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Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?


Payeye has spoken and from the horse’s mouth we all heard that he will not ratify the Assomption Island deal. He did not say that he will vote against it, but he will not vote for it. We are now having a break and we shall regroup because this fight we shall go to the end. Seychelles will not be cut up for any masters, concubines or defactos. We want our Seychelles to remain as one and for all of us. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Political parties “par grap” are popping up. Ton Pat has confirmed in his U-Tube Interview that he is ready for the coming elections. Last week we announced (a breaking news it was) that a group of young Seychellois were launching a new political force to reclaim their Seychelles. Today we can confirm that the BIG Business Man is ready and will be announcing his new party soon. Away goes the funding and support some enjoyed in the 2016 elections. Finally Democracy in the making as the old dinosaur is dying by itself with no leaders…


The book “Actes and Monumentes” about the persecution of the Protestants in England and Scotland under the Roman Catholic Church recorded the first written use of the term “turncoat“.  It is an apt description of a person who changes allegiance to suit their particular situation.  With respect to the Assumption Island project to describe  the Leader of the Opposition Honourable Ramkalawan (Zwer Bihar) as “turncoat” is an understatement – the whole debacle begin with Zwer Bihar and ended with Zwer Bihar.

A timeline of the events leading to his rejection clearly shows this.  In early January this year, Zwer Bihar was on an official trip to address the Indian Council on World Affairs. Later In an interview with The Wire, Zwer Bihar initially blamed the Government under President Michel for not ratifying the Assumption Island project in 2015.

He went on to say that he had been in possession of a copy of the agreement with him since 2016.  Zwer Bihar also stated that with his support the…

3 million US dollars for Assomption Island military base

This newspaper has received credible information that 3 million US dollars has been paid into a bank account in Mauritius for distribution to those closely involved in the Assomption Island deal. We are in the process of establishing who are these people who have received or are about to receive their cut in the “slush fund”; this is money that has been put aside to be used to bribe or influence, especially in a political context. In the same vein there is a multi-millionaire in Luton in the United Kingdom who is now acting as a go-between to receive political money for local politicians in the opposition – it is not known if he is connected with this transaction in Mauritius.

It is clear that all the people at the centre of this scam with India against the Seychellois are those closely involved in the negotiations to provide India with the said military facilities on Assomption Island.

It is believed that India is prepared to spend 500 to 550 million dollars to construct an internat…

Ramkalawan bows to public pressure

The political U-turn made by Wavel Ramkalawan, Leader of the Opposition and Person of Indian Origin, on the Assumption deal came as no surprise to those who know him. Ramkalawan, a populist who enjoys playing to the gallery, is well known for his vacillation and dilly–dallying.

His stance on the Assumption Agreement this week in the National Assembly was a marked departure from his declaration during his recent visit to his ancestral home of Bihar, India where he categorically stated that the Agreement would easily sail through the National Assembly with his full support.

Little, however, did he expect that the normally docile Seychellois would fiercely oppose this dodgy and treacherous Agreement.

Week after week, the Seychellois waged war on the streets, the social media, the print media and in public meetings against this senseless arrangement that would have seriously compromised the sovereignty of this country.

During an emergency meeting at State House, Ramkalawan entreated t…


His hanky panky should not be tolerated

The whole of Seychelles was last week shocked to hear of the dishonorable act of Honorable Clifford Andre, MNA for the Anse Aux Pins constituency. It was found that he had acted improperly by the Chief Justice, Mathilda Twomey, of fleecing a lady of over SCR300,000. The money was taken from Andre’s client account. The Chief Justice further ordered that Clifford Andre appears before a tribunal of three Supreme Court judges to determine whether he should be disrobed or not.  In a move that could eventually see Clifford Andre land in hot water, the Chief Justice also referred his case to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution.

The following day, a subdued Clifford Andre pitched up on the national media to question the integrity of the Chief Justice and the whole judicial process. This came as a shock to all and sundry since it has no precedence in the history of this country.

In a very lame attempt to conduct a trial by the press, an arrog…

Barry Faure and Vincent Meriton are liars

They must resign!

