Sakher El Matri agresse une Tunisienne aux Seychelles

Psychopathe ? Maniaco-dépressif ? Mégalomane? Rusé ? Tous ces traits de caractère pourraient correspondre à un Sakher El Matri, éminent sympathisant des Islamistes, selon nombre de ses anciennes connaissances et autres collaborateurs. Mais nous le croyions calmé depuis qu’il a été éjecté de la Tunisie et accueilli aux Seychelles grâce à ses amis influents. Il n’en est rien. La beauté de cet archipel posé sur l’Océan indien n’a pas calmé les penchants violents de Sakher El Matri ni son agressivité.

Ainsi, il s’en est pris à une jeune mère de famille tunisienne séjournant dans un hôtel de la place alors qu’elle le photographiait. Pourtant tous les Tunisiens savent que le gendre de Ben Ali, qui demandait aux journalistes de le féliciter pour le poste de président de Conseil d’Administration de Tunisiana alors que l’on tirait leurs concitoyens comme des lièvres, séjournait en hôte de qualité à Victoria, capitale seychelloise.
Il faut reconnaître que de la haine à l’encontre de ses compatriotes, Sakher El Matri en a beaucoup à revendre. N’ont-ils pas mis fin à ses rêves de grandeur, lui qui se projetait déjà Président en 2019 ?


  1. L`héritier désigné(a les traits du Père)---.Pour avoir grandi au Palais à Tunis,il a été témoin des methods de Ben Ali..-ce un vrai psychopathe et qui ne ressent aucun remords ou scrupule devant enterdit moral pour satisfaire son ses désirs.De père en fils--,est inspiré par MoHammad-Aggression contre les femmes,viols.aggression sexuelles.verbal .....

    El Matri a peur des espions Tunisiens.....peur q'ils viennent à lui kidnapper.Il vit dans la peur,peur d`étre pris par son passé.Ce psychopathe devrait laisser notre Terre.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. El Matri lives in constant fear ,you can see it on his face.He does not trust anyone not even his shadow.That he aggressed a lady gives us a glimpse of how he is inspired by his idol Mohammad.I could image under his dictator Father Ben Ali,in such a situation the lady would have been arrested and the molested just because El Matri did not like that the lady lloks at him.

    El Mtri aggressed the lady in Hotel ,,in which the lady booked her holiday and paid for her stay like any guests .On hotle premise only a hotel Director under justifiable reasons can forbid a guest to take photo--which is literally something rare,for guests are always kings.That LEl Matri aggressed a guest in her hotel,the former should be investigated and legal actions taken against him for disturbing and aggression of a hotel guest.He rape the establishment rules of conduct and thereby put not only the lady he aggressed in danger but it could have been other guest to.

    It is up to both government and hotel direction to ensure that El MAtri is dealt with for his psychopathic,agressive action against a guest,a visitor ,who paid her money to relax,enjoy her holiday in peace and not be aggressed by a foreigner who is illegal in this country.

  3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRAnt-- EL Matri attacked a Hotel guest thereby creating insecurity for tourists and giving Seychelles a bad image abroad.A Islamic fan,El MAtri should be kept under the microscope for he might recidive and run amok like his brothers In ISIS and finally butcher tourists in the name of Allah.
    Partilepep has illegal given a potential foreign terorist free access to our homeland.As his father Ben Ali ,he would not mind following in the foot steps of his father and start butchering people for fun.

    Stop this illegal Immigrant,Send him back to Dicvtators haven in Suadi Arabia,UEA,Oman where his family including him were given Asylum.El MAtri present on our soil is illegal,and we asking aprtilepep teorrirst who illegal allowed him to land on our shores in return for bribes to get this pest our on our society.He belong to the Arab help him by sending him where he belongs.

  4. Kick this mother fucker out of our Country.Basta

    About LULU plastic bag with heroin brought on our shore throw Dubai ask customers work or security at the Airport they also work with heroin courier let him pass through under their noise than ask puplic to help than you can not fight it suckers that is the Problem with you moron every time let criminal get away with crimes than ask public to help.

  5. NDEA could have checked cameras recrods on Airport,removed NDA,and other trace on the bag then ckech passagers arrival lists in order to find out who came on this flight,and then can probe DNA.Once again the so call Forensic experts failed to even do a little probe.

    Where are the security agents at the Airport,their dogs,?NDEA shows how incompetent it is.And we should question the fact if we donot need to import foreigners to come here just to pocket big fat cat salry and to deliver nothing than rediclue,something Seychellois unqualified could do.

  6. They are incompetent, corrupt and they are also dealing with it Seychelles cops can never be thrust like those politicians on the island.

  7. NDEA now public have to do your jobs?Why you been paid?Scully are making million working with PP escobar.

  8. If he attack you again prepare some hot water this time and throw in his f**king face if it was my sister I will be at your door step in minute to deal with you, you got place to hide your mask criminal for murdering your peoples and you come on shore and brutal woman next time you will pay for it me say.We don't have law for foreign criminals we have to start to take law in our own hands to deal with illegal immigrant.

