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A Co-Habitation of Outlaws

When asked about the current status of government President Danny Faure remarked that the co-habitation was working.  In another interview the elections-failure Leader of the Opposition Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan was of the opinion that co-habitation is not power-sharing.  All these opinions were firmly laid to rest by an opposition stalwart Honorable Bernard Georges.  In his interview Honorable Georges stated that discussions were taking place between the Government of the day and the Opposition on numerous issues.  The discussions and conclusions were not in the public eye but were satisfactory to both parties he also added.

Looking at the state of governance in the country, the sad conclusion is whilst co-habitation is ongoing; the country is regressing (moving backwards).  This state is the result of co-habitation and the hiding of the truth behind curtains called “committees” and fake profile names such as “Piti nivard”.

All sectors of the public service, the domain of the Exec…


This newspaper has, on several occasions, highlighted the total disrespect the National Assembly has to its own Rules and Regulations and to the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. Indeed, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Patrick Pillay, has over the last twelve months been the country’s laughing stock because of his total lack of knowledge, or wrongful interpretation, of the Standing Orders and Constitution.

Many political pundits believe that most laws enacted by the Sixth Assembly are unconstitutional for the simple reason that the various procedural steps leading to their enactment have not been followed. The National Assembly, further, faces several cases in the Constitutional Court for setting up a committee, the Anti-Victimisation Committee, which functions as a quasi-judicial body in flagrant violation of the separation of powers promoted by our Constitution.

This week, matters came to a head when the Deputy Speaker, Nicholas Prea, admitted a motion by…

Ferrari messes up again!

Wavel holds the country hostage!

The elected member for Mont Fleuri has embarked on a self destructing expedition in 2017; he easy qualifies as the most insolence member of the National Assembly ever. This doesn’t mean that we are backing Lt. Colonel Naiken in the incident with Honorable Ferrari, recently, we were not there and we don’t trust the findings of the reports by both the Army and the National Assembly. This newspaper will eventually come up with its own assessment on the matter.

However, the investigation conducted by the National Assembly Select Committee on Friday 15th December has not gone the way that JFF and Wavel had expected. Honorable Ferrari had brought in one witness who said that she had not seen nor heard anything; this situation doesn’t bode well on Ferrari’s credibility – he should have established that his witness was not credible and not brought her before the Select Committee just to say that she heard nothing and saw nothing, which was not in Ferrari’s be…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers, Pretty K had become a prey because of her beauty just like my other  sister Cato Ver who finally disappeared because many saw her as a threat to their person. The message is when you live in a glass house never throw stones’, and more importantly never STAND with someone who only knows how to throw stones and to belittle everyone when he wants. Pretty K can move on as did Cato Ver and leave her place to others who are also human rights activists, but you, and all those who are so associated will always now be under the microscope because you must receive what you dish out ‘par action, par association ou par omission’. I am just the Ugly B and have nothing to lose, so I speak my mind freely. My Lady, Members of the Jury, I rest my case.

Recently a young Seychellois girl of only 13 years old showed National Assembly Members how to speak and what it is to be a responsible MNA. That was the lesson given to highly paid individuals by 13 year old Shayanne Hoareau. Today many i…

Money talks, bullshit walks

The millionaire priest of the Anglican Church in Seychelles has shown everybody that money is far more important to him than cheap talk; the kind of talk they do in the National Assembly regularly. Last week, Wavel himself said in the National Assembly that the national carrier of the U.A.E (Etihad) should go and leave Air Seychelles for us to manage. This was cheap talk coming from a man who is aspiring to be president one day. Wavel knows full well that it was the Arabs’ money from the U.A.E that has kept Air Seychelles in the air since 2012 until today. The fact re
Money talks, bullshit walks mains that when business needs to get done, talk all you want, but  liquid cash is what makes things happen, hence the saying “money talks, bullshit walks”.

The Leader of Opposition is an old campaigner and he has bagged in many millions over the years. However, he is prepared to play politics with the jobs of many people  employed by Air Seychelles and with the future of our country. We all k…

Jean Francois Ferrari has dropped the challenge

Many people expected JFF to take up the challenge of James Michel to repeat his attacks outside the National Assembly. It is now three weeks since the incident but Ferrari has not followed through with his allegations in a public place, outside the National Assembly where he is not protected by parliamentary immunity. The former President had said that he would sue the National Assembly Member for Mont Fleuri to prove his allegations against his character. Several people had hoped that Ferrari had proof of what he had said against the former President in the National Assembly.

