lankan on our shores,and coorporations between Sri Lanak and Seychelles which is very limited ,frankly there is pertinent justification to have a Sri Lankan Ambassy on our shores now,Maybe in hundred years. It sems the only justifies reason of the present of Sri Lanakn Ambassy in Seychelles is to do what Ceylon Bank is aimed at doing namely facilite Dictator RAJAPAKSE and family illict businesses by using our shores.

  6. Partilepep tells us OUR LOCATIONS attracts Foreign BANKS---What makes Seychelles now than before so Attractive to foreign Banks paritlepep?
    Probably for providing the means to these Banks ot conduct their illegal businesses-Two foreign Banks CEYLON BANK to serve RAJAPKSE money laundering and AL HABIB a Pakistanis Bank involved in sponsoring Terorism.Why not Western Banks,Or even Proven professional Afircan Banks paritlepep?Are those western banks to to strick and have taken actions to dter illicit deals through their banks a guess!
    Soon Chinese Bank would come!

  7. Minh Lanka will fly to Soloman Islands. Twin island connections via Seychelles.

  8. Laws are in place, but no enforcement. This is what makes Seychelles so attractive as a banking base in Africa.

  9. Yes not implement because these orgnaizations,insitutions or mechanisms as JENPA calls them are all control by aprtitilepep's affiliates accountable to partilepep government therefore these mechanisms are not dependent.All memebers part of FIU were appointed by money launder mastermind Michel.And of coruse he appointed persons he was sure would paly the stooges and cover partilepep activities.There is two ways of creating fwondw dressing mechansism.one is by appointing partilepep liks or two is recruiting for foreigners.In both cases government is sure to control these mechanisms.

    Moroever,State is responsible in setting up the means.facilities which encourage,,hide and protect Indidivudals,companies involve in these ililcit deals.As long as State does not stop its illegal activities , money laundering will continue.And with those partilepep criminals addicted to illegality ,only change will really change the bad habits.

  10. Money laundering as our economy shows is devasting for National economic growth and economic development especially for a macro and micro economy like ours which corrupts fianancial and legal structures and undermines the integrity and stability of financial institutions and systems,is discourage genuine foreign investment and distort International Capital flow.

    Some of these negative effects have been persisitence In Seychelles and accentuated since 2008 when Michel illegally took office.Fro instance:--the country's fianacial stability,macroeconomic performamnce have resulted in a welfare lossesdraining resources from more productive economic activities,and even having destabilizing spillover effects on the economy of the country.
    It can increase the threat monetary instability due to the misallocation from resources from artificial distortions in asset and commodity prices.And as Partilepep has proven ,the unpredictable nature of money laundering ,coupled with attendant loss of policy control ,have made sound economic policy difficult to achieve.

    Furthermore,Money laundering diminished government Tax revenues ,thus harm honest tax payers and make government tax collection more difficult.The loss of revenues ,as LAPORTE is expert in, means,higher tax rates than would normally be the case if the untaxed proceeds of crime were legitimate.(in other words,that is Why LAPORTE keeps strangling Seychellois businesses with pharaoic VAT tax,CSR etc...)

    Seychellois cannot tolerate to see their country's reputation and financial institutions tarnished by association with money laundering,especially in today's global economy.
    Confidence in the market and in the signaling role of profits is eroded by money laundering.The negative that reputation that results from these activities diminished legitimate global opportunities and sustainable growth while attracting Intenrational criminal roganizations such as RAJAPAKSE?S hospital, or Pakistanis Al HABIB Bank etc,,,with undesirable reputations and short-term goals.

    Finally,when a country's financial reputation is damaged,reviving it is very difficult and requires significant government resources to rectifiy a problem that could be prevented with proper Anti-money< laundering control and the willingness of the state.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Partilepep in an attempts to justifies e present of Ceylon and AL HABIB Banks present on our shores says this"Our country location attracts foreign banks"We cannot really say ,that foreign banks especially of modern and democratic states has been attracted or find Seychelles an attractive location for them.So far foreign banks which have at the speed of light opened their doors for strange reasons on our shores is CEYLON BAnk knowns for mutliples money laundering scandals and Al HABIBI knws for its multiples involvementin sponsoring Terrorist organizations.In other words,Crooked State attracts Crooked foreign banks.

    Moreover,it is not at lall the location of Seychelles that attracts foreign Banks,but its crooked policies in regards to money laundering and state organized actitivies wqith crooked state and Intenrational organization,as well as individuals.If it was the locatins that was important thus strategic for any Intenrational money insitutions we probably would have had many western banks open on our shores.A Swiss Bank Laporte,or that from Austria,Germany,what about one from USA.

  12. Western owed Banks like Barclay has been undertaking actions against illcit money.So it jeopardize Partilepep activity of laundering,Such western owed banks do not want their image tarnish ,so paritlepep has no option than invites and allows Banks that are ready to together with paritlepep ,perpetuates the on going criminal actitivies.You know,Most money laundering are facilitated by Banks.Michel needs one which is ready to collaboarates in its illcit actitives.Ceylon Bank is voluntary since it already specializes in such illegal actitivies.Pakistan Bank Al HABIB,too.Soon Chinese,North Korea,Cuab Banks would join Ceylon and Al HABIB bank--partielep has opene all doors for such crooked banks.

