Seychelles Chamber of Commerce chairman Marco Francis refutes Sri Lankan fraud allegations

Marco denies involvement with Robert

The story published in Lanka Herald about Sri Lankans being swindled in the Seychelles has resulted in one of the accused, Marco Francis writing to the website disowning himself from Robert Piksa’s actions.
Francis in his response said, “Yes, I am a shareholder in a company with Mr Piksa and yes, we export fish to Sri Lanka, but all our activities are above board. Also whatever dealings Robert Piksa has or had done on his own I cannot be responsible. I have never indulged in nor will ever go into money laundering.”
Following is the response sent by Marco Francis.
I am writing to you in reply to the article in Lanka Herald on October 30, 2014 title “Sri Lankans swindled in the Seychelles”.
In the article you specifically mentioned my name Marco L Francis have “swindled” a number of unidentified Sri-Lankan nationals seeking to do business in the Seychelles. Also “cheated many Sri Lankan businessmen promising deals in the Seychelles and obtaining funds, starting from exporting fish to Sri Lanka, opening up offshore companies and bank accounts for money laundering were some of the rackets the duo were allegedly involved in”.
This article is totally without justification and the accusations were totally baseless and false.
Yes, I am a shareholder in a company with Mr Piksa and yes, we export fish to Sri Lanka, but all our activities are above board. Also whatever dealings Robert Piksa has or had done on his own I cannot be responsible. I have never indulged in nor will ever go into money laundering. As chair of SCCI I have to put the good name of Seychelles business first in everything I do. I am cought in the middle of this for being a share holder of the company.
I believe that there are ulterior motives at play as the article does not mention any specific names or transactions.
The article has brought disrepute to me, the Seychelles chamber of Commerce and Industry and Seychelles.
I am requesting that Lanka Herald do a retraction as prominent a place on its website as the article.

Kind Regard
Marco L. Francis


  1. Who is telling the truth and who is not?

    It makes it impossible who to believe as there are so many crooks in these small islands.

    1. Maybe there is nothing to believe, after all, allegations are just allegations, it's not evidence. It is like a dog chasing his own tail. Just like opposition Parties in Seychelles.

  2. Thanks God democrat have lost power in US congress now we can see US get though and more aggressive on foreign policy.Obama was to cool like cucumber and get no balls to deal with foreign policy.

  3. The wind of change is blowing in the USA. Finally and hopefully the US foreign policy will react accordingly to Pp's dictatorial government. Realizes the adverse consequences of giving financial assistance to a dictatorship government that is backtracking on reforming Democracy and Reconciliation.
    This shenanigan has lasted for 37 years, enough is enough the people of Seychelles need a break not the hooks and crooks!
    US and EU can keep their money in exchange for Seychelles' freedom, Seychellois are better off to go hungry for now than to live as slaves for eternity in a State Prison where the Parliament, Judiciary and NGO's are choreographed to perform and stage-managed from State House as the world's best faked national government!
    US and EU, please remember sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind.

  4. First,i am asking Maroc and pl why we are importing fish to Sri Lanka,when needed locally fish and when lankans has thousands of fishermen?

    Can Seychellois trust Marco's words?Why he thinks Seychellois must consider different from other gang members in the pl?

    It seems Marco comes out to deny his crime,and that with the varacity of a drill sergeant, simply because he thinks by doing so,doubts and suspicion of his actions would be minimized and finally desaspeared and then he can get away with is a tactic that is aimed at inserting pressure on those exposing him.

    Credit must be given where it is due,and as common place in the pl,Morco deserve full credit.For perfecting the art of denial like the smooth career criminals who deny everything when caught.Did not do it!What no there!Didn't happen!Somebody else did it!Someone stole my fingerprint to make looks it was me!As his gang members in the pl,Marco denied the undeniable facts with straight face I did not do it,it is a story made up by the press and all those dozens Sri Lnakns nationals complaining about being robbed are all liars,i am the one you must believe,and I hope my wrods is the convincing proff of my innocency.Great liar are also great magician,and Mrco seems to has master the art as good as his god father and Chief-of-thieves Michel,if he continues like this he would sooner than later excel Michel in this art.Greed has proven to make liars and cheats and crimian l of us.Maroc demonstrates this bravely when he tried hard to deny his actions.But the facts though Marco tried hard to convinced Seychellois of his ungilt,his facial expressions,voice tone,posture gaze,proximity -- demeavour/body language .We saw the unnatural appearance of a a liar In Amrco ,who was attempting to control his behavior,knowing that the public that observe him pay great attentions to behaviors,------ can communicate important information to the public---it the case of Marco ,his demeavours detrayed him.In other wrods Marco's lies failed becuase not only of his body language that betrayed him but also because the mental effort required to create and communicate a plausible lie is tasking.As the saying goes"In a battle of believability,the winner is the one with the best body language,not the clearest logics"Maroc failed badly and his body language has really screwed him.

