Stella Afif playing victim

Stella Afif is a devious woman on a mission to try and get her husband off the hook for his contribution in corruption for the many years – when he was a top civil servant in the SPPF Government. She made a post on Facebook this week to try and distance Ahmed Afif from the role he played in the FIU scandal. This newspaper has already printed documentation to show that Afif also participated and knew everything that went on, but had stayed silent for many years. Her post gives the impression that her husband had told her a lot; ‘Mon ti dir zot I annan ankor sok sa bann zafer koripsyon’.

Her frustration with this newspaper for exposing her and her husband is clear. We have also printed documentation to show that Stella and Ahmed contrary to government policy have acquired at least two plots of land from the State. The ACCS should take note of this situation to initiate an investigation in the matter as they did to former Minister Dolor Ernesta. We would like to remind Stella of the fact that her husband applied and received customs duty exemption on a vehicle on the basis that he was a handicap person. Ahmed Afif has also remain silent over the Consultancy Firm; White Oak, that he helped hire, when he was PS of Finance.

It is clear that Ahmed and Stella have cross over to SNP from Lalyans Seselwa purely on the basis to seek protection for any tort that might surface in the future. We are publishing the letter that Ahmed Afif sent to ACCS to state what he knows in the matter of USD50 million. We believe that he knows more than what he is saying; he is protecting someone, WHY?  



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