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What is the difference between the case against fired Freemason Karunakaran - and the case against Chief Justice Dr. Mathilda Twomey?

This is the question that has been popping  up recently to try and justify the local Freemason witch-hunt to burn the Chief Justice at the stake.

We will explain the difference in this article.

Karunakaran has a list of cases he has judged with no regard to the law. He has ruled in favour of whoever benefited him: A Freemason brother; The Political power that will protect him (SPPF, PL and LDS); or even an individual for whatever reason.

Karunakaran refused to accept the appointment of the Chief Justice, squatted in her office, acted independently with no regard to court systems and calendars.

Karunakaran held court and took cases that were not assigned to him, to try and get judgements on record to serve his corrupt fraternal masters and political masters.

Karunakaran has no justifiable excuse for procrastinating on closing cases where even his cowboy rulings could not save the party he wished to protect and pervert  the course of justice.

Karunakaran was openly in contempt of the CJ and …

Frustration shows on faces of local Freemasons in Seychelles.

Under scrutiny for fair and proper due process, the frivolous tribunal of enquiry into Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey’s conduct was launched today.
The local lodge had lined up 7 “interested persons” who were purported to have evidence of misconduct. One local Freemason Gerard Lafortune was part of this line up, under strict local lodge orders of “all hands on deck”.

The tribunal judges HOWEVER dismissed all of them in short order as irrelevant.

The hopes of the Lodge for a quick kangaroo court and a disruption of the CJ’s diary, were also dashed when the dates set for the hearing turned out to be 30th July onwards. This allows the CJ to complete her calendar and undertake her Court of Appeal work.

What became evident is the degree of corruption in the Freemason fraternity in Seychelles.

From the pained look of frustration on Danny Faure’s face, when he  tried his best on national tv to imply that the CJ must go without saying the words - to the outright damage limitation  propaganda from …

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Well let me start by saying congratulations to Christopher Gill. He went on TV and said what we all say every day. Seychelles cannot continue having vinegar poured down our throats. Vengeance, hatred and victimisation will just finish the Seychelles everyone wanted to see change for the better. We were short-changed in 2016 and need real change this time around. It is time for more honest Seychellois like Christopher Gill to speak up and say enough is enough. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Culprits about corruption and corrupt practices are easily noticed and this is by watching who is making the accusations. Culprits are always looking for others to throw mud at with a bid to hide their very own acts of blatant corruption. In Seychelles today, this is so clear. Pat Pillay lodged a challenge to Ramkalawan and De Commarmond for a forensic investigator to plough into their accounts to reconcile salary and assets with what they own now. No one has accepted this challenge …

Who is it that really wants to remove Mathilda Twomey as Chief Justice?

The time has come to tell the tale.

In this picture you will see the creme de la creme of Seychelles Free Masonry. From the top of the Freemasons they are elevated to the Knights Templar.

Centre in this picture is Shelton Jolicoeur. He was the head of the new CAA until he was caught on the internet confessing that “Mathilda must go”.

Following that he was hastily replaced by Michel Felix as head of the CAA. Michel Felix is also in this picture.

Now why would this erstwhile organisation  want to remove her as Chief Justice?

How do they get to decide who is the head of the CAA?

It is because Danny Faure is a Freemason.

To understand this story you must understand the history of freemasonry in Seychelles.

Now there is nothing wrong with freemasonry. It is a noble club all over the world.

In Seychelles Freemasonry met with the Seychelles Club. This created an unholy marriage. The result is a total corruption of its values and morals. A lust to continue enslaving ordinary Seychellois using the sy…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Seychelles has entered a state of No Return if sincere Seychellois do not get together to put a stop to the atrocities and all the rubbish we are been made to endure. A post on Social Media said it all: “Lasanble inn pran komite ki Pou anpes divan antre Dan vant seselwa, Kan Pou zwenn? Kankan Milyon, Kankan later...Kan sepec Pou Pas son profi lo malere? Bill elektrik pa kapab en share dn en bouret nou pa ankor kapab Aste, ki share malere Pou Aste Dan sepec?  Kan pri lavi Pou desann? ....Kan eski nou bann malere Pou aret Viv lo kredi? This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

