The Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly has finally revealed his dirty hands.  In a remark he states that the 2018 budget needs to be analyzed for its effects upon the cost of living!

Nothing could be further from the truth and coming from the Leader of the Opposition shows it to be a two-faced lie.  As Leader of the Opposition, Wavel Ramkalawan has decided on co-habitation which is an illegal union for power in Seychelles.  This has meant that his role of holding the Executive under President Danny Faure accountable has been set aside. This letting down Seychellois attitude has been on display numerous times by Wavel Ramkalawan.

Recently he publicly stated in a local newspaper that he is not in a power-sharing arrangement with President Faure.  What does co-habitation mean in the mind of Wavel Ramkalawan?  It is akin to saying I am not gay, my boyfriend is!

Another blow to democracy was delivered when the District Council officials are to be nominated. The nomination process we are told was arrived upon after a consultation process.  When was consultation done with the people who are to be directly affected by this decision?  Why are ordinary Seychellois continually being placed outside the decision-making process when it comes to running their lives? The reasons given for not having the elections are as valid as a ninety-nine rupee note.

All this has taken place under the nose of the opposition, who are the majority in the National Assembly.  Being in majority has also now meant they are the major obstacles to bring about real change to Seychelles.

The cost of living in Seychelles is an issue that has been on everyone’s lips for the last decade.  No solution can be arrived at because of co-habitation.  It means that the people and businesses  making our lives a misery are being allowed to get away with it because the politicians are in their pockets.  These are politicians from both sides of the table who have a personal vested interest in keeping their “friends” dirty deals alive and kicking.

The only way forward in democracy is good governance through transparency and openness, these will lead to accountability and responsibility. All discussions with respect to the cost of living should be made public.

One reason there are no revelations on the cost of living to be made public is there were never any discussions! No discussion means no release of information.   It  means that the National Assembly does not take the issue seriously.  On the flip side  if discussions did take place what were the issues discussed?

After all it was the LDS who made the promise over a year ago that they would change the way business is done by the government of Seychelles. They did not promise to go into business with the government of Seychelles.



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