Monday, 28 July 2014

Peak Season Replaced By Poof Season in Seychelles!

Two (2) months ago, when Minister Pierre Laporte was approached by the Seychelles Broadcasting  Corporation (SBC) on the issue of the ongoing economic downturn in March, April, May, June, he said that this is a seasonal issue and it is normal, no cause for alarm and we have to wait and see into November.
This answer of course, allows Minister Laporte off the hook, he can buy time, spend time looking after newly acquired boats, enjoy borrowed planes, and plan for his next BMW automobile if he likes. But for the People of Seychelles, the answer was not good enough.

Scratch Your Skin To The Bones
Players in the Tourism Industry are scratching their skin off their bones, looking for an answer to the economic quagmire Seychelles faces. These people trusted the SPPF in vain that the Government would be responsible in action when it comes to the Tourism Industry. They invested heavily, borrowed from banks, put their lives into their businesses. Their staff who are bar men, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers are career workers in their field. Few become managers and then move on to start their own business. These people rely on sound thoughtful analysis from government; they rely on government to act in the interest of the Tourism Industry. They count on Ministers to work overtime when failure lurks around the corner, not push the problems to next year. 
Seychelles is a wonderful country in many respects. It is also a micro state. Big problems can be solved fast if leaders focus. But they must focus on the problems not their personal opportunities in the mist of the problems. PL it is time to abandon the Patty Lablache way of solving problems for Seychelles. Do what is right for our country, not your pockets.

NISD Alarm Bell-Ring! Ring! Ring!
The National Bureau of Statistics last month put out a alarm bell that the country seems to have overlooked. The Statistic Bureau conducted a survey to assess national productivity to help the IMF understand why Seychelles does not produce 8% GDP.  IMF has been lost, dumb founded over the lack of productivity in Seychelles.

A Non-Productive Paradise!
The Report revealed that the country is productive above 0% only Two (2) months out of the year. The production levels per month of -3%,-2%,-1%, 0%,1% , 2% should be cause to a NATIONAL ALARM BELL and a Government should be burning the MIDNIGHT oil with private sector to address these cronic  problems that now appear to be crippling the Seychelles economy permanently.

The Gill Golden Rule of Productivity
Rule: Anything that inhibits productivity should be stamped out immediately.  In the case of the downturn naturally the Cabinet was hanging on to Mr. Laportes’ words of “wisdom” : he said -“ wait till the next quarter” …to know what we did wrong all year.
These famous words of Mr. Laporte exposed his lack of knowledge of what was happening in the Tourism Industry the engine of economic growth for Seychelles. It is noteworthy to say that even the IMF was counting on the Tourism Industry to produce 12% increases per year in Arrivals and 8% financial growth per year. Not 12% growth in Arrivals and 0% growth in revenue.
A chain of potential revenue PL, is only as strong as its weakest link. Think about that for some time and let me know what you thought of.
Nouvo Sesel!

Grand Opening Savoy Five Star-Beau Vallon  
At about the same time Mr. Laporte was waiting until the end of the year to know what happen all year, the credibility and ability of the Seychelles in raising  FDI was about to be exposed by the GRAND OPENING of Savoy Hotel Five (5) Hotel, with 166 rooms in the front of one of our best beaches in Seychelles and the World.
The opening of SAVOY at Scr. 2,800 per night two people with bed and breakfast, and is still running horrendously low occupancy rates like one of Richard Branson ‘s plane to the moon.
The Savoy is selling for the same rates as Seychellois self catering units. Ho ho ho! PL FDI program has turned into a total failure.
Now what? Build 10,000 more rooms PL?
Well, the investors of SAVOY have said this place is the worse investment they could ever dream of. They have been fooled by local investors love for their country and misunderstood where they were investing.
From the backed up toilets to the lack of staff and lack of fruits and vegetables, not to mention the occasional but regular attack of Tourists violently here and there, without an effective Police Force. Even the Commissioner has gone into retirement, but he is still holding on to his chair and desk at Central Police even though he no longer wears his uniform.

Fix The Problems That Plague Tourism Industry PL, Fix it Fast!
PL you may not like what I have to say, but you need to hear it. Pierre, Kalawan, Ernesta, Georges, and all these good fellows will not tell you this. What you need to do is work overtime, day and night, to fix the problems plaguing the Seychelles Tourism Industry.
Remember this: the New Season starts in November, so get your act together fast. Do not wait till next year. You will drag Seychelles into 2016 under the banner of failure.

