Patrick Pillay and Clifford Andre are liars

The two liars came on SBC television this week and they appeared in newspapers to propagate their lies about the Anti-Victimisation Committee’s success. The truth of the matter is that they haven’t even been able to shift through half of the complaints that have been registered with the office of the committee. Many people have contacted this newspaper to say that Patrick Pillay with Clifford Andre and the rest on the committee are watering down and whitewashing their cases. This is so because there are many cases registered against top people in the LDS, to whom they want to provide protection. There are many people who are not satisfied with the way that the Anti-Victimisation Committee has handled their cases.

The real story behind the pretty picture that Patrick Pillay and Clifford Andre are trying to paint is totally different. It is one where people are frustrated, annoyed and are feeling deceived by the two cowboys formerly from the SPPF. The Anti-Victimisation Committee is now being uncovered as just a big political scam to fool the people for political support.

The victims are not looking for revenge they told this newspaper. We are looking for a remedy in the form restoration and/ or compensation for the suffering and loss we have had to endure – but Patrick Pillay only wants the perpetrators to say sorry, shake hands, hug and move on.

Out of a total of 400 cases lodged with the Anti-Victimisation Committee only around 150 have seen the light of day and the majority of complainants are not happy with the outcome. There are files
that have been pushed to the back of the queue for no apparent reason. Clifford Andre himself is being accused of taking money from his client as a lawyer and not doing the work; he is being protected by the entire LDS executive. Patrick Pillay had cases against him; damage control tactics were applied to minimize the political fallout. This is a job for the civil society and not for politicians, especially those who have played a part in the abusive era of the SPPF.      



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