This incident has exposed to which extent some people in the National Assembly are abusing their legislative privileges. Over the last year many people have suffered abuse and insults coming from members of the National Assembly, several had sent letter to the Speaker, but he discarded most and refused to act to protect the people who came under attack. This situation has greatly affected the credibility of this…

The End of Ramka

Seychelles is hearing much news or fracas coming from the corridors in the House from China. Bye-bye Ramka is being echoed loud and clear. It is being said that this is finally the endgame for the man who has led the Seychelles Opposition in one way or another ever since the return of democracy (1991 - 2017). Too long some are saying, he is being referred to as the Mugabe of Seychelles.

The Seychelles Opposition has some certainty in what to expect we are being told. Patrick
Pillay, the current Speaker of the National Assembly, MNA Ferrari, and the likes are able and waiting. The end of Ramka is an event as momentous, in its own way as the opposition looks to a better chance in the coming elections. Ramka’s long tenure as Leader of the Opposition shaped every facet of the Seychelles Opposition. He created an entire approach in his own dysfunctional image. Just as we now divide Seychelles into pre and post independence, we will also speak of before and after the fall of Ramka as distin…

Joanna Nicette is a highly frustrated woman

The lady editor of Lavwa Lalyans is frustrated to the point of insanity. During the live press interview at State House last week the lady made an attack on President Faure that was totally uncalled for, considering that she is the editor of a newspaper that is the mouthpiece of Patrick Pillay of Lalyans Seselwa.

The lady editor told President Faure that he speaks as if he has just joined the government, when in actual fact he had been minister, vice-president and now president – insinuating that Faure should get the hell out of State House.

We are not in the business of defending Danny Faure, however, if Aunty Joanna would want to apply this formulae to the President, she must be mindful of the fact that she represent a political party and she is a former editor of ‘The People’ newspaper that have contributed to our present circumstances. In that case whatever rule she wants to apply on Danny Faure now must also be applied to her, Patrick Pillay, Simone De Comarmond, Noellie Alexan…


This week we saw the Opposition leader the honorable Wavel Ramkalawan established a “Double Standard” when it comes to the way certain workers are treated in Seychelles.

Firstly, he bombarded Ambassador Claude Morel on how his office treats the present Ambassadors of Seychelles and even went as far as agreeing that “despite Seychelles being in the 40% poverty rate… Seychelles has indeed upgraded its standard of living. Thus we need to make sure how we treat our public officials with prestigious positions”.

Yet, when it was time for the Secretary of State Dr. Patrick Herminie to present his budget in which he showed the exact tolerance for his staff, especially the CEO’s our honorable LOTO asked Dr. Herminie if he would consider cutting the salary of the CEO’s in order to inject more money into the programs of the Agency.

Honorable LOTO even went as far as trying to ridicule the intelligent doctor, by stating, “We know that the beautiful answers you are giving is because you are try…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers,

How our country can pay lip service to those who sweat to make ends meet is rather amazing. Opposition MNAs walked with the Nurses in their Victoria Protest March when they were asking for a raise of 60% in their salary. This demand was then not repeated by the same MNAs in the National Assembly when they delivered their long speeches in reply to the proposed budget. National Assembly Members spoke about Nurses and other Hospital workers but they seemed unable or were unwilling to say that the Nurses are asking for a 60% increase. This lack or real interest for Nurses is part of the healing process we understand. Back door arrangements and concessions at the detriment of working Health professionals. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

MNA Jean Francois Ferrari is prepared to forgo his National Assembly immunity to show former President James Michel he meant every word he said. This is the most welcomed statement made this year by any MNA. But this st…

How many plots of farm land for Patrick Pillay?

There are rumors that Patrick Pillay is requesting yet another plot of farm land from Government.

The allegation is that Pillay is importing twenty cows from Kenya. Our source in the National Assembly has informed us that Pillay wants to fly in the cows from Kenya and is adamant that the beasts will be placed under quarantine on his farm. This arrangement is not one that is in the best interest of the country, because the possibility of disease being imported in the country is high. This will bring his total of cows to twenty-one considering he already has “Pti Cowboy”.

