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Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

2018 is proving to be the year for revelations. Last year we discovered our Coconut, and this year from very early we have a 1/16 Indian claiming his ancestry. For our coconut I say that I don’t hate anyone except a direct and indirect racist. It’s a shame our presence as black people makes him feel so inferior, insecure, broken and small. Failing to realize you are responsible for your own feelings just confirms you as a coconut.

Seychelles, our poor Seychelles where have we reached? Now he is 1/16 Indian and we have all been worrying which 1/16 it is that is Indian in him. Not his height because he is short and chubby and this is not very Indian. His big enlarged head is totally not Indian, so which 1/16 can it be. Some are saying it is his love for money, but Indians work hard for their money and they are bashed for this even to the extent of referring to them as a cartel block for running shops. I am so confused but….. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

“So ele…

Going back to my roots

The Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan is now so desperate to be the President of Seychelles that he is faking it all the way to State House. This situation can be a dangerous proposition for the welfare of this country and its people; Ramkalawan is playing too many games and cannot be trusted with the levers of executive power; he has no clear direction as to where he really wants to take Seychelles. He is trying to manipulate his way to the presidency. We need to stop him before it is too late.

The Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan was in India recently to participate in a conference for legislators of Indian Origins, sponsored by the Indian Government in furthering its influence around the globe. However, there was more to be gained by Ramkalawan who had been appointed chief envoy by State House to conduct final negotiations for Assumption Island, with the Indian Government.

The Indian Government ‘pulled out all the stops’ to coddle the leader of opposition to see things their way. Honorable Ra…