An election with nothing to gain for Seychelles

A faction from the opposition in Seychelles is presently pressing for a fresh Presidential Election in the country. If it so happens that they succeed, then it will be the first election in which Seychelles stands to gain nothing out of it. It would be simply a waste of time and taxpayers money. Ironically those calling for the futile election are the same ones who keep saying that the government should stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Now they want to waste some of it themselves.

In the event that a fresh Presidential Election takes place anytime soon and a candidate from the ruling Parti Lepep wins, then we will remain in the same situation of co-habitation as we are in today. We will have a Parti Lepep government and the National Assembly will still be controlled by the opposition. Therefore the country would have gained nothing.

If an opposition candidate wins, then we would return back to the same old days when the ruling party controlled everything. It was a situation the opposition campaigned strongly against. Do they now want to bring us back to the same system which they hated so much in the past? The only difference would be that this time around it would be they, and not their opponents, who will be in control of everything.  Anyhow, as a country, Seychelles would still have gained nothing out of the exercise.

It was “Linyon Demokratik Seselwa” (LDS), which enticed the Seychellois electorate to vote for a situation of co-habitation in the 2016 National Assembly Elections. They succeeded in convincing the majority of people to vote for them and now we are in this situation. The current President, Danny Faure, is comfortable with it. In fact, he has publicly declared that he has every intention of going through with his mandate until the very end, even in this situation of co-habitation.

Likewise, before the National Assembly went into recess, all the leaders in (LDS) pronounced themselves as also being satisfied with the way things were going.   They seemed very pleased with the co-habitation. What has happened so suddenly to make Pat Pillay, one of those (LDS) leaders, to come out alone and declare that everything was going wrong in the country? Why opt for a fresh Presidential Election as the first solution when he himself, as the Speaker of the National Assembly, has an excellent forum to voice his concerns? Something does not smell good somewhere! Other leaders in the same coalition as Pat Pillay do not agree with him at all. On the contrary, they have made it clear that they have more important work to do than press for fresh Presidential Elections.

LDS has formed so many committees in the National Assembly which are investigating so many things that it  says have happened under the rule of Parti Lepep, the political party presently in power.  A fresh Presidential Election could change the course of those investigations or put an end to it altogether, depending on the outcome. Why then would someone from the opposition want to prematurely put an end to the work being carried out by himself and his colleagues in the National Assembly?  Is there anyone around who does not want to see the outcome of those investigations? There must be more to it, in that sudden call for a fresh Presidential Election, and especially coming from a man who previously  appeared more comfortable  than anyone else with the state of affairs in the country.  It is a known fact that there are strange summersaults in politics and despite being a tiny country; Seychelles is not spared the phenomenon. But no matter from which angle one looks at it, Seychelles will gain nothing from a fresh Presidential Election at this point in time.



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