  13. it is time we sign a petition to demand the FIU to investigate James Michel offshore account.

  14. State involvement helps the extension and proliferation of money laundering in Seychelles:
    -With high attractive offshore and anonymous services available.
    - Corruption--------Sale of Seychelles passports to create new false idenitties for international criminals.
    -Licensing to BANKs by partilepep government is another problem that encourage money Laundering (Ceylon Bank ,offers a kind of underground banking system )that has been subsequently be used for money laundering by Sri Lankan criminals like RAJAPAKSE and family members.NB no background checks was made before granting Ceylon bank ,Al HABIBI bank license to operate on our shores(OFFSHORE banks).Also no reuiqred customer verification or identification ,financial record keeping,and suspicious activity reporting ,No OFFSHORE banking regulations.OFFSHORE ssector has different regulations for the establishment and operation of OFFSHORE businesses.

    -No background checks to oversee ONSHORE financial institutions and so forth...

    Partilepep is the grass root cause for money laundering in Seychelles.nobody else.

  15. Who licensed for instance, these two OFFShORE banks Ceylon and Al HABIB,under which regulaitons.laws,juridiction etc.. partilepep?
    Tell us Dr Laporte,Michel,Dr Fanny.Faure,Meriton ;jenpa ?

  16. Michel licensed them,under Michel/partilepep own law.

  17. Poul Roati soon.

  18. Euola liki ou manman Michel now we have 16,200 immigrant on our shore pan tir ou fair sa liki al kot zot.Do you think they are place for you to continue to bring more on our shore just you bank our country trying to pick up the pieces by bring immigrant last two years you are in power we don't be leave in ballot box that manupilate.We will bring change before or sea water around Victoria are full with kaka Tamil.
    I hope sfp come out with a article soon on this 16,200 immigrants on our shore taking Seychellios jobs and that's why we are running out of public transport ,water electricity that oven cut.

    When their will leave our shore?


  19. Barclays is best bank to invest your money.
    Stay away from the rest.

    Just after Independent in 1976 there was a Chinese bank open at the Kingsgate house and after a lot of seselwa put their money in it closed and those chinese mafia ran away. We learn a lesson then!


  20. Western owed banks like Barcalys,Banque Fraicaise etc.. are best to bank one^s money.Why?They operate internationally and are most unlikely to allow money laundering through branches of their Banks.For example Barclays was also involved in money laundering but since USA,Euroepan countires took actions Barcalys has stop such activities and implememnted new rules and conditions to reduce and detect money laundering activities through their banks.That explain why Michel import Ceylon,Al HABIBI Banks,...banks whthout literally no international branches or often when they have branches abroad these are found in crooked states thus allow the proliferation and continuation of money laundering.

    Yes you might soon have Chinese Bank--Chinese nationals are at the top of ther list when it come to tax invasion.Maybe also North Korea,Cuba,Papau NEW GUINEA,Venezuela,Russians,Zimbabwe,Swaziland,Malawi,and other crooked states and banks.

  21. Anse <Bouleau students oppose the present of Sri lNakan teachers in their school and taking Seychellois jobs.Donot just hang them, shoot,chase them too.If not,a generation from now ,Seychellois will speak English with Sri LankanIndian accent.Then the world press CNN,BBC would have to even translate English into English to understand what Seychellis say.As we see in case of Negirian pseakiug neglish.

  22. Immigration profile a key tool for policy!!What Seychelles policy have to with Ayslum you f**king Trottel Michel Poulain.

    Why you don't go and say this to the US;Canada,Great Britain,France,Germany,Sewden,Switzerland Holland who are getting tough on immigration you come on our shore to bullshit Seychellios immigration is a key for policy.
    Seychelles never signed any things or vote on anything to take immigrant. Seychellios who decide what is best for its country not you foreign sucker and PP NOU POU PET ZOT LIKI.
    Immigrant are coming to stay on our shore and been giving Seychellios jobs and our citizenship increasing our our population by making 2 babies in 6 month they don't any thing about family planning and to increase social problems and we don't have place for them this we don't want when their jobs is done go back home others can get chance to feed their family in India.

  23. Assenyan Sri Lankan tipe esey panli kot lekol Anse Bouilou,next time will be a suicide bomb in their school bags this are our problems with immigrants. Thing like this happening in our school and thing like this never heard before in Seychelles school..

    What shame on you pp crooks that brought on shore.

    1. Next time give him/her a longer rope.

      Mr Ernesta thats the beginning of unity saying SORRY.
      However it should go DEEPER then that!
      Please go for it my friend, just PULL everything thing out.
      If PL catches you and put you to jail, this will be the beginning of the ending of PARTI LEPEP. WE shall come to your defense.
      And this is how you will become a HERO!.