This is not the first time that Pillay is requesting agricultural land from Government. In 1995, Pillay was allocated two plots at Montagne Posee; C3849 and C3850 - on a long lease. Pillay then sought permission and built a three bedroom house on the property with sea view and very good Mountain View. After the construction of the house Pillay established his farm naming it “Farm Breeze”. Patrick Pillay didn’t stop t…

The LDS protect their own

If the budget of a Government department or of an entity is under a certain amount there is no requirement to come to the Assembly. However, Mrs. Marie-Ange Hoareau was forced to come to the National Assembly last year to answer questions in justification of the 2017 budget allocation for CAA - but this year CAA have not been asked to come, yet their budget for 2018 is hugely increased in comparison with 2017.  It contains a large retainer fee for Anthony Derjacques and salary for a new executive secretary. What do they need that for? How much is Derjacques getting? How much is the new chairperson getting? These are information that the public would like to know in the spirit of accountability, transparency and good governance. The chairperson is in three bodies; CAA, Ethics Commission and the ACCS!!! Was it not the President himself who said that one person cannot be on several boards?

It must be noted that Derjacques is also the lawyer for LDS and SNP! Isn’t that corruption and a c…


Seychelles has been ranked second in Africa in “governance” – just behind Mauritius – on the Mo Ibrahim Index.

The period of assessment and evaluation of the country’s performance is from 2012 to 2016.

Seychelles scored highly in such crucial areas as governance, rule of law, human rights, sustainable economic opportunities and human development.

Though, undoubtedly, there is room for progress in our performance and indicators, these are achievements that any country would be proud of.  But to whom do we owe this international accolade? To none other than James Michel.

As the period under review (2012 – 2016) testifies to, all those achievements happened on his watch. They show genuine leadership qualities and capable stewardship.  The “independent” newspaper, TODAY in Seychelles, conveniently omits to mention this. Their LDS paymasters and supporters, and some others, will follow their lead. They will continue to vilify him, backstab him and “pil lo li”, in spite of the recognition…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers,

Your Pretty K is rather upset these last couple of weeks. So much happening and our Leaders were gallivanting on Bird & Denis Islands and seemed unbothered and just playing lip service.

Lawlessness is now not a problem, but it has become a National Disaster. It is now of plague proportion. Two teachers are assaulted in two weeks, two tourists attacked with violence on Praslin and their case making news everywhere, theft and more theft happening, car breaking is now the norm and no one seems bothered as it seems to be all part of the healing process for Seychelles. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Teachers are really fed up and feeling let down. Teachers showed to Seychelles they are worried for their safety and for the safety of the school children under their supervision. Sir Kevin Monthy and Sir Depak sad incidents have galvanised the teachers and they are speaking up. Congratulations to MNA Ferrari for being with the Teachers in Victoria for…

When will Wavel stop lying and fooling the people?

This newspaper is in total agreement with the view that the SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep has made many mistakes that have caused hardship to many people and costs this country a great deal. However, it must also be accepted that they did some things right. We will not go into the details – this conversation can be had at a later stage. Crimes committed against the people in the last forty years must be investigated in a fair manner by authorized agencies, outside of the control of politicians. Our country is now in a state of turmoil because the political leaders in the limelight have very little to no tolerance at all; several of them wants revenge. This is playing out in full view of the entire nation, from school children to great grandparents. It is doing more harm than good to our country.

The National Assembly is doing a great job scrutinizing the 2018 Budget allocation, but the way that it is being done, which is a problem. Most, if not all the honorable members are not being rational…


The Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly has finally revealed his dirty hands.  In a remark he states that the 2018 budget needs to be analyzed for its effects upon the cost of living!

Nothing could be further from the truth and coming from the Leader of the Opposition shows it to be a two-faced lie.  As Leader of the Opposition, Wavel Ramkalawan has decided on co-habitation which is an illegal union for power in Seychelles.  This has meant that his role of holding the Executive under President Danny Faure accountable has been set aside. This letting down Seychellois attitude has been on display numerous times by Wavel Ramkalawan.

Recently he publicly stated in a local newspaper that he is not in a power-sharing arrangement with President Faure.  What does co-habitation mean in the mind of Wavel Ramkalawan?  It is akin to saying I am not gay, my boyfriend is!