Just because SNP is wearing Mancham’s hat and shoes do not believe that you are doing well and do not believe you are in a safe seat: your people are dumping you everyday and they are joining SESEL POU SESELWA-SFP everyday.

Back To Minister of Finance
As for Pierre Laporte’s thought of the moment: Wait till end of the year……..well Mr. Laporte (door in English), the year is over already based on NISD reports. By end of August national productivity will be back at -3% and that is why you will run out of money to run the government and that is why you will need another Supplementary Budget. God knows your ministries and departments are already asking for more money.
You better go dig the road in Bel ombre in front of the La Buse site, the treasure (The Golden Cross of Goa worth 3 Billion Pounds we need it) is underneath the road.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Why would Bank of Ceylon want to open branches in Seychelles & Solomon Islands?

Why would Bank of Ceylon want to open branches in Seychelles & Solomon Islands? Why does Mihin Air fly to Seychelles?
Despite their stated Vision of “Bankers to the nation” and the Mission - “Extending banking service to larger society as a beneficial beacon in the country” it’s not so difficult to understand which ‘nation’ or the ‘section’ of the Sri Lankan society Bank of Ceylon is trying to serve with their recent opening of a branch in Seychelles.
With a population of 90,024 and rated as the highest income inequality country in the world, Seychelles has less than 100 Sri Lankans living there. Seychelles is also considered as the money laundering base in Africa and a haven for dirty money! There have been several investigations on reported money laundering cases in Seychelles including by the former Ukrainian President. Anyone can verify these facts with a bit of internet research.
Bank of Ceylon is also looking at opening a branch in Solomon Islands, which has a population of 549,598 and may not have a single Sri Lankan among them. The World Bank says Solomon Islands, one of the poorest countries in the Pacific, had a GDP per capita of US$ 2,068 in 2013, compared to US$ 9,736 of Sri Lanka. It’s no mean a country to engage in any profitable banking business. However with its well established offshore financial services / tax-heaven banking systems, Solomon Islands is a popular destination for many Sri Lankan politicians!
Ask yourselves why Bank of Ceylon is opening branches in countries that have none or paltry Sri Lankan population? Wouldn’t it serve a better good if branches are opened in countries from where the bulk of Sri Lanka’s foreign exchange US$ 7 Billion per year is earned, especially in the Middle-East? It would be most appropriate now for Bank of Ceylon to add “Assisting predatory politicians to conceal their masses of illegally gotten money” to its Mission statement.
Why does Mihin Air Fly to Seychelles? The next would be that they will fly to Solomon Islands as well. Central Bank / other banks regularly repatriate foreign currency notes in bulk through air(lines) as a part of their normal business. It doesn’t have to be legitimate but with absolute power and control, so can they!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Jean Paul Adam Admits Dirty Money Through The Back Door

Call renewed to investigate money laundering via Seychelles 
July 17, 2014 2:00 am
By Mario Andree

Ceylon FT: An opposition lawmaker charged that the government and Central Bank were silent over allegations that influential Sri Lankans could be using Seychelles as a transit point to launder money into Swiss bank accounts. Earlier, Seychelles Foreign Ministry refuted such allegations, but did not discount under-the-table deals.

UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva, a trained economist, said yesterday (16) that he had called on the government and Central Bank to look into the matter. "There is information that money is being laundered and authorities need to look into this very seriously," he said.

Dr. de Silva highlighting the decline of Sri Lankan deposits in Swiss banks to 83 million Swiss Francs from 87 million Swiss Francs previously also comes with the sudden increase of deposits from Seychelles to three billion Swiss Francs from 1.7 billion Swiss Francs.

According to a recent report in Seychelles, the country's foreign minister Jean-Paul Adam said, "We have all the mechanisms in place, meaning if there are any suspicious transactions we have the mechanism as well as cooperation with other countries, to investigate. We have the financial intelligence unit (FIU) that has intervened in several cases where money has been transferred here illegally and seized the money and in some cases repatriated the money to foreign governments and companies that were making accusations against the companies."

However, Adam also admitted that backdoor operations were taking place. "It does not mean, I want to be clear, that there aren't people who are misusing the structures in place, there are always those who try to find ways to go through the back door instead of going through the legal channel, but more and more we can see that with the structures we have in place the chances of them being successful is minimal."

Dr. De Silva questioned the reasons behind Sri Lankan State Banks opening branches in Seychelles (90,000 population) and scheduling regular flights by state budget carrier Mihin Lanka. 

Jean Paul Adam, Here Is The Evidence That Validates The Truth!

Dr Harsha de Silva, MP is a Sri Lankan economist and politician. A current member of Parliament of Sri Lanka, he has gained lime light as a media personality hosting several talk shows relating to development and international matters. In the recent years he voiced his opposition to the economic policies of the current government.[1]
Educated at the prestigious Royal College Colombo, he gained his BS in Business Management from Truman State University in 1988 and went on to complete his MA and PhD in Economics at the University of Missouri in 1993. He has also participated for an executive program on evaluating social programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006 as an Eisenhower Fellow.[2]
As an economist he worked for the DFCC Bank, going on to become its chief economist and treasurer. Thereafter he was the co-founder and Joint Managing Director of The Nielsen Company.
Dr Harsha De Silva's Press Conference in Colombo

Proof of money laundering via Seychelles

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Soap Opera of Ex - Rene Thug - Do not mess with us!

Pascal Chetty James Michel should be ashamed of himself. Michel needs to apologize for the coup.

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    Hansel Laljee Robert, I have known you for a long time, when you were still at Seychelles College, we used to play basketball and volleyball at the gymnasium .
    All this time we were friend and remained friend after you joined the armed forces.
    I feel the pain that you have to apologise publicly for your role in the armed forces.
    You are a decent person.
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    Jean-Marc B Lablache Good on you Mr Ernesta.
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    Judy Chang-Him ''The healing of my people come first and foremost'' isn't that powerful! This means a lot for all the victims n their families. I truly admire your courage to come forward, you are a beautiful soul. Thank you Mr Ernesta. God will help you through.
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    Kathleen Pillay Well done Robert. You will have the respect of many for this gesture. Let's see whether others can walk the talk for a true healing of our people allowing everyone to "move on".
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    Charles Zialor Good one so we all have to follow the path that robert had taken thats is the true reconsilt god bless u my friend
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    Serge Rouillon Sorry guys but the reality of our country is we are ruled by the ignorant materialistic mentality who believe more in covering up the dirt of the past under the carpet and now asking us to help them to show the outside world a happy face- repentance and humility is not on the agenda for these people. Instead they look for symbolic smokescreens in fake monuments gestures and speeches.

    Jean-Marc B Lablache I agree with u Nikol Roz. Nu bezwen a sak moman kestyonn konportman lentansyon motiv politisyen. Unfortunately they get away literally with murder. Non mon pa viktim vi ki in dir piblikman I pare pu cooperate si mon ti en viktim mon ti pu met li dan en sityasyon kot I ti pu walk the talk.
  • David Pouponneau Mr. Ernesta i believe was a powerful personnel within the inner circle of the SPDF.He must surely recall the short lived army rebellion during the early 80's and its aftermaths.
  • Jafar Tall I read the article with interest but cannot actually see what he is apologising for? Being paid by the Seychelles Govt? What acts did he do? I cannot just forgive and forget....say it all, say it loud and be truthful. This is, in my humble opionion, just a ploy to gain favour on his own ambitions....did he have a hand in the abuduction of my Father and counteless others? Did he torture, mame and kill? A brief newspaper apology is court is where this needs to take place? How does he recompense for the 35+ years of hurt? Can I bury my father? this stage NO.

    If you have the balls to whisper to the newspaper to further your own political interest, say it out loud, you need no court to have your airing. You are a liar and a coward. If you had a hand in the abduction of my father you will never ever be forgiven, enjoy your special place in the hereafter. I suggest you go confess to a priest but absolution from me is very unlikely. Your hands are likely stained with blood, I hope it resonates and shines brightly in your darkest of hours. We are all given free will - what we choose to do is up to us, no one forced you to do the acts you allege you did but not actually saying it. Think hard before you open your mouth again.

    If you are so brave now - why wait? There will never be reconciliation because the Government will not let it. So...what next? Suggest grow a pair or crawl back and receive your stipend from your paymasters.
    11 hrs · Unlike · 4
  • Hatim Tall Well said dear brother. Why dont you bring down the house of cards? We wait with baited breath. Somehow i think you will try to find some solace by say something buy like any politician you know they are lying their lips are moving. Grow a pair and stand up blow the lid name names and lets see what will happen. Please excuse me if I don't hold my breath waiting.

    The supporters of Ernesta are mainly his family and Boulle camp who he works for.
    Seems SNP is bashing him to now finish him off.
    Ernesta holds a lot of information.
    If he wants forgivness, it should not be so fast.
    He needs to come clean with all information.
    He must offer himself to Justice for his crimes done under the color of law and state authoritarianism.
    Christopher Gill,
    Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.