Wavel misinforms the population. Is he digging for gold?

The Leader of the Opposition (LOTO) is hard at work and in many instances misleading the populace in an attempt to reach state house by 2020 at all costs. However, we must admit that the LOTO and his gang has done brilliantly so far at pulling the 2017 Budget apart to look into the hidden details that had the potential to plunder the taxpayers.

Wavel having lost all presidential elections since 1998 is now going for a win
win situation no matter what will be the results in 2020. He will either be President or a very wealthy priest. It is fair to say that Speaker Pillay is now totally isolated politically and finds himself sitting on a sharp object, one false move they will have his behind for whatever it is now worth, politically – they see him as getting on in age to be of any threat in 2020 to PL. Even the corrupt little Maldivian is now tucked firmly under the millionaire’s priestly robe. How many of them will fit under it is anyone’s guess. Jean Francois is fighting his way back under the robe after leaving the party in 2012 and stabbing father in the back for many years before coming back to full time politics in 2016 when things started to look more promising. We are sure that Wavel will not forget his betrayal in a hurry. 

The Honourable Father KP is using his position in the National Assembly to target the people he doesn’t get along with and to also dig for gold, allegedly. Many political observers are saying that the Arabs have become a favorite target for the LOTO for obvious reasons. In the last few sessions of the National Assembly before going into recess until February, the LDS leadership had an unjustified dig at Sheikh Khalifa.    

Wavel stated that an aircraft belonging to the UAE’s Head of State refused the health authority access to board the plane for inspection and clearance procedures, which is a requirement for any incoming aircraft. This newspaper have checked with the airport authorities and all other agencies involved at the airport to ascertain the truth – it has been confirmed to us that the aircraft in question went through all the necessary clearance procedures required under the rules and regulations and at no time was a health personnel or any other official refused access to board the plane.

The question that remain to be answered is: Why would Wavel be spreading the wrong information? Is it a genuine mistake or is our priest digging for gold?



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