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Who is the real leader of LDS?

The front page picture (reproduced here) in Seychelles Weekly last week
provided the answer to that question. LDS is SNP - SNP is LDS; two sides of
the same coin, so to speak. It is now clear that Wavel Ramkalawan has completely
hijacked the LDS with Pat Pillay’s full blessings. They say that a picture speaks a
thousand words – this picture on the front page speaks a million words. It is clear
that “Ton Pat” is more than willing to play second fid-dle to the controversial
millionaire priest; who swindled his sister and brother their shares, they had to
take him to court for their rightful inheritance. He is corrupt this why he should
never run the economyof this country.

The LDS is a registered political organization with Mr. Roger Mancienne as its
leader (on paper), Clifford Andre as Secretary General and Roy Fonseka as Treasurer.
On presenting the LDS candidates for the forthcoming National Assembly
Election, recently, due for September 8-9-10. One would have thought that the

Ahmed Afif’s half hearted apology

This newspaper has been putting pressure on Ahmed Afif to answer several questions
our readers had asked us to put before him on their behalfabout unethical activities
that he was either engaged in or that he knew of when he was working for this
government for answers. Afif has apparently given an interview to some obscure
internet radio station; RDS, which is operating out of Canada to explain his position.

In that interview Ahmed Afif apologised for the role he played in harassing,
confiscation and imprisonment of peopleall these years ago for carry more foreign
exchange on them than it was legally allowed. He also gave an explanation on why
he made an application for a duty free car on the basis that he was a handicap person.
We are not accepting his apology for the simple reason that these crimes were
committed here and Ahmed owes the people in Seychelles a public apology,
not in Canada - just like everyone else who has committed crimesagainst the people
of Seychelles should do –…

Ramkalawan to work very hard—after five years vacation

SNP’s leader, Wavel Ramkalawan, has said that in the next session of the National
Assembly - if he gets elected - he shall press for the legislature to meet three times
a week. This comes after he has just enjoyed a 5-year vacation, having boycotted
the elections in 2011, though still enjoying a fat pension.

For the record, Ramkalawan had been MNA since 1993, when he was
a proportionally elected member. He was there in 1998, when he upstaged
Mr. Mancham as Opposition leader, a post he was to retain until his 2011 boycott.

Did he ever suggest that the National Assembly should meet three times weekly?
The answer is no. He spent much of the time travelling, attending conferences
here and there and generally having a good time, while receiving a fat salary.
As is presently the case, the Assembly also broke up for recess or vacation
twice a year. That means for periods of over one month, it did not sit at all.
Did Ramkalawan find anything wrong with that then? We are not apologizing
for c…

Leader of SNP agreed in Court of using pseudonyms on Social Network


Ahmed Afif Feeling the Heat

The former deputy minister of Finance, Ahmed Afif is feeling the heat now that his record
in government is being scrutinized and questioned. Afif is the deputy leader of the Lalyans
Seselwa and also one of the leaders of the LDS. He has been penciled into represent
LDS in the safe seat of Anse Etoile which is also the most populated electoral district
in the Country.

 Ahmed Afif is also likely to be the de-facto leader of LDS when Wavel Ramkalawan
is struck off the electoral register for admitting electoral fraud under oath. That will make
Afif the first Muslim leaderof a political party in Seychelles, which will be a historic
occasion, proving that the Seychellois People fully embrace religious tolerance.

Ahmed Afif’s claim to fame is that he was the number two to VP Danny Faure
in the Ministry of Finance when the country was bankrupt in 2008. Afif was the
intelligent face of the regime with regular appearances on television defending
questionable decisions and re-assuring the popul…

Ramkalawan In Panic Mode

Source: Independent

Patrick Pillay's Blatant Hypocrisy

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The Opposition In Chaos

Source: Independent.