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If it is good for Zimbabwe, then it must surely be good for the Seychelles. What a farce at the cost of Tax Payers money.

Those who may find comfort in knowing our presidential election process due in just a few days will include international observers should be aware that the SADC Electoral Observation Mission is the same body that has gone on record saying Robert Mugabe’s presidential mandate bestowed by voters in Zimbabwe was achieved through credible elections allowing the result to stand, no matter that fairness was observably lacking.

“On the question of fairness, it’s very difficult to say everything was fair,” SADC election observer Bernard Membe said in the capital Harare as he summarised his report.
SADC mission members are in Seychelles again now after observing the 2011 vote, still refusing to disclose what was found more than four years ago on the grounds that, “they do not want to affect the current election by divulging any of the findings from the previous election watch ... “, and promising to illuminate Seychellois AFTER this election concludes.

It makes sense only in the context of Af…

Want to f**k John Denis. Let’s do it guys.

Yes guys let’s blame John for all that goes wrong.
Let’s shame him for our lacklustre PPBs.
Let’s blame him when we lose.
Let’s blame his absence for our poor performance.
Let’s beat the shit out of him.
Get real guys.
John may not be here with us to vote but that will
never ever diminish the value of what he did for
democracy in the country.
He probably singlehandedly did a lot more than
the rest of us put together. – put his neck out , used,
reused, packaged, repackaged and recycled by all, none of whom provided support and protection to him and his family, in spite of everyone knowing what difficulties he was going through and his needs and threats he had to face because of what he did for us.
Taunt him and goad him as you please. John is irreplaceable. All the more reasons for him to remain safe at this juncture. Remember Micheal Arnephy, 2013 and Wavel Ramkalawan, 2006; after they had their skulls slip open; they have never recovered, probably never will. They are not the same p…

US$ 50,000,000 Grant Disappeared From Central Bank Of Seychelles

According to Vice President, Danny Faure in last night's PPB, the Government of Seychelles received a grant of $50m in 2002 from the Government of Abu Dhabi. This was paid to SMB which then used this to pay for commodities.

This confirms exactly what we in Lalyans stated earlier but denied by JP Adam to the national assembly a few weeks ago.

Government accounts in 2002 shows no receipt of any kind from Abu Dhabi. If what VP Faure says is correct, how come this $50m gift was never presented in 2002 to the national assembly as part of the budget by the supposedly hard working JAM who was Minister of Finance then and never declared in Government books ever never mind to the public at large who were suffering from severe FX shortages. 

Now that VP Faure admits it happened, how come in SMB’s accounts of 2002 or any subsequent account of SMB, there is no mention of the $50m grant from the Government either! This scandal now takes a new dimension. VP Faure now admits what M…

The Home Stretch

‘Pti Dimoun’ enters the ring & all bets are off.
Whilst all the world leaders are currently, at COP21 in Paris, addressing ways to save humanity from man-made consequences of Global Climate Change, this evening we the people of Seychelles we will be subjected to the final round of PPB in the people’s fight to remove the devil that is, once and for all.

It is not the fact that the opposition parties have been sleeping all this time, but JAM has to realise that the only thing that matters to the people of Seychelles is the CHANGE we so badly want. The opposition parties may well have been sleeping, but the people NOT.

Jam was already on the back foot by the voices of the people on the social media well before the opposition parties decided to wake up, but now that they have what a powerful force has emerged.

You can trash the political parties over and over again JAM but how do you fight the power of ‘dimoun ordiner’ and the ‘pti dimoun’ JAM? Ready for the knock out JAM?

JAM is corn…