Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Seychelles Today Editor Attacked Muslims in Her Past Life

Now she exercises editorial control over Seychelles Today, because shareholders too lazy to do it themselves.

Good evening. My name is Gary Tall and i am the Ambassador of Seychelles
Freedom Party in the United Kingdom. I have noticed a few weeks ago that
i have been blocked on Today's facebook page in respect of my comments 
posted about the Seychelles Government and predominantly on tourism topics.

I live in a country were freedom of expression is paramount, be on social 

network or newspapers. It is beyond belief that a person who was educated 
in a free country took such drastic action against a person who has suffered 
immensely under this illegal regime in Seychelles. You have no clue what went
on after the military coup on the 5th of June 1977. Families have suffered immensely. 
Seychellois disappeared, exiled and some were murdered. My family was forced 
to leave the Seychelles because we refused to live our lives under the form 
of compulsion by threat due to our political beliefs.

I may have been a bit harsh with my comments but simple logic will lead

anyone with a basic understanding of human nature to realise that a society
in which everyone is always nice to each other is impossible. It has never
existed and will never exist, because it can't exist. Only in Heaven, if 
such a place exists.

Unfortunately, because freedom of speech is no longer alive in Seychelles, 

and our citizens have been indoctrinated with the very opposite, many
people today cannot tolerate criticism, insults, or views opposite to their own.

This is a sad day for freedom of the press and i certainly hope that you
take this into serious consideration.

I am looking forward for a reply from you.

Yours sincerely,
Gary E Tall.

Dear Mr Tall,

I have received a copy of your letter via Christopher Gill who forwarded your letter to our company Chairman, Marc Houareau.

Please note that we blocked you from our TODAY Facebook page because you have consistently been abusive to others.  Freedom of expression is our bread and butter but it has to be exercised with respect and restraint. We fully support and encourage diversity of opinions and beliefs but systematic abuse in a crass manner contributes nothing to the debate.  

We do understand that many people have suffered immensely under the previous and current governments.  Our principals all wish for a better Seychelles and an effective government in the future, and providing a balanced view of the news was one of the primary reasons why our newspaper was created.  In order to achieve our noble goal, we will always remain an independent and responsible press and not a politically affiliated media house.

We will be happy to allow you access to our Facebook page once again upon your written request.  However, please note that we will not tolerate any abuse on our site and will block anyone who does not respect the rights of other individuals.

Best regards,

Deepa Bhookhun (Mrs)

Thank you for your reply.

I am deeply concerned when i am lectured about free speech in my own 

country, predominantly by a person who has no clue about the distress,
anxiety, pain and hardship of the Seychelles people since the 5th of June

Speaking about insults, i must point out that your time spent at L' Express

was not one with restraint towards the Muslim population in Mauritius.
It was worse than what i wrote on Today's Facebook page. Your satanic
obscenity and promoting Salman Rushdie's book was of great concern
in Mauritius. To me it was racism at its best. Is it not worse than a few

bad words that i posted on Facebook?

I do not know if you suffer from narcissist personality disorder but it look

to me that when criticised, you showed woefully incapable of retaining
any emotional poise, or receptivity and it really doesn't much matter
whether the nature of that criticism is disrespectful or not.

I am not prepared to return on your page and i will not give in

to your bullying tactics.

I have been in worse situation before in Seychelles, but i will persevere

and i will leave no stone unturned.

Finally, i wish you well in your new job.  

Best regards,

Gary E Tall

Extract from M Rafic Soormally's Letter

 Reposted due to this site being hacked.

To You From Me With Love..‏

A wondrous place this could be
with crystal blue lagoons
white sandy shores
tall palm fringe seas
butterflies and birds
people alive and chattering
around the market square
like humming bees

Then dark cloud descended
whispers are heard
politics becomes a murderous game
one became two, two became three
more follow against your power
they were just voices
they were whispers
they had to be silenced

Now the whispers, turn families against families
destroyed by your word
murdered by your beck of call
names too many to mention
removed by the deadly red regime they opposed
I am still those people walking down the street
buying fish in the tiny market place
the people you did not want to meet

I am the soft breeze amidst between the palms
those are my foot prints in the sand
scratch the surface and I will bleed
for death still beneath your feet
where blood drip from your hands
scream with me as I walk beside their graves
you don’t cry as I remember their names
lost for your political gains

Those who will still watch from the shadows
with hate filled eyes
their whispers; still grow
hushed voices among the mango trees
I am those few
I am those whispers you never knew

As slowly as it began
the hatred has remained
the island’s heart, my heart suffering for your political game
I am the island and I feel the pain
the blood washed from your streets
seep beneath and courses through my heart
the silent hush you imposed
through beatings and hate

Families destroyed as you sealed their fate
I am those families; I am the trees, the birds and the bees
whose bodies rot, not in the sand but around my heart
the old will remember and the stories told; you cannot silent them all
the young will remember long after you have gone
as their uncles and fathers, mothers and aunts
all wrapped around my heart

We will haunt you beyond your grave
your family name broken in shame
soon no whispers, no muffled drums
loud voices with open hearts will dance when you have gone
for you are not me
I will live you to rot alone
for I am unconquerable
I am these islands
I am am one of those traumatised subject
I am Seychelles' Hero...

Cecile Hoarau- Port Louis

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Not much progress made for approval of second Seychelles Airlines

There has been a constant stream of messages and emails from contacts in the Seychelles of late, over the fate of the application launched by the owners of Intershore Aviation, owners of the Seychelles Airlines trade name.
With months gone by already has apparently no progress been made but by the look of it, and according to feedback received when making further enquiries, it seems that the application has been put on ice by the powers that be, citing issues over the trade name chosen by Intershore.
Wrote one regular source: ‘I told you when you wrote about this first, that they will be blocked at every corner. The last thing Air Seychelles now needs, in their own thinking, is a rival eating into their market share. Their new expansion plans will probably cost them an arm and a leg to get the routes to Dar es Salaam and Madagascar into profit territory. India should be a different thing, there is demand, but again there is Mihin already offering flights via Colombo and Emirates from many destinations in India via Dubai. What I am saying is that the money Air Seychelles has made over the past two years is now being invested into new routes and aircraft and they hope it pays off. Seychelles Airlines on the other hand banks on nonstop flights from Paris and there are the Air Seychelles flights via Abu Dhabi a handicap for them. China was first to be nonstop but had to be routed through Abu Dhabi, and we all know why. It is time we get competition on the island with another airline but there lies the problem. I don’t see how SCAA and the Ministry of Transport can be impartial or independent in decision making and grant the newcomers a license when they are so directly linked to the national airline. Today it is the trade name, tomorrow it will be another issue and another after that. The present shareholding and board membership in Air Seychelles tells that story without saying another word. I don’t see Seychelles Airlines happen, not this year, not next year, perhaps not for many years’.
Other regular sources made similar comments and expressed similar sentiments though not one wanted to go on the record, claiming the matter was too sensitive to be raised in public and that unless the SHTA would take up the lead on this as an association, individuals were not likely to stand up to be counted.
The issue of competition from within the islands was also raised earlier in the year during an interview with Air Seychelles but understandably, in retrospect, not answered, itself an answer of course. It seems obvious that the present delays for Seychelles Airlines’ application process, some in fact termed them outright obstructions, was primarily favouring the national carrier.
Additional information passed on related to the challenges in the French market place for the Seychelles, a factor which has led to the accumulated 2014 arrival figures being very slightly below last year’s record numbers, and there was consensus among all the sources sampled that only nonstop flights could arrest the decline in France since travel via secondary hubs was seen as cumbersome and seen as prone to greater risks of delayed flights and lost baggage. The just ended Top Resa travel trade fair, France’s most important one, will no doubt have brought additional insights for the Seychelles tourism industry through the interaction with French travel agents and tour operators but at least one source promptly added that insights will not necessarily translate into corrective action nor see the Seychelles Airlines application receive the thumbs up.
Challenging times for sure as aviation in the Seychelles appears at cross roads, with government at odds with a significant portion of the private sector, which, going by the wave of comments received, appears in majority in favour of the new airline.
‘Give these people a chance’ added a source in closing before concluding ‘…as otherwise the entire liberalization of our economy will be put under a question mark. This is, what do you call it, the litmus test for opening up economic spaces’.
E turbo news.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Seychelles Facing Total Implosion As Key Opportunity Is Missed By PL!

In life, timing is everything and sometimes, when one misses an opportunity, they pay for it for years and decades to come.
This week TOP RESA the annual Paris Tourism Trade Fair was in full operation and Seychelles had a golden opportunity to re- launch her image to finally plant a seed that would reverse the downward trend in the French market suffering -14% decline monthly.
Instead, Minister St. Ange and his A-TEAM ( they are an A-Team) went to Paris empty handed, because PL government slept and vacillated on the primordial issues too long, focusing only on internal Budget deadlines, and ignoring core TOURISM TRADE deadlines like opening of TOP RESA.

Critical Note: Budget is where we decide how to spend money we will earn from Tourism. It is not the other way around PL.

The Competition is Wide Awake PL
At TOP RESA, Mauritius and Maldives turned up with digital banners spread every where that said: DIRECT FLIGHTS! DIRECT FLIGHTS!
What could poor St. Ange and his A-TEAM Do?
HUB and SPOKE To Paradise….with delays and lost Baggage Today!”

What Could Have Been Done To Flip France Into A Growth Market Again Before TOPRESA Trade Fair?
  1. PL Government of Seychelles announces Approval of Seychelles Airlines.
Pressure now on Mr. Afif to make it happen or get off the Radio air waves.
  1. PL calls for additional Direct Flights from Etihad Partner from Europe and

  1. Bold PL Government of Seychelles calls for reduction in VAT from 15% to
7% in 2015 to stimulate Tourism Industry and make Seychelles more competitive and attractive as a long haul destination.
  1. Bold PL Government of Seychelles calls on austerity cuts in all ministries,
suspending political pensions, new vehicles, travelling for next 24 months unless approved by Minister of Finance. Ministers are all called to Order, to address issues plaguing their ministries that “en pay” Seychelles. They should be given Thirty (30) days to present solid propositions or resign and be replaced by private sector recommended candidates.

  1. PL Government announces reduction in fuel tax from 40%-25% to reduce
inter island travelling costs and this will encourage French market to go back to their Three (3) island one holiday preferred vacation.

  1. PL Government urges all ferries and cargo ships to pass these savings on to the traveler and consumer.

  1. Minister of Transportation who is also Chairman of Air Seychelles,
announces that Etihad will offer 200 FOC tickets per year for educational to Tour Operators in France and Germany to solidify our partnership.
  1. Etihad-Air Seychelles welcomes another Airline to the market and offers
Seat Allocation to all Tour Operators selling Seychelles.

9. “Sesel Sa” is published in French not English.

10.Minister of Tourism STB partners with Petit Fute’ to push Seychelles as a
destination on a year round basis.

11. Minister announces that Seychelles is so serious about taking care of its
guests that even Taxi fares will be reduced in 2015 and all taxis will be
painted the same color before being licensed.
Guess what folks, it did not happen.

Implosion imminent.
Instead, we had the focus of the World press in place, and all Minister St. Agne could do likely (possibly, I have not spoken to him, but can imagine) is say: we are looking into direct flights, we are looking into seat allocations, we are looking into reduce fares , we are looking into reduce taxi fares, we are looking into the declining trend, we are looking, if I am lucky in 2015 I will no longer be looking.
In the meantime, the French Market is looking into a holiday else where- other than Seychelles.
All IMF can do is scratch their head and say maybe 3% growth……(I doubt that very much, try -3% IMF).

Sesel Sa…..does not have to be this way!

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Harmon Chellen Might Have Died in Police Detention

The mysterious death of Harmon Chellen in the Seychelles has a new plot twist: the minister of justice of the island proclaimed that the man might have died when he was in detention at the police station to where he was summoned because of the accusation of attempt to rape levelled at him by an employee of the hotel he was residing at.

Some weeks ago, on the 19th of August , Harmon Chellen, the former director of the École Hotelière SGD, was found dead in the sea of Seychelles. He had travelled to the island after having been invited as guest of honour to a graduation ceremony. On the last day of his visit, his dead body was found in the ocean by an inhabitant of the region of Port Glaud. The cause of death has remained unknown. Two autopsies were done to decipher the circumstances that could have led to the tragic event: the one done by the Seychelles authorities yielded nothing, while a second one performed in Mauritius revealed injuries on the corpse at the level of the temple.

Previously, it was thought that perhaps he had committed suicide, or that the death was the result of ‘foul play’. Moreover, just hours before the discovery of his dead body in the sea, he was summoned at the police station after a woman working at the hotel where he was staying accused him of having attempted to rape her.
The situation now has taken a new turn: the minister of justice of the Seychelles, Rony Govinden, has made a public declaration that according to the investigation and the related reports that he has gone through, it seems that Harmon Chellen died while he was in police detention. This news was announced yesterday night, 23rd of September.
A judiciary investigation has now been opened to shed light on the exact circumstances of the death of Harmon Chellen.

"I Want More Freebies" Says James Michel at the UN

Seychelles President James Michel addressed the UN Climate Summit in New York this morning with an emotional appeal on behalf of islanders all around the world, for world leaders to take decisive action now to reach an agreement to halt climate change.
He asked them not to ignore the truth about climate change, and warned that it is time for action and not just for speeches.
“We have been given four minutes to address this plenary. It doesn’t matter. It is four minutes too many, I say! For now is not the time for speeches, but for action. We have heard it all before: the well-crafted speeches, the promises and the exhortations… We have also heard the scientific facts, the complaints, the pleas for help from those on the front line: Small Island Developing States.”
President Michel reiterated his statement made in Samoa at the UN SIDS Conference earlier this month, where he had called climate change ‘a crime against humanity.’
“Climate change – on our current, avid path – is a crime against humanity. We are all guilty. And we are all victims. But increasingly, SIDS themselves, are refusing to be victims,” said President Michel.
He said that islands are taking up the challenge to build their resilience and finding innovative ways to tackle their uncertain situation.
“Seychelles is hoping to finalise innovative debt for adaptation swaps that allow us to create marine protected areas that build climate resilience, while receiving debt reduction. We also call for more ownership by islands and coastal states of our ‘Blue Economy’, strengthening our ability to build resilience, sustainability, food security and economic prosperity. We need to take into consideration a Vulnerability Index for SIDS,” he said.
President Michel called for the Paris agreement in 2015 to be a protocol under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Chang (UNFCC) and said that it must be an ambitious and legally binding agreement that is applicable to all and must be adopted within the shortest possible timeframe.
“We must agree ambitious targets on the basis of common but differentiated responsibility. We call for the urgent operationalisation of the Warsaw International Mechanism for loss and damage and for a permanent seat on the Executive Committee of the Mechanism to be allocated to SIDS.We must mobilise real adaption funding for all countries particularly taking into consideration the vulnerability of SIDS,” said the President.
The President said that recently, a Seychellois child wrote to the Secretary General of the United Nations in a heartfelt plea, which resonates with all islanders. He quoted the child saying; « We are small, » he wrote, « and to many we are insignificant … I am an islander and proud of it, for there is no other place I would wish to be my home … Our pleas are lost in all the noises made by the great of this world. While they count their profits, we are left unheard, forgotten … »
Mr. Michel asked world leaders to not forget our children in this year of climate action.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

US Dollars 40,000 Trip for James Michel But No Forex In Seychelles Banks

Seychelles President James Michel heads to New York this weekend to attend the United Nations Climate Change Summit, at the invitation of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
The Seychelles President will be accompanied at summit by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, the Secretary General in the Office of the President, Lise Bastienne, the Ambassador to the US and Permanent Representative to the UN, Marie-Louise Potter and the Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing States Issues, Ronny Jumeau.
President Michel made strong statements on the issue of climate change recently in Samoa at the UN conference on Small Island Developing States:
"It is time that we recognise climate change for what it is: a collective crime against humanity. Climate change will be the single largest reason for displacement of peoples in the next 50 years. Climate change is already robbing a generation of its livelihoods. Climate change is robbing island nations of their right to exist. We must save our future together." The full text of the address is here.
To note, Mr. Michel met with the UN Secretary General in the margins of the Samoa conference, and commended the UNSG for his efforts to put climate change on the international agenda. During the meeting Mr Ban Ki-moon said that climate change should be a number one priority for the world community, particularly the rising sea levels, and that he would be mobilizing various governments to materialize their pledges for funding for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
According to the United Nations, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting the Climate Summit to engage leaders and advance climate action and ambition.
The Summit will serve as a public platform for leaders at the highest level – all UN Member States, as well as finance, business, civil society and local leaders from public and private sectors – to catalyze ambitious action on the ground to reduce emissions and strengthen climate resilience and mobilize political will for an ambitious global agreement by 2015 that limits the world to a less than 2-degree Celsius rise in global temperature.
The UN has said that: "Climate Summit will be about action and solutions that are focused on accelerating progress in areas that can significantly contribute to reducing emissions and strengthening resilience – such as agriculture, cities, energy, financing, forests, pollutants, resilience and transportation."