This week we saw the Opposition leader the honorable Wavel Ramkalawan established a “Double Standard” when it comes to the way certain workers are treated in Seychelles.

Firstly, he bombarded Ambassador Claude Morel on how his office treats the present Ambassadors of Seychelles and even went as far as agreeing that “despite Seychelles being in the 40% poverty rate… Seychelles has indeed upgraded its standard of living. Thus we need to make sure how we treat our public officials with prestigious positions”.

Yet, when it was time for the Secretary of State Dr. Patrick Herminie to present his budget in which he showed the exact tolerance for his staff, especially the CEO’s our honorable LOTO asked Dr. Herminie if he would consider cutting the salary of the CEO’s in order to inject more money into the programs of the Agency.

Honorable LOTO even went as far as trying to ridicule the intelligent doctor, by stating, “We know that the beautiful answers you are giving is because you are trying to secure your position… otherwise if we did not have a drug problem in Seychelles you would be without a job”.

To quote and turn the table on one of his own comment to Ambassador Claude Morel… “Is the Honorable LOTO serious?”

In other words, is he confirming that finally the 5th of June revolution