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The plot goes on!


Opposition witch-hunt turns paradise into hell.

Salem Victoria Seychelles 

A true story of political revenge, social hysteria and abused justice by overzealous self proclaimed experts, accusers and bigots, in the name of truth and accountability.

Salem/Victoria, the persecution, condemnation, victimisation of dozens of innocent citizens is unfolding with the blessings of President Faure and the new cohabitation LDS.

The United Nations declares that racism is still igniting and fuelling violence and conflict throughout the world and that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance are among the root causes of internal conflict.

Seychelles is a party to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination :1969

Hate crimes and hate speeches are often rooted in xenophobia and all relevant actors should pay attention to the early signs of warnings including marginalisation and social exclusion.

During the last presidential and legislative elections the opposition LDS hav…

A dictator in the making

As the saying goes, charity begins at home. Someone who does not believe in justice within his own family, surely, cannot be relied upon to bring justice within a country. We all know about the case of Wavel Ramkalawan v/s his sister and half- brother, so there is no need to dwell on it any further…

But the point is that, this same man is today posing himself as the person most qualified to judge everyone else in the country on the alleged wrong doings committed in the past. This boils down to the fact that he is the “Chairman of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee” (FPAC) in the National Assembly.  What will Wavel do if he becomes President of the country one day? May the Lord never allow it to happen! Based on what we are seeing already, the man is a fierce dictator with an appetite for vengeance.

We are not saying that it is not important to correct mistakes of the past where there might have been, but it should not be treated as the only priority. What the country desperat…

An election with nothing to gain for Seychelles

A faction from the opposition in Seychelles is presently pressing for a fresh Presidential Election in the country. If it so happens that they succeed, then it will be the first election in which Seychelles stands to gain nothing out of it. It would be simply a waste of time and taxpayers money. Ironically those calling for the futile election are the same ones who keep saying that the government should stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Now they want to waste some of it themselves.

In the event that a fresh Presidential Election takes place anytime soon and a candidate from the ruling Parti Lepep wins, then we will remain in the same situation of co-habitation as we are in today. We will have a Parti Lepep government and the National Assembly will still be controlled by the opposition. Therefore the country would have gained nothing.

If an opposition candidate wins, then we would return back to the same old days when the ruling party controlled everything. It was a situation the opposit…

FPAC Chairman is now frustrated

The Honorable Leader of Opposition Father Wavel Ramkalawan is frustrated over the fact that Mrs. Lise Bastienne didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. Wavel had brought Mrs. Bastienne before the committee to answer questions on the financial scandal in regards to a contract between the Irish and State House, which Mrs. Bastienne had signed in her capacity as Secretary of State in the office of the President; surely on the instruction of the Head of State at the time. The contract we believe covered only the nature of the work that the Irish company would carry out for the Seychelles Government. The FPAC had a copy of that contract and they could have easily looked it up and found that what they were looking for was not in that contract and they would not have wasted valu-
able time questioning Mrs. Lise Bastienne. The exercise was very political in character to quench the thirst of those asking for blood in the LDS, it is not a healthy situation for a nation with reconciliation on the…

The Corrupt Politics of Outrage

Cohabitation is Cowardice and a Dereliction of Duty

Seychelles politics is currently at a complete impasse. Fake news has overwhelmed rational debate. Our national politics is divided between two parties neither of which are fulfilling its duty to the people.  Parti Lepep has two separate electoral mandates. The first is to govern based on their victory in the Presidential elections. The second is to provide opposition in the Assembly based on their defeat in the Assembly elections. They are failing in both. They have allowed the National Assembly to emasculate their will to govern and have failed abysmally to provide any credible opposition in the Assembly. The first duty of an Opposition is opposition. Cohabitation is simply cowardice, a dereliction of duty. Parti Lepep has abdicated its duty to provide effective government. Appeasement does not work and can never deliver “Peace in our Time”.

The second party was elected by a narrow majority to the legislature and seems to believe …

Stella Afif playing victim

Stella Afif is a devious woman on a mission to try and get her husband off the hook for his contribution in corruption for the many years – when he was a top civil servant in the SPPF Government. She made a post on Facebook this week to try and distance Ahmed Afif from the role he played in the FIU scandal. This newspaper has already printed documentation to show that Afif also participated and knew everything that went on, but had stayed silent for many years. Her post gives the impression that her husband had told her a lot; ‘Mon ti dir zot I annan ankor sok sa bann zafer koripsyon’.

Her frustration with this newspaper for exposing her and her husband is clear. We have also printed documentation to show that Stella and Ahmed contrary to government policy have acquired at least two plots of land from the State. The ACCS should take note of this situation to initiate an investigation in the matter as they did to former Minister Dolor Ernesta. We would like to remind Stella of the fac…

Honorable Father Wavel Ramkalawan getting away with murder

The Honorable Father is now a man of great power and most people are afraid of him; even institution like the Appeals Court of Seychelles is scared of the leader of opposition. Last year we wrote about an inheritance case that Wavel lost in the Supreme Court of Seychelles. The Judge had ordered him to pay his sister and brother their share of inheritance, which Wavel had denied them by transferring a house that was worth over 1.2 million rupees in his name for only 50,000 rupees. He had also not discharged his responsibility as Executor of the estate of their parents in a manner that was efficient and/or transparent.

The Honorable priest has appealed the matter – he is being represented by another cowboy; Attorney Bernard Georges. It is now a whole year and the Seychelles Court of Appeal has not seen it fit to pronounce a verdict on the matter in all that time. Legal observers are saying that the Judges of Appeal doesn’t want to cross the leader of opposition as they don’t want to bec…

Pillay and Mancienne in disaccord

We have published here an email from the leader of LDS, Mr. Roger Mancienne to Patrick Pillay. It is clear that there is great disagreement between the two – when it comes to the protest that Pat Pillay was involved in last week. The protest has now turned into one big farce and a pantomime, which have   left eggs on the face of Pat Pillay.

In a stroke Patrick Pillay has broken up the cohabitation and the LDS is also fragmented as a result. It is clear that Ahmed Afif has now abandoned Patrick Pillay and he has cross over to the SNP to try establishing himself as the running mate there. Nicholas Prera has already fallen out with Wavel Ramkalawan over several issues that they cannot reach a compromise. This move by Patrick Pillay exposes Mancienne’s weaknesses as the leader of LDS; no one is listening to him – like Vincent Meriton of Parti Lepep; they are both fake leaders of their respective political party. Roger Mancienne was clearly agitated by Patrick Pillay’s decision to go and …