The LDS protect their own

If the budget of a Government department or of an entity is under a certain amount there is no requirement to come to the Assembly. However, Mrs. Marie-Ange Hoareau was forced to come to the National Assembly last year to answer questions in justification of the 2017 budget allocation for CAA - but this year CAA have not been asked to come, yet their budget for 2018 is hugely increased in comparison with 2017.  It contains a large retainer fee for Anthony Derjacques and salary for a new executive secretary. What do they need that for? How much is Derjacques getting? How much is the new chairperson getting? These are information that the public would like to know in the spirit of accountability, transparency and good governance. The chairperson is in three bodies; CAA, Ethics Commission and the ACCS!!! Was it not the President himself who said that one person cannot be on several boards?

It must be noted that Derjacques is also the lawyer for LDS and SNP! Isn’t that corruption and a conflict of interest? We fought the SPPF/PL to try and eliminate these kind of practices, but it seems that nothing is changing and it is looking more and more like a case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’. The renting by a government agency of offices at the Trinity House has also not been questioned, many are saying because the building belongs to the Anglican Church. Is that what many people gave their life for, more corruption?



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