    My advise Marco"if you cannot convinced them,as you have proven to ,tries to confuse them,maybe confusion may work at least for Michel,Donkey.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    The question Seychellois is asking themselves is simply"can a liar be trusted by his words?"Diffficult indeed,especially when partilepep mebers recrods on denial,as well as lying is known as being Partilepep Political party sport.

  5. Looking and listening to Marco--I discover the five Best friends of an abusive Man that Mrco is.
    1)Denial--even when fingers caught in the crookie jar.
    2)Distortion---while some truths are admiited to(I am a shareholder with Mr Piska),he manipulated to suite the Abuser's (Marco)point of view.
    3)Deflection----He did not really adressed the issue.
    4)Deception----Abuse guy want to get away whith whatever he can.
    Denigration----verbally violent tacticsof the abusive Maroc--it includes sneaking,lying and lying other and other again.Maroc was trying to hide his wolf in the sheep's cloth,it just did not work Maroc,instead of trying to fool the public you have ended by folling yourself .The truth will come out Maroc----ti would be now the turn of the victims to come out and expose you and partilepep thugs.

  6. There is a theft going on and being commited by some partilepep thugs in regards to robbing Sri Lanaknas,If it is not you ,who Marco?You may help identify the criminal hding within your criminal aprtilepep at least.If you donot do s,you can only be considered a culprit to as your gang members in the pl.

    Come on,be brave Speak out Marco--speak out the truth and nothing than the truth Marco.

  7. "It was not me,"said Maroc.Maybe Peter Simon?What is clear it is someone within the pl gang.

  8. You all liars in the aprtilepep MAroc.Listen to Morgen in Dubai,,lying about piracy as if Seychelles EEZ is teemd with pirats though all signs show Somali praites have been radciated in SEz EEZ.Aden Golf is not Seychelles territories MorgaWe have Pirates and terorrists at St House and controlling our sintitutions,ministries but no Foreing priates Morgan.You tarnishing our country's image Morgan with your piracy rhetoric and lies ,like MArco is doing proudly to defence his ases.

  9. Pirates have not attack a ship seen two years seen AU forces push Al Shaba out from the main dock yard in Somalia,its time to chop their tongue, them crooks live just to Kouyon Seselwa, for how long moron?

  10. They getting ready before 2016 panic in their ass that's why their are still opening their ass with Arabs for military aids this get nothing to do with Pirates preparing to hold on to Power and save their back side, but not in this century PP.

  11. This liar has a fake bachelor of law degree with Durham University.
    This says all that need to be said.

  12. On Aldabra House--a swiss architect would help design the is a possibility to ask the swiss experts with decades of expericne in building Artificial lacs --as aprt of a think tank for such a possible project in Seychelles in order to solve our water shortage PUC.

    EUCAP --Seychelles is talking of increase surveillance of our Waters----and one best way to control to the max our EEZ --would be to have not more patrol palnes but DRONES --the alter have much more advantages be it cost of operation,duration of flight,etc...... though having palnes is also needed.

    There is also the alck of at least One patrol boat that can carry a helicopter ---to better perfrom searches,rescues,patrol,,Specail forces operation etc....

  13. 12.14

    A fake bachelor in law,---but he is not practicing law to asking him to resigned as a successful administrator of the business community.If he was practicing law after hainvg faked his law degree then I would agree and asked for his immediate resignation,For then his faked degree would have a direct result,influence of his law,job..I agree amyn are unhappy aout the fact that he fake a university degree.But as Chris puts it---we have wrose cases than the first ever mishap of MArco who is neither a criminal nor a recividists like Partilepep criminals.If you consdierthat Marco should enjoy the harshe punishment by rsgining in a psotion his fake law degree has no influence on,then what are you going to ask for the mutliples crimes of partilepep thugs--I assume Capital sentence without the neeed to face the court before.

