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Clifford Andre went AWOL from National Assembly duties

One of the National Assembly’s most corrupt MNA decided to spend his Christmas as far away as possible from his constituents – he left even before the National Assembly had ended their debate on the budget for recess to go on holiday with his family. This is corruption and a clear sign that the MNA places his interests before that of the people who voted for him. It is alleged that Clifford left Seychelles in the third week of December with a team of ten people destined for Dubai to allegedly spend three weeks at the Atlantis Hotel. This hotel charges 20,000 rupees a night. If he indeed spend three weeks there, it would have cost him SCR 300,000. This is a man who was taken to court by a lady over a SCR1.9 million transfer of a plot of land at Turtle Bay, which she never got. Clifford Andre a former Parti Lepep MNA is not genuine opposition – he joined the opposition
when he got thrown out by Parti Lepep, loosing the privileges he was enjoying. He is driven by bitterness and nothing…

Wavel wants control over both the CAA and ACC

The defacto Leader Of The Opposition in the National Assembly the Honourable Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan is hard at work trying to assume control over both the Constitutional Appointment Authority (CAA) and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). The strategy is simple enough for the seasoned political analyst to understand and detect, but harder for an amateur observer. This newspaper is going on intelligence that has reached our office and on small talks between the players in the legal circles whilst sipping on 12 year old Chivas Regal – during network building and planning our future.

It is obvious that Wavel has a big problem with the composition of the CAA board members – he has made that clear during deliberations in the National Assembly – he wants to have a say in the composition of the board, maybe he should, but all things considered, he will have to wait for the current members’ mandates to run out. Many people believe that his main target is Jane Carpin, that may also be…


Politics has reached an all-time low in Seychelles with organized criminals running the agenda in our National Assembly I am utterly ashamed and disappointed to say we have arrived at a point where the interests of a small group of death peddling wealthy drug traffickers are being pushed by LDS who rather than outlining their plans to tackle the drug epidemic LDS appear hell bent on destroying the agencies who are tasked with tackling the issue to please their paymasters in the drug trade.

It is hardly coincidence that at the very time the NDEA and FIU are poised to take out the most prolific drug lords in Seychelles the LDS launches unfounded attacks on both organizations and have gone as far as proposing changes to the law to protect wealthy drug dealers. We must ask ourselves is this what we voted for, a country where a small minority of legitimate business people and a bunch of organized criminals become even more wealthy on the backs of ordinary decent citizens. LDS wants the Iri…

Wavel misinforms the population. Is he digging for gold?

The Leader of the Opposition (LOTO) is hard at work and in many instances misleading the populace in an attempt to reach state house by 2020 at all costs. However, we must admit that the LOTO and his gang has done brilliantly so far at pulling the 2017 Budget apart to look into the hidden details that had the potential to plunder the taxpayers.

Wavel having lost all presidential elections since 1998 is now going for a win
win situation no matter what will be the results in 2020. He will either be President or a very wealthy priest. It is fair to say that Speaker Pillay is now totally isolated politically and finds himself sitting on a sharp object, one false move they will have his behind for whatever it is now worth, politically – they see him as getting on in age to be of any threat in 2020 to PL. Even the corrupt little Maldivian is now tucked firmly under the millionaire’s priestly robe. How many of them will fit under it is anyone’s guess. Jean Francois is fighting his way back …

Pat Pillay and Afif At Loggerheads!