        A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma We demand a full investigation now!
With each new declaration, the mystery surrounding the Assumption Agreement between the Indian and the Seychelles Government in collusion with the Leader of the Opposition, Parliamentarian of Indian Origin, Wavel Ramkalawan, deepens.
What has since transpired though is the naval and military facilities there will be built by India, ran by India and more worrying will be accessed only with the permission of India.  Assumption will de facto be Indian territory.
The foregoing is clear to all despite the many euphemisms like “jetty”, “military facilities” used by politicians to make the Agreement more palatable.
The reasons given to justify the project are at most dubious. We know for a fact that pirates do not venture that far south, human trafficking in that area is a non-existent and the Indians would never invest 500 million USD to stop drugs from entering the Seychelles.
By no…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Namaste, Acha to all who are helping defend Assomption Island.

The mother of all election has come and gone with no surprises. The grand green / red coalition, the mother of political coalitions saw reality with less than 50% of the electorate going to vote. The three hundred odd votes LDS lost from the 2016 elections is a sign of dissatisfaction of their work in the National Assembly and of all the empty promises.  We voted to make it OUR ASSEMBLY, but we got THEIR ASSEMBLY. We got increases in cost of food, increases in cost of fuel, increases in electricity, increase in pension age, increase on increase in everything with the Assembly we elected when they could have thrown these proposals into the bin, but our elected MNAs in THEIR ASSEMBLY got increases in salary with more payments for Committee and more Committees, they also got pension age reduced to 55 years old just to rub salt in our wounds. The Executive along with the Assembly members got everythin…

Visits to Assumption

What a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money!

A visit to his ancestral home of Bihar, India, by one local Parliamentarian of Indian Origin has had repercussions thousands of miles away on a small isolated island by the name of Assumption situated right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. For years, the Island nation of Seychelles, to which Assumption belongs, has been polarized politically despite being metropolitan and a melting pot.

It has indeed been quite a while since the Seychellois have politically been united on any issue. But the attempted molestation of their sovereignty by India in connivance with some local corrupt politicians has galvanized the nation against India’s endeavor to establish a military base on Assumption in their quest to outsmart the Chinese in their geopolitical dogfight in the region.

Demonstrations in Victoria, an unruly public meeting, a growing chorus for a referendum on the issue, uproar in the media especially the social media and a bye-election gone wr…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Namaste to you all my people.

Today my greeting to you is coming from Assomption Island where I am in hiding from the invasion by Payeye’s motherland; Bahir.  I am waiting for the arrival of those chosen to visit to say all is right and we really need the Indian Military Base. How shameful for Seychelles to be told that it needs the Indian Military Base not by its President, but by the Indian High Commissioner.

After 40 years of Independence from Great Britain we voted for change in 2016 after dancing “Pil lo Li” only to become a colony of India to counteract China’s growing influence. Yes we are really doing a great “Pil lo Seselwa” dance now and by those who said they would defend us. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

“Pis en li” is the new song following the garland of flowers that nearly strangled Payeye as he was finding his ancestors bones which are now to be moved to Assomption Island under a new monument (similar to Zom Lib built by his father) dedicated to those…

Former Seychelles tourism minister St.Ange to India: Stay away from our Aldabra Group of islands

India wants a military base on Aldabra.  Aldabra is the world’s second-largest coral atoll. The site has been designated UNESCO World Heritage List status, which means it’s of outstanding value, meeting the strict criteria set out by the United Nations’ specialized agency. It fulfils three of the organisation’s guidelines – it contains superb natural phenomena; superlative on-going ecological and biological processes; and significant natural habitats to conserve biological diversity.

Thanks to its remote location in the Indian Ocean, Aldabra Atoll remains unspoiled by human influence and provides an excellent example of natural habitat where evolutionary and ecological processes can be studied.

“These pristine islands must not be sacrificed to military and geopolitical interests. Please sign our petition to the government of the Seychelles and UNESCO to protect Aldabra Atoll” said former Seychelles Minister of Tourism Alain St. Ange.