  14. Follow up to last comment. You have stated exactly what I have been saying all along.
    Marco works for Chamber pro bono ( for free). He does a very good job, perhaps the best Chairman we have ever had in our history. Secondly, he is not a Public Servant touching Public Funds. Thirdly, we have 10 top thieves and criminals in Seychelles that we must focus on before we start delving into small time issues.
    Seychelles is at a junction, where we in the opposition must be serious out our work and effort. We are no longer in the One Party State Era trying to bring Mancham back to power. Mancham has joined PL. We are in an era, wherein we must fight to preserve the place of Seychellois in their own country. This is the main fight. That means focusing on what will build up Seychellois business and Seychellois business persons. This is why I have been saying all year we must focus on productivity and removing the barriers that create inequality and cause Seychellois to suffer. Marco Francis speaks the same language, so I personally have no intention of becoming Dr. Ramadoss toy to do his dirty work.
    Those who have fallen in that trap, because you have been faced with a complex issue, renew yourselves to the commitment I have made.
    Join me and others who want to see Sesel Pou Seselwa where it belongs!
    Lets focus on the Top 10 thugs, that is more then enough work and more then enough money to double every Seychellois salary and extend each Seychellois house.
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  15. iAgree with you taotal Chris---many rushed to judgement without really deep analyse of the facts and recognizing that there have been multiples gross crimes committed by partielepep thugs that need and must be dealt with harshly.

    It seems to me,there is a campaign by the force of dark (partilepep)to intimidate,pressure and finally get rid of MArco in order to make space for someone in their pl club.

    It is amazing how many rushed to critize Marco while failing to critize Partilepep notorious mis-management,astrocities the last 5 decades on the people of Seychelles.Marco seems an easy prey and a good scapegoat to disguise partilepep own crimes.

    We should as Chris challenge partilepep gorss criminals and their imported collaobrators controlling our instituions and helping enslave Seychellois in their own country. pARTILEPEP UNSTOPABLE RAPE OF OUR cONSTITUION IS MUCH MORE DANGEROUSA for our country and people than a mistake done by a single person.

    I would like to hear and see all those attempting to dishumanize Marco ,to find their moral compass and start instead attacking the monkeys selling out,and killing Seychellois Nation,Culture,Traditions and existence as a people namely Partilepep monkeys.


    1. What a contrast to what you posted on the 5 November 2014 22:28. Can't you stick to your guns? This is what i call someone who lacks decisiveness.

  16. If Marco and all the PL crooks work as plumbers for couple weeks pro bono (FOR FREE), fixing the old pipe leaking everywhere I would give them my vote and support!

  17. You are one of them Jeanne Darc just go back on your first comment on Marco, and read it.

    1. This shows weak Leadership at SFP.

    2. Agree with you.
      My personal opinion is SFP made a mistake in the last election.
      They boycotted, and everyone on this blog followed Mr Gill choice except a few like me kept a low profile!
      I knew and everyone knew that PL was going to win anyway but atleast give a try and see the outcome result so they can have an idea where and how did opposition lose.


  19. Seen this blog has form we have never seen a ARTICEL on this blog been publish about Mancham.

    1. You are probably deaf,blind or you are taking your medicine the wrong time.
      Go dig in the archive.
      Might be polluted by now after he join PI, the same klick who overthrew him in '77 after several high police officials warned him!

  20. Jeanne read your first comment on articel Authentic or Fake again 6.11.2014 at.03.54!!You say Marco is criminal what you up to now two faces or what.

  21. Jeanne read your comment by article Authentic or Fake, 6.11.2014 at 03.54!! You say Marco is a criminal.

  22. When he WAS a real man, he would have resigned, to keep his honour and dignity. There are more stories about this gentleman.
    Who trusts someone to represent you, as he is dirty all over. You really think the rest of the world does not know? Like usual, he has joined the Club for Narcissists.

  23. I am starting to wonder the position of James Mancham in the Parti Lepep Government. He is traveling around the world paid by tax payers money and given speeches on behave of Parti Lepep. Albert Rene should be blind or not on this planet!

  24. We don't Mankanm in PL.
    As someone sais in the past.
    Nou parti lepep siporter nou servi li koman bouyon resofe.
    Ler nou bezwen li nou servi li pareiy en torti'd ter byen sal, nou pas enpe armoral lo son lakok fer li klate. e anvoy li reprezant nou.


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