Wavel Ramkalawan is playing too many games

The Honorable Leader of the Opposition is the greatest escape artist since Houdini, so he believes. This newspaper, and the majority of Seselwa are not at all fooled by his acts of treachery to this country and to the thousands of people who are supporting the LDS. Whenever, there is a scandalous political situation or a crisis, Wavel is never around to provide the public with an explanation and/or to answer questions from the press or to help find a solution. He is nowhere to be seen. It is obvious that he cannot operate under any kind of pressure.

Wavel (LOTO) chose to remain in Africa and not return to Seychelles to attend the 29th June, National Day celebrations, and no explanation was given by himself or his office, for his absence. This, is a big affront to this nation, when you think of the struggle that people had to go through to have our National Day reverted to the 29th June. It is alleged, that he had gone to Cape Verde after his official duties in mainland Africa, to check on his newly opened bank accounts, in the offshore sector of Praia. Wavel must clarify this allegation.

When President Faure visited India in June this year, and the Assomption Island discussion resurfaced during the state visit, even if the President had said it would not be on the agenda; Wavel was nowhere to be seen again. Roger Mancienne made a lacklustered statement in his absence, but, the people had expected to hear from the Leader of the Opposition on his return to Seychelles; nothing to date from Wavel. He, is remaining absolutely dead quiet on the matter. There are plenty of speculations on why Wavel is not addressing this pertinent issue, which is so close to the hearts of the Seychellois.

It must be remembered that during his visit to (Bihar) India in January (2018) to go trace his roots, Wavel Ramkalawan, had told the press in India that he was all for the military base on Assomption Island by the Indian military. He went as far as to blame the Executive for the delay in ratifying the agreement, which Seychelles had signed with India in March 2015. He promised the Indian Government that it will be done in the next few months after his visit. However, we all know what happened when the people said no to foreign military presence on Seychelles soil. He then stabbed India in the back in the cruelest way possible to earn political points; a major diplomatic “faux pas”, for a man who is seeking the support of India and the local Indian community to win the next Presidential election.

We are of the view that Wavel is now involved in a backdoor deal with India for the Assomption Island military facility, to recover his relationship with them, hence his complete silence on the matter. Wavel must also provide a fresh clarification on his position for a military base on Assomption Island by India. He has not even commented on the 100 million dollar credit line for military spending for the SPDF coming out of the President’s visit to India in June.

Wavel Ramkalawan is mandated by the people to represent them as the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, it is important that he pronounce himself on issues, which are of big concerns to the electorates. The country is in the midst of a fresh scandal in regards to the appointment of 7 Regional Councils. The Civil Society (Arid and Ceps,) are of the view that the whole process is not democratic and is against the Constitution of Seychelles. They have the backing of many people.

Once again, Roger Mancienne made a press statement and appeared in the rehash News Extra programme to defend LDS’s position in the matter. Wavel Ramkalawan was nowhere to be seen. He was not even present at the launching ceremony of the Regional Council on Saturday 13 June, at the ICCS. It was an attempt to try and shelter from the fallout of his actions. The country as a whole is now totally confused by his erratic behavior, and what he will do if ever he becomes president and is faced with a crisis. Can we ever trust Wavel Ramkalawan with the highest office in the land??                      



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