Another blow to democracy was delivered when the District Council officials are to be nominated. The nomination …

James Michel tussles with Jean Francois Ferrari

The former President of Seychelles has now decided that “enough is enough” he said; for one whole year he has endured insults and accusations from the LDS majority in the National Assembly. “Designed to smear my character and destroy my image”, Michel added. It is obvious that both Ramkalawan and Ferrari have it in for the former president; their grudges and venomous attitude stems from the fact that Michel amended the law after the 2012 National Assembly Elections that provided both Wavel and Ferrari with early retirement pension. The changes in the law meant that they could no longer access the early pension; Wavel was getting SR45, 000 and JFF SR20, 000. Jean Francois had to go work in a shop at Premier Building as a sales assistant and Wavel intensified his activities in the construction industry, with much help coming from his friend at IDC. They have never forgotten or forgiven Michel. They are now out to get him ‘by hook or by crook’ (by any means whatsoever).

Jean-Francois k…

Wavel surrounded only by suspicion

Anyone who has read the lengthy interview with Wavel Ramkalawan in “Today in Seychelles” dated 30th October, 2017, must surely have understood one thing. There is presently a wave of suspicion surrounding the political activities of Wavel Ramkalawan. He is the man who in the past championed the cause of the opposition through his own party (SNP), and is now a leading figure in the (LDS) coalition.

Criticisms are today not coming from his political rivals or opponents, but from his own supporters.  Hardcore sympathizers simply no longer trust him and are wondering where exactly he is taking them and kind of game he is up to. Such expressions of mistrust have appeared even on “Facebook”, where angry supporters have lashed out at him and some of his MNAs over the present political status quo which they consider to be very different to what they were promised during the campaign for the National Assembly Elections in 2016.

In the big interview last week with Wavel Ramkalawan, the journal…

Patrick Pillay and Clifford Andre are liars

The two liars came on SBC television this week and they appeared in newspapers to propagate their lies about the Anti-Victimisation Committee’s success. The truth of the matter is that they haven’t even been able to shift through half of the complaints that have been registered with the office of the committee. Many people have contacted this newspaper to say that Patrick Pillay with Clifford Andre and the rest on the committee are watering down and whitewashing their cases. This is so because there are many cases registered against top people in the LDS, to whom they want to provide protection. There are many people who are not satisfied with the way that the Anti-Victimisation Committee has handled their cases.

The real story behind the pretty picture that Patrick Pillay and Clifford Andre are trying to paint is totally different. It is one where people are frustrated, annoyed and are feeling deceived by the two cowboys formerly from the SPPF. The Anti-Victimisation Committee is no…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

As a student of law this week is a very sad week for me and my colleagues in the legal circle because the concept of law and order has not trickled down to those at the bottom of our modern society; I mean the not so educated. We were liberated by Mr. Albert Rene who has made it possible for me and “chou-chou” to be together without raising eyebrows like it was in the sixties. Mr. Rene gave us our identity and he used his big stick well on us.

All the talking for a whole year in the National Assembly has done nothing to bring in more civilization to our people; students are still beating up on teachers and teachers are still beating students. This is what we call taking the law into our hands. This is what some are saying is OK…. but is it really?

No one is listening to anybody anymore. The SBC television aired a whole television programme on Monday night about the importance of the tourism industry to our economy. All the speakers said that we have to look after the goose so that mo…

SEYCHELLES: Judicial Independence and Accountability

The undersigned organisations are gravely concerned about recent reports of events affecting the judiciary in the Seychelles. The developments in Seychelles have the potential to affect the actual and perceived independence of the court.

Multiple international guidelines and best practice standards highlight the crucial importance of the independence of the judiciary. The Latimer House Principles recognised that “an independent, impartial, honest and competent judiciary is integral to upholding the rule of law, engendering public confidence and dispensing justice.”  This principle is reiterated in section 119 (2) of the Constitution of Seychelles which guarantees the independence of the judiciary and makes it subject only to the Constitution and laws of the country. In addition article 1 of the Seychelles Code of Judicial Conduct, states that an independent judiciary is indispensable to the proper administration of justice. An important prerequisite to ensuring independence is a cred…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Today I start with the Big Interview by Wavel Ramkalawan where he states and I quote “support the current power sharing system because it is part of a healing process”. What is healing many are asking and insinuating that it could be his personal ego? Because he is now too far from reality. People are suffering more than ever before. The country has come to a sudden hazy stop and Ramkalawan call this a healing process. The Stevedore Workers stopped work and Ferrari left them to the Workers UNION. Nurses came on to the road to seek better conditions, Fishing boat owners came out too and this is healing for Ramkalawan; just because he is doing ok for himself. People are suffering and nothing has changed for the working men and women since the last elections. Life is harder than before and this is healing for Ramkalawan. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Many at the Simon Esparon funeral were angry when they saw CAA Members arrive. They are being blamed for the stat…