To add insult to injury a call for overseas training in India is possible but ONLY for Seychellois of Indian origin. Is that xenophobe or just plain India sponsored racism? The news paper that printed such rubbish must have been breaking all our laws of basic human rights. Is the Indian High Commissioner allowed to segregate Seychellois into communities based on colour of the skin, relig…

Corruption in the National Assembly LDS in collusion with PL

This is a most disturbing story for the whole nation. This is proof that the country is not safe from corruption under both Parti Lepep and LDS. It is a typical example where the National Assembly members from both sides are colluding so that they can amass as much money as possible for themselves. We highlighted previously in an article that LDS and PL are getting SCR700, 000 (each) monthly as political funding from the (Budget) taxpayers. This should be more than enough money for LDS and PL to fund their activities nationally taking into consideration that we are not in an election period. They have each collected 13.3 million rupees so far since the National Assembly elections in 2016; making a grand total of 26.6 million allocated to the two political parties. What have they done so far for that kind of money?

Furthermore, on top of the SCR 700,000, their monthly salaries, bonuses, gratuities and per diems the members of the National Assembly are working together to put as much m…

Wavel solicited letter of support from the President

Honorable Ramkalawan has been caught in the eye of a storm and he is doing all he can to defuse this situation. The views of many people on Facebook and elsewhere alleges that he was directly or indirectly involved in a tumultuous situation. This newspaper has no proof of the accusations being levelled at the Honorable Leader so far; however, there are many questions to be asked and answers to be provided by Honorable Ramkalawan.

The President had already said that the case was brought before him and he granted the passports on humanitarian grounds. This newspaper doesn’t believe the President. We believe that he is hiding something and might also be protecting some people. We are of the view that some pressure and/or seduction played a big part in getting the President to arrive at his decision to grant citizenship.

It is clear that in the letter dated 3rd April, 2018 by Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan to Mr. Danny Faure in the fourth chapter in line five Wavel knows a lot more than what he is…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

I apologise to all the readers for missing last week’s issue, but I am a fervent catholic and was strictly observing the period of lent to be ready for Easter.

I cannot be long this week in case I am sued because we have now thrown the Democracy baby away with the bathtub still full of water to the dogs.

“There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech” said Idi Amin. In Seychelles this is translated to freedom after speech with a million rupee defamation claim in court.

Seychelles is on a path for early presidential elections or is it a case of both Danny Faure and Payeye just playing with the Seychellois people. Elections are needed, this is quite clear and Ton Pat has been saying this since last year, but no one believed him. Our country is in a mess, cost of food going through the roof, fuel prices too high, electricity the highest ever and going up again. People are tired of all the talking and now want some actions. For the Off-Shore Sector the LDS sho…


In the previous order of things, it was always a two-horse race for political power in the Seychelles.  On the one hand there was always the supposedly under-funded opposition SNP against the state-sponsored and over-greased ruling party PL.

Whilst many believed in this being an eternal battle until the end of time as we know it, others took heart in the knowledge that with perseverance comes victory.   The latter group was proven right in the 2015 Presidential elections.  In the first round of elections SNP polled 20,540 or 33.93% of the vote.  Had the issue been a 2 horse race the difference between PL and SNP being 8,371 votes or 13.5% of the total valid vote, would have settled the matter there and then.  Many believe that SNP had thrown in the towel (or sold it) long before the first vote was cast.

The saving grace came in the form of Lalyans Seselwa led by Patrick Pillay with a voter count of 8,593 or 14.19% pushed PL into a second round of presidential elections.  Under the cu…

SR700, 000 for PL and LDS each monthly

Parti Lepep and LDS get SR700, 000 each monthly from the Government as political funding. This amounts to SR1.4 million in total every month. The Government can use that money to build at least two houses for the homeless per month; it comes to 24 houses for a whole year. The people are entitled to know how this money is being spent by both PL and LDS.

