Who is the real leader of LDS?

The front page picture (reproduced here) in Seychelles Weekly last week
provided the answer to that question. LDS is SNP - SNP is LDS; two sides of
the same coin, so to speak. It is now clear that Wavel Ramkalawan has completely
hijacked the LDS with Pat Pillay’s full blessings. They say that a picture speaks a
thousand words – this picture on the front page speaks a million words. It is clear
that “Ton Pat” is more than willing to play second fid-dle to the controversial
millionaire priest; who swindled his sister and brother their shares, they had to
take him to court for their rightful inheritance. He is corrupt this why he should
never run the economyof this country.

The LDS is a registered political organization with Mr. Roger Mancienne as its
leader (on paper), Clifford Andre as Secretary General and Roy Fonseka as Treasurer.
On presenting the LDS candidates for the forthcoming National Assembly
Election, recently, due for September 8-9-10. One would have thought that the
president (Roger Mancienne) of the party would feature prominently in the official
photographs. It didn’t happen. Wavel Ramkalawan wouldn’t allow it he took
center stage – if you look at the group picture you will see that the unholy priest
is sitting dead center flanked by three persons on his right and three on his left;
all women! As far as the picture taking protocol is concerned this seat in the middle
is normally reserved for the President of the organization, where was Roger Mancienne?
Is he not proud of the candidates he is putting forth for the National Assembly
Elections?? Or is he not the real leader of LDS???

We firmly believe that Mancienne is not the real leader. He is only a front for the
unholy priest (Wavel) who is the real leader. The other picture above the
group photograph in the Seychelles Weekly further emphasizes that argument.
It is more proof, if it was ever needed - that Pat Pillay has sold out totally to
the millionaire priest. This is why they will not get the majority in the National
Assembly election; something they want - to hold the country hostage with
Wavel Ramkalawan at the forefront. Many people who voted for Pat Pillay
don’t want Wavel!! Who is going to trust Wavel with that kind of power,
which can hold the country hostage - in his hands? It is going to be a disaster
for all of us knowing what we already know about the man; his character is
totally unpredictable. If he does get what he wants he will have no hesitation
to “bring the ship down to the bottom of the lake”, so to speak.

It is now clear that the SNP has literally taken over the LDS with Pat Pillay’s
approval. The evidence are there in public - especially when they hold political
rallies; Wavel makes secret arrangement for his supporters to wear SNP t-shirts
and to bring along their green flags with SNP posters with his image  and they
always sing “Nou pa pou zamen les tombe” - as if to nail the message home
that SNP is in charge. hey (SNP) are not fully endorsing the LDS ticket,
however, Wavel have no choice under the circumstances but to play the
game as instructed by Wavel; because Wavel got only 35% in the first round
he badly needs the LS support for the parliamentary elections. But when
he is finally installed as leader of the opposition (loto) things will change
for the worst knowing him. We know that even Pat Pillay doesn’t trust him –
we have evidence that will blow the people’s mind when they hear it.

The LS supporters are already complaining about this situation. Those who have
eyes and can see will understand that this is not a healthy state of affair for our country;
it will get chaotic soon after the election. Can this small country of less than
100 thousand people cope with this kind of political instability that will be inflicted
upon us by Wavel Ramkalawan??? This is the question that you need to answer before
you go voting for Wavel Ramkalawan to be in charge of your life that of your
family and the country!!! Can We Trust Wavel Ramkalawan??? We don’t think so!!!



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