Extremely isolated, Aldabra is almost untouched …

Seychelles citizen movement wants India stopped

In a meeting held on Tuesday, February 20, by some concerned Seychellois citizens who have been protesting every Saturday at the clock tower against the government approval for an Indian military base on Assumption Island, it was decided that these people would join together as a group under the official name of Save the Aldabra Island Group (SAIG) for a united consorted effort to lobby against that military project.

Among those Seychellois who formed a committee to stop the Indian military is none other than former Minister of Tourism for the country, Alain St.Ange. In a February 15, 2018 eTurboNews article, Former Minister St.Ange said to India: Stay away from our Aldabra Group of islands. The chairperson of the group is Mr. Terry Sandapin, assisted by Mr. Allen Houareau and Mr. Raoul Rene Payet.
The agenda of the group is strictly non-political, and is, therefore, inviting all Seychellois citizens to join in this noble cause to save the Aldabra group of islands against a catastrophic…

We shall not be fooled!

India, through its High Commissioner in Victoria, Mr. Ausaf Sayeed, this week decided to join the fray to limit the damage resulting from the Assumption debacle. Following his much-publicized press conference, the Seychellois population was more confused than ever. It was obvious to all and sundry that the not-so-honourable gentleman was lying through his teeth. Not only did he show disdain to the young journalists but with his characteristic upper-caste arrogance showed no respect for our nation and country. The damage done was such that the Ministry of Foreign affairs issued another press release to try and reassure the population.

Both interventions, however, raised more questions than answers and point to a shoddy piece of work to cover up a corrupt deal involving the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Wavel Ramkalawan, the Government of Seychelles and the Indian Government. All three are adamant that the Agreement should not be made public. Why? Should not we, the People of Seychelle…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Namaste, Namaste and more Namaste to everyone.

An election is coming and Anse Boileau residents have a golden opportunity to make their vote count. Sorry Madame Alexia Amesbury I have to say Vote for Change once again, but real change this time and this is a Vote for Ralph Volcere or Louis Loizeau. We all know that all votes for LDS will be congratulating Payeye and Danny Faure for their work which has only lumbered more suffering on the people of Seychelles.

How things are changing fast or simply how our poor Seychelles is just in free fall. Payeye talks and Danny walks followed by Vincent Meriton running behind. Assomption Island is gone and Seychelles is back to a One Party State protected not by Russians but clinging on to Indians. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it really?

Names have changed, the shit is different but the flies are the same. Pat Pillay moved on citing he wanted elections, and Vincent Meriton obliged to make it a SNP – LDS – LP cohabitation throwing …


Lalyans Seselwa(LS) announces its decision to leave Linyon Demokratik Seselwa(LDS).

This decision is based on the grounds that there are irreconcilable differences in the stance of LDS and Lalyans Seselwa on major issues affecting the country.    The LS Party Leader, Mr Patrick Pillay, has written to the Leader of LDS to inform him of the decision arrived at after consulting with the LS National Executive Committee members.    The LS Party Leader Patrick Pillay  remarked that the party had opted to lend its weight to create a strong opposition in order to bring about changes towards a more democratic and generally better Seychelles.    He said that the intentions of the party stalwarts were honourable and sincere even though it was a decision that was difficult, in that Seychelles political history has shown that such mergers did not necessarily work to the advantage of the smaller parties.  

It was felt, however, that having won over 8000 votes after less than one year’s existence,…

Ramkalawan’s pants on fire

Faced with fierce opposition by the Seychellois electorate, Wavel Ramkalawan, the Leader of the Opposition, this week found himself backtracking on the Assumption murky deal. After bragging in India last month that he was privy to the Agreement signed between the government of Seychelles and India and that he would do everything in his power to ensure that the Agreement is ratified by February, 2018, Ramkalawan in his latest press conference with the Seychelles media is now claiming that he is not aware of the details of the Agreement and that its ratification should not be done in earnest.

In a remarkable volte-face typical of Ramkalawan, he tried this week to distance himself from the Agreement whilst at the same time maintaining that “the Agreement will be ratified”. Under pressure from the Seychellois public, the powers that be are slowly releasing the contents of the military deal between the Seychelles and Indian Governments. The facts revealed greatly contradict the explanatio…