This money is on top of the monthly salary, yearly gratuity and end of term bonus they collect from the National SR700, 000 for PL and LDS each monthly Assembly. This is totally unacceptable and the practice must end “ASAP” because both LDS and PL are not putting that money to good use for the betterment of the country or their members. There are allegations that this money is being used to share between top people in the parties. It is alleged that LDS is paying one of its Leaders SR100, 000 per month and they are topping up the pension of another to SR100, 000. How can that be? They need to either deny or confirm the allegations and …

Why is Wavel so fearful of Alain St.Ange

Again this week the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly took full advantage of his privileges from the floor in the parliament to insult people who he feels can beat him at the polls. This is an unfair advantage and an abuse of his post at the head of the opposition in the Assembly. The Speaker said nothing, or try reining him back. Wavel and his colleagues in LDS have developed an obsession with the former minister for tourism. Several political pundits are saying that he fears St. Ange and that he is trying hard to cast doubts on the character of the former minister.

Alain St.Ange is now retired and living on his pension, he has a lot of time on his hands and still has a lot to offer. He could have decided to stay at home and enjoy himself watching TV, reading a book or entertain himself in other ways. But, he is doing a lot of voluntary work for the community without claiming any salary and/or expenses. He has a wealth of experience, which he is using to help those in…

The Tyrant Is Back!

Ramkalawan knows the power of SAINT ANGE. He was always scared of the man, a popular and successful Ex-Minister who could easily defeat him.

In the Seychelles National Assembly Ramkalawan is showing he is a fearful and paranoid Opposition Leader.

He is obsessed and constantly reminding Seychelles that Alain St Ange is his adversary. He brings up the name St Ange at every opportunity.

Today, in the Assembly he could not refrain himself from talking about Alain St Ange and the Etihad - Air Seychelles contract knowing full well that it was Joel Morgan who was responsible for the Transport Department and the said contract.

He is making a mockery of himself because of his psychoticbehaviour. Some are even saying on his toilet door he has a framed photo a of St Ange because it eases his constipation.

Lets remind the people of Seychelles it was Ramkalawan who said to the Arabs and Etihad to pack up their bags and leave. This has contributed in the redundancy of 200 Seychellois by Air Seychelle…

Ramkalawan sues left, right and centre

The dictator rears his ugly head

This week, Wavel Ramkalawan, Leader of the Opposition and Person of Indian Origin, was busy in court filing cases against all those who dared offended him in anyway.

The man who claims to be the founder of democracy and free speech is today taking a lot of issues when his opponent, real or imaginary, exercises their right to freedom of speech.

And so was Johan Loze, facebook activist, taken to court by Ramkalawan for criticising him on the social media.  His longtime supporter, Raoul Rene Payet was also not spared his wrath for exposing Ramkalawan’s hypocrisy on the Assomption debacle. Last to be dragged to court was his erstwhile friend, Allen Camille, for his latest album which Ramkalawan claims contain lyrics insinuating he was corrupt.

Indeed, Ramkalawan has become allergic to any reproach hurled against him. Last week, everyone was shocked to hear a bitter Ramkalawan forcing the hand of the new Speaker,…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?


Payeye has spoken and from the horse’s mouth we all heard that he will not ratify the Assomption Island deal. He did not say that he will vote against it, but he will not vote for it. We are now having a break and we shall regroup because this fight we shall go to the end. Seychelles will not be cut up for any masters, concubines or defactos. We want our Seychelles to remain as one and for all of us. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Political parties “par grap” are popping up. Ton Pat has confirmed in his U-Tube Interview that he is ready for the coming elections. Last week we announced (a breaking news it was) that a group of young Seychellois were launching a new political force to reclaim their Seychelles. Today we can confirm that the BIG Business Man is ready and will be announcing his new party soon. Away goes the funding and support some enjoyed in the 2016 elections. Finally Democracy in the making as the old dinosaur is dying by itself with no leaders…


The book “Actes and Monumentes” about the persecution of the Protestants in England and Scotland under the Roman Catholic Church recorded the first written use of the term “turncoat“.  It is an apt description of a person who changes allegiance to suit their particular situation.  With respect to the Assumption Island project to describe  the Leader of the Opposition Honourable Ramkalawan (Zwer Bihar) as “turncoat” is an understatement – the whole debacle begin with Zwer Bihar and ended with Zwer Bihar.

