Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

As a student of law this week is a very sad week for me and my colleagues in the legal circle because the concept of law and order has not trickled down to those at the bottom of our modern society; I mean the not so educated. We were liberated by Mr. Albert Rene who has made it possible for me and “chou-chou” to be together without raising eyebrows like it was in the sixties. Mr. Rene gave us our identity and he used his big stick well on us.

All the talking for a whole year in the National Assembly has done nothing to bring in more civilization to our people; students are still beating up on teachers and teachers are still beating students. This is what we call taking the law into our hands. This is what some are saying is OK…. but is it really?

No one is listening to anybody anymore. The SBC television aired a whole television programme on Monday night about the importance of the tourism industry to our economy. All the speakers said that we have to look after the goose so that more golden eggs can be laid; just like I do with my “chou-chou”. The very next day two Austrian visitors became the latest victims of robbery with violence. This is what some are saying is OK….. but is it really?  

The Seselwa are really becoming second class citizens in their own country, except for us pretty girls. The President said that this situation is down to hard work. It is hard to believe him when all the opportunities are given to the naturalized Seselwa; land for business and loans at the banks.
This is what some are saying is OK…… but is it really?

The budget is back on the national agenda with both “Wave n Dec” doing their thing in the Assembly to impress the victims of this national rip-off, to soften the blow, so to speak. “Chouchou” will definitely do his thing to impress me. But the poor will get poorer with the rich getting richer. This is what some are saying is OK…. but is it really?

The LGB is calling for order and discipline at the schools, but what kind of example is coming from the law makers in the national assembly; where they insult and disrespect each other on a regular basis. This is the example they are setting for our children to follow; a typical case of doing what I say and not what I do. This is what some
are saying is OK…. but is it really?

Our national airline is in trouble, no one seems to have a solution; the man who has done all he could to ground Air Seychelles is now shouting the most in the assembly. This is what some are saying is OK…. but is it really?

The construction workers are crowding out the airport on Sundays to use the Wifi. It is a sight for sore eyes many people even tourists are complaining but nothing is being done by the SCAA. This is what some are saying is OK…. but is it really?

Ramkalawan wants to close the army my “chou-chou” will have to buy me a gun for when the Somali Pirates comes to visit. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really? 

  Our little country is not out of control yet, but it is getting there, by 2018 we would have reached this destination and maybe then we will realize that we cannot fix the problems with those who were part of it in the first place. I am talking here about people like Danny, Vincent, MacSuzy, Patrick, Ahmed, Simone and all those who are now talking as if they were never here before 2017. I have to end here “chouchou” is calling me to come have a shower with him, to rub my body against his worn-out tired pale carcass that is going stiff. Until next week….Ciao Ciao!!

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