  24. Protest Seychellios students don't go to school keep the school empty and say no to tamil teachers.

  25. This Sri Lankan teacher at Anse Boulau school who try to suicide been bully by those students a lesson for others Asians teachers.Seychellios students are sending their message no Tamil and no Indian as their English teachers we will just laugh at you in the class.When a Asians teachers with broken English trying to learn our students English PP even me at my time I will bully them all day because its boring to learn English with some speaking broken English or French in the class room those students know what best for them English we need English teachers French teachers but those VOLER can not afford them MAFIOSI bank corrupt this tiny island with corruption stolen 2.5billion US dollars, now just bringing a full of cheep EXPAT teachers doctors and so on if they bring back what they have stole in this nearly 40 years we can afford teachers from this two countries.

    And let this moron come with his immigration is key tools for policy! do we have any law on immigration tools in Seychelles some country like Canada ,Switzerland and others have a law must apply before immigration tools is form because we want a law that after their work is done just jet back home please.We have a few local trouble makes in power and in our society but more trouble makers this tiny island mean more troubles.

    May be if we have a law on immigration its not working the way we see its because them crooks are naturalize them as Seychellios,the more we see the more we know they are on our shore to stay PP can not say its lies.

  26. This Sri Lankan teacher who wanted to do suicide at Anse Bouleau school ben bully by the student till he or she want to hang her self.You know what!just pack up and go before you miss to say

  27. good by to your family.


  29. UBS will a perfect bank that we can trust on the island.

  30. Mr Ernesta PI knows that you can be a hero. They don't want you to be a Mandela!

    Most independent voters of Pointe Larue and Cascade will support you including me.

    As some anonymous on this blog and LSH stated that you need to confess all the stuff you did during your carrier in the SPDF. You not dementia yet.
    I'll give you a hint: apre de-er bomaten kot CHEZ-NOUS. Lo ban lesplanad aszwar.
    The list are longer then just say sorry. Yes we shall forgive you but not until we hear more!

    Curfew sa!

  31. Any western Banks could be trsuted and that because of the strict control and regulations which are scrutinized and ensure are implemented by western government in regards to their banks and due to their global importance but also beucase after the financial crisis ,western countires Banks were tarnished by their invovlment in money laundering and have started to take drastic actions on their own to deal with money aundering which on one side brought millions into banks coffers but on the long-term have damged their international reputations.

    Look for instance Barclys in Seychelles,it has surely involved in some kinds of money maundering activites before,but since Barclays were fined by western countires for the invovlment in money laundering activites ,these banks like Barclays have internally put in palce bodies to scrutinize,unveil any crimes attempting to use their banks as washing machines,this explain why Michel government is importing Banks from or better said banks aside western world like Ceylon ,or Al HABIB banks ,as replacement of western banks in order to conitinue having banks that work with partilepep money launderes like Michel/boulle,Guy Adam,Rene,and others in perpetuating their criminal activites.

    Moreover,not only banks,Michel want to import more expats,this time it would be more Sri Lankan ,a deal Michel signe illegally with his friend RAJAPAKSE and that not because we need more exapts but because recruitmemnt of exapts provide a baisis for illegal and criminal activites such a racketing,human rights abuses etc.. I will give you a concrete example of Human rights abuse perpetrated by paritlepep in regards to Expat worker.Michel/partilepep teel us and the world ,that Epats enjoy the same conditions as Seychellois and according to abour of Seychelles.Well Partilepep why not pay expats doing similar,same jobs or duties as Seychellois a SALARY like a seychelois?well because if partilepep does that ,it would radicate the lucrative criminal activites that expat recruitment provides and there would be no justification for importing Expats for then they would be no more interesting for Inrenrational organized crimies like Human rights abuses.

    Even students refuse that Sri Lanakn with pigeon English come to teach them English.Our school children do not wan to inherit the strong Sri Lakan English accent that would make them sound like Sri Lankan or Indian/Pakistanis for it destroy Seychellois good English accent and somehow our Identity.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  32. Seychelles the land of Paradise that once was Garden Of Eden is in a fiasco now because of one thing that happened to her since 5 th June 1977. THIS IS A COUP DE TAT.
    Some say ignore it, it will be part of history and some will never do!
    You can still see blood stain flowing on Francis Rachelle Street.
    You can see tears in front of the Police Station front entry door in Victoria where Son'n was assasinnated by tugs of SPUP.

    As I read WEEKLY last couple weeks front page I was surprise to see " I AM SORRY-I APOLOGIZE " I think as most of us believe this is not enough!.
    Mr Ernesta I know you very well. Brave and intelligent. May be your SUP member like Low-Tee can help draft you an apologize letter and if you can't print on WEEKLY, I guess Mr Gill or Tall can do you a hugh favor to do so on this blog.
    If not my friend we shall always see some blood coming from your car muffle instead of smoke. And this is nothing but the TRUTH! This will be the beginning of REAL UNITY missing since 29 June 1976!

    A sad oldie.


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