A timeline of the events leading to his rejection clearly shows this.  In early January this year, Zwer Bihar was on an official trip to address the Indian Council on World Affairs. Later In an interview with The Wire, Zwer Bihar initially blamed the Government under President Michel for not ratifying the Assumption Island project in 2015.

He went on to say that he had been in possession of a copy of the agreement with him since 2016.  Zwer Bihar also stated that with his support the…

3 million US dollars for Assomption Island military base

This newspaper has received credible information that 3 million US dollars has been paid into a bank account in Mauritius for distribution to those closely involved in the Assomption Island deal. We are in the process of establishing who are these people who have received or are about to receive their cut in the “slush fund”; this is money that has been put aside to be used to bribe or influence, especially in a political context. In the same vein there is a multi-millionaire in Luton in the United Kingdom who is now acting as a go-between to receive political money for local politicians in the opposition – it is not known if he is connected with this transaction in Mauritius.

It is clear that all the people at the centre of this scam with India against the Seychellois are those closely involved in the negotiations to provide India with the said military facilities on Assomption Island.

It is believed that India is prepared to spend 500 to 550 million dollars to construct an internat…

Ramkalawan bows to public pressure

The political U-turn made by Wavel Ramkalawan, Leader of the Opposition and Person of Indian Origin, on the Assumption deal came as no surprise to those who know him. Ramkalawan, a populist who enjoys playing to the gallery, is well known for his vacillation and dilly–dallying.

His stance on the Assumption Agreement this week in the National Assembly was a marked departure from his declaration during his recent visit to his ancestral home of Bihar, India where he categorically stated that the Agreement would easily sail through the National Assembly with his full support.

Little, however, did he expect that the normally docile Seychellois would fiercely oppose this dodgy and treacherous Agreement.

Week after week, the Seychellois waged war on the streets, the social media, the print media and in public meetings against this senseless arrangement that would have seriously compromised the sovereignty of this country.

During an emergency meeting at State House, Ramkalawan entreated t…


His hanky panky should not be tolerated

The whole of Seychelles was last week shocked to hear of the dishonorable act of Honorable Clifford Andre, MNA for the Anse Aux Pins constituency. It was found that he had acted improperly by the Chief Justice, Mathilda Twomey, of fleecing a lady of over SCR300,000. The money was taken from Andre’s client account. The Chief Justice further ordered that Clifford Andre appears before a tribunal of three Supreme Court judges to determine whether he should be disrobed or not.  In a move that could eventually see Clifford Andre land in hot water, the Chief Justice also referred his case to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution.

The following day, a subdued Clifford Andre pitched up on the national media to question the integrity of the Chief Justice and the whole judicial process. This came as a shock to all and sundry since it has no precedence in the history of this country.

In a very lame attempt to conduct a trial by the press, an arrog…

Barry Faure and Vincent Meriton are liars

They must resign!

        A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma We demand a full investigation now!
With each new declaration, the mystery surrounding the Assumption Agreement between the Indian and the Seychelles Government in collusion with the Leader of the Opposition, Parliamentarian of Indian Origin, Wavel Ramkalawan, deepens.
What has since transpired though is the naval and military facilities there will be built by India, ran by India and more worrying will be accessed only with the permission of India.  Assumption will de facto be Indian territory.
The foregoing is clear to all despite the many euphemisms like “jetty”, “military facilities” used by politicians to make the Agreement more palatable.
The reasons given to justify the project are at most dubious. We know for a fact that pirates do not venture that far south, human trafficking in that area is a non-existent and the Indians would never invest 500 million USD to stop drugs from entering the Seychelles.
By no…