  9. I am sorry to derail this topic conversation.
    In Nation UK HC.Skoll entertained some ex service men with beer and snacks
    However Ms Skoll can you ask PL government, alias SPUP and SPPF where are the money given to them in the 70's after the coup. Monsieur Sinon stated that this money will use to build a nail factory. Where it this factory situated?
    C'est sont les voleurs!

  10. Why Seychelles politicians opposition let him get asylum and than complain on this trouble maker you could have stop him get asylum,but none of you politicians put up fight to stop it settle down on our shore. Were is this moron who was saying criminals PP deal with it on the street you have foreign criminal to deal with first.if you can not deal with problem like this in our society with those kind people you get no chance to deal with Seychellios peoples when they decide its time to take the streets, PP will committee genocide.

    I hope I see it before I die.

  11. El Matri ,un voyou à l^oeuvre --La femme a eu le droit à un flot d`injures totalement inconpreansible,que son aggreseur hurlait et répétait sans cesse.

  12. Revolution is the Solution.

  13. Emauel Malvina son speak of their anger about justice in Seychelles and killer cops been free on bail.My brother if you want justice you go to camp in front this jungel court or in front the gate of State House and you have the right to do so with placard( justice for my father)and it seem no politicians on the island are hearing those guys cause Sad.

  14. PARTILEPEP.want to force Seychellois to worship RENE on his birthday as if he is GOD:WHy not ccelebrate Mancahm birthday Partilepep he who were the first and only democratic elected Presdient of Seychelles instead.should any celebration by taken place`

    In countires with Mornachy--it is a long tradition dated back centuries ,that tHE KING OR QUEEN birthday is celebrated or is a National event.

    But in republic and democratic countires Like France,Germany and tohers no One celebrate the Birthday of an Ex-President and not even talk about it because an Ex-President once out of office in considered a normal citizen without any extra avantages or else.E.g Nonoe celebrate SARKOSY;CHIRAC;MITERRAND birthdays.

    Apart from Monarchies the only countires in which people are forced to worship,celbrate birthday of an ex-president is in Dictatoririal countires like CUBY;NORTH KOREA and Seychelles.And of course,this faked birthday celebration,wroshipment is dictated by crooks on power though the people do not recognize it and refuse to worship likes REEN who has blood on his hands and has butchered his own people.It about Personification,pontification,of a tyrant in an attempt to make him look saintly while the devil in him keeps following him.

    Partilepepe criminals should stop using and abusing peoples' media to promote a killer like RENE and tryig to make him GOD as if Seychellois are athesits like partilepep criminals.Our God is the father of JESSUS ,not criminal RENE partilepep: NATION,speaking as if the whole district in which RENE lives ,gathered in mass to worship RENE ,and the District Mayor without authoritazation went On SBC to tell us that the whole district is celebrating RENE's birthday because they freely wanted and they support this macarade.

    We worship GOD,partilepep not a criminal atheist and killer like RENE.Seychellois does not want and like Anti-_Chirst like Rene and Michel.Stop ralpng our fate Partilepep`,we Christians not Athesists.

  15. 04.41
    WQe as Seychellois we are not surprise of partilepep criminal activities ,it has been going on for the last 5 decades ,but it is interesting to see that more and more foriegners are seeing What for criminal gang we have illeglaly controlling our institutions to protect themslves and cover up their crimes.

    Seychelles has no justice---it is a fake ystem control by both local and ofriegn crooked garb in judge robes to rape our justice.No democratic countires in the world would recruit,employed foreign judges to control their insitutions as soveiregn country unless you are called aprtilepep crooks who need institutions control by people they< trust to portect themdleve.Police foiregn officers,judges ,Ambassadors these are all signs what ofr a crooked system we have nad how sovereignty can be raped by a gang of brainless.

  16. Seycehelles politicians have a big part to play in the case of Malvina family if you want to bring change and win the heart of Seychellios peoples: That they can give you their vote;you dont help them with their problem no vote for you,that mean Seychellios have to stuck with crook regime for more years all in one playing foul game.

  17. Seychellois has to stick with crooked regime ,f the former allows it,They the masters of this land,and have a duty and right to simply call on partilepep donkeys to pack up and go to the zoo where they belong.IOf the donkeys refuse to move as it is common to donkeys,then we must methods that would move these donkeys at on power,which call of use of force.Should we let a herd of donkeys dictates their will on the majority of this country?the answer is tacit ,NO.You talk again about voting for Partilepep--Seychellois never voted to put partilepep criminals on power, the criminals forced them on power ,which also another reason why they must be forced out from the power they criminally confiscated.Tey have two choices -go voluntarily or face the use of force.If they opt for the alter--they will be excuted--hence they would have a slim option if any are arrested before being executed to chose how they want to die--by beheaded,hanging,a shot in the head,etc.. but in any case the end result would be their extermination.


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