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In a couple of hours’ time, later this morning the Seychelles Constitutional Court will pronounce on the Presidential Election petition before it.
Who will be the victors?
What lessons are there to learn from this event and things/failures that led to it? Who failed?
Have the people been failed?
Will there be any regrets?
The wait has been long. Today all await with much anxiety and trepidation.
This landmark case is sure to still have ripples years down the line, long after a number of heads have rolled. The case and its rulings will have huge implications on various levels. Whilst the case clearly defines the petitioner and the defendants, the case has a direct and immediate importance for the life of the nation, for democracy and the people and these will have been a major consideration when the hammer finally falls later. It is the people and democracy that have been the biggest losers these past few elections.
What exactly would constitute a victory or …

Is she the right person to represent the district of Anse Royale?

Here is the person who has been chosen by the opposition to be the candidate for LDS for the district of Anse Royale.

When she disagrees with your opinion, the barage of vulgarity that she spits out is very disturbing indeed.

Will she be using the same tactics with the people of Anse Royale who she might not agree with because of their political affiliations?

Below i have some of her responses to others prior to the presidential elections that was held on the 5th and the 18th of Dec 2015.

Flory Larue on Patrick Pillay and Ahmed Affif:

Seychelles President offshore account In The BVI

More than 200,000 Panama Papers offshore companies revealed‏
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The data, part of the Panama Papers investigation, is the largest ever release of information about offshore companies and the people behind them. This includes, when available, the names of the real owners of those opaque structures.
 ICIJ, part of the nonprofit organization the Center for Public Integrity, has spent more than 12 months investigating the 11.5 million files that make up the Panama Papers, working with and assisting more than 370 reporters from all around the world. Your support helps us continue our investigation, and helps journalists hold the powerful to account.


Projects launched by Mahinda in Seychelles collapse

Several projects launched in Seychelles by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa during his tenure, are on the brink of closure, media reports said today.
Bank of Ceylon (BOC), Sri Lanka Insurance, Mihin Lanka and Nawaloka Hospital opened up their respective offices coinciding with Rajapaksa’s visit to Seychelles in June 2014.
Sources told The Sunday Leader that operations of Sri Lanka Insurance curtailed reportedly within a period of two months. According to employees of the insurance company, the Seychelles office was intended to be ‘temporary’ as the decision to close the operation was taken at the very inception. Nawaloka Hospital Seychelles is scheduled to cease its operations by the end of this month after reportedly recording a loss of Rs 5.2 million, hospital employees said.

It is also speculated that Mihin Lanka is likely to cease its operations to Seychelles.
Meanwhile Bank of Ceylon (BOC), Seychelles Branch was reporting tremendous loses and its staff was limited…

Rotten Onions LDS Inner Circle

Guys. This is not going to be an easy one. I am being asked to comment on a recording posted that I never heard. Like most people I never got to hear the recording posted, which apparently had to do with a dialogue of sorts I had with Martin Aglae.

I have 2 recording of Martin Aglae, the first from the 6th. April which was his Press Conference (and that was recorded by a number of people present) and the second on the 08th April, also at his office.
There were 3 people at the second meeting. Apart from Martin and myself there was also a certain Mr, Dave, Martin’s deputy. That second one was a dialogue mainly between Martin and myself.
Martin is an intelligent guy, which explains why he quickly made it up the ladders in quite a few different opposition parties and in such a short time. He must in a way or another have impressed the leaders of these various parties, or were they so desperate that they all had special passes to allow unvetted newcomers and unknowns into their inner circ…