President Faure meets with Hon Wavel Ramkalawan

The two met to discuss their differences over the salary increment for the public sector workers that is due for payment at the end of April 2019. It is now certain that the increment will not be included in the pay package for end of (April) this month. The Executive and the Legislative are still at loggahead about how the 62 million rupees should be divided between the work force. The law that is in force make alowances for a 5% increment accross the board. However, the Leader of the Opposition used his majority in the National Assembly to block an amendments to the Public Service Salary Act that would have made the 5% increment a reality.

The Honorable Ramkalawan is proposing that the 62 million rupees be divided in equal amounts between all the public sector workers, irrelevant of position or responsibility. The LDS majority has also quashed an SI that would have made it possible for the Executive to proceed with the said increment of 5%. The President threatened legal action but …

Basil Hoareau threw Wavel Ramkalawan a lifeline

On Wednesday in the National Assembly, the listening public witnessed a typical case of a dying man clutching at straws. It came in the debate on a motion by the elected member for Baie St Anne, Praslin, Mr. Churchill Gill. The motion was asking the Executive to consider the teaching of the Seychelles Constitution in the schools. During the morning session Hon. Basil Hoareau had questioned the legitimacy of granting Seychellois Citizenship to El Materi. The Tunisian who was exiled in Seychelles some years back.

 In the afternoon session, the Hon Wavel Ramkalawan took full advantage of this situation and jump on this life raft, from Basil Hoareau, to try and save his political life. It was good to hear a so-called political heavy weigh gasping for political oxygen. Wavel forgot that he was a priest; he went after the nun and the two priests who had been given Seychellois citizenship just before El Materi was awarded with naturalization. We all know that this was cover to grant the Tuni…

Ton Pat throws down the gauntlet Will Ramkalawan accept the challenge?

The schism in the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) Alliance has effectively turned into open warfare as Pat Pillay, the Leader of Lalyans Seselwa and Wavel Ramkalwan, Leader of the Seychelles National Party (SNP) traded insults and accusations over the social media. It will be recalled that the two parties along with two other smaller parties joined forces to contest the second round of the last presidential election and the ensuing legislative elections under the banner of Linyon Demokratik Seselwa. The rough and tumble between the two men got rougher after Pat Pillay resigned as Speaker of the National Assembly and withdrew his party from the LDS Alliance.

Using a fake profile by the name of Ray Cat, SNP accused Ton Pat of corruption and embezzlement of funds. Ray went as far as to state that the acquisition of citizenship by the Tunisian, Sakher El Materi, son in law of the deposed Tunisian President, Ben Ali, was an act of corruption in which Pat Pillay benefited considerably finan…

Christmas has come early for LDS/PL Regional Councilors

The nominated councilors by PL and LDS will receive 7500 rupees each per month and the chairperson will each get 10,000 rupees. There are 42 members in all with an additional 7 chairpersons. This will cost the taxpayers SCR385, 000 per month, which will add up to SCR4, 620,000 over twelve months. Many people are not happy about this situation, since, most of them are in fulltime employment and already earning big salaries.

A closer look at the people appointed will reveal that they are all practically activists of LDS and PL. It is fair to say, that the two political parties have used this opportunity to reward their loyalists. This is another crime against the people, by LDS and PL. It is also proof, if it was ever needed that these two parties are very similar in nature; they don’t practice what they preach. The LDS is showing its true colours, and that if they get power one day, nothing will change in a fundamental way the country is being ran today. They will only replace PL and i…

Access to Assomption Island military facilities for India still a reality With the full backing of LDS

We are all familiar with developments in regards to the joint military facilities with India on the Assomption Island. In March 2015, an agreement between Seychelles and India was signed here in Seychelles for the first time, during a state visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This agreement never saw the light of day under President James Michel, even if Parti Lepep had an absolute majority in the National Assembly, up until September 2016. When LDS won the National Assembly elections by 15 seats to 10. The new political landscape meant that India had to cultivate the majority leader in the National Assembly for the ratification of the new agreement; signed in January 2018, between Seychelles and India, with Danny Faure as President.

The Honorable Leader of the Opposition, Wavel Ramkalawan, was subsequently on a trip to India, and he waslooked after in a way that he had never experienced before; he was treated like an Indian King (Maharaja). Judging by articles published in the Ind…

Seychelles Weekly falsely accused the CJ of corruption

Just as the contrived tribunal into alleged misbehaviour of the Chief Justice is about to start, the dirty tricks brotherhood is launching their Plan B attack on her.

The Chief Justice, Dr Mathilda Twomey has been accused of corruption by the Editor of Seychelles weekly.

The article sited that the Chief Justice bought a piece of land with SHDC in 1999 and then disposed of it for a profit months later.

At the time most returning graduates were able to apply for  loans from SHDC for the purchase of land to build their properties.

Mrs Twomey, who was simply a fresh young graduate, together with Patrick Bonnelame, Roger Gedeon and Charles Lucas were all entitled at the time as they were all returning graduates.

The truth of the matter is the Mrs Twomey's loan was SR 180,000 from SHDC.  In those days the properties was not transferred to these individuals until the loans were paid in full.

Mrs Twomey paid her loan in 1999 and the deeds were transferred on her name. She decided to leave Seyc…

Wavel Ramkalawan is playing too many games

The Honorable Leader of the Opposition is the greatest escape artist since Houdini, so he believes. This newspaper, and the majority of Seselwa are not at all fooled by his acts of treachery to this country and to the thousands of people who are supporting the LDS. Whenever, there is a scandalous political situation or a crisis, Wavel is never around to provide the public with an explanation and/or to answer questions from the press or to help find a solution. He is nowhere to be seen. It is obvious that he cannot operate under any kind of pressure.

Wavel (LOTO) chose to remain in Africa and not return to Seychelles to attend the 29th June, National Day celebrations, and no explanation was given by himself or his office, for his absence. This, is a big affront to this nation, when you think of the struggle that people had to go through to have our National Day reverted to the 29th June. It is alleged, that he had gone to Cape Verde after his official duties in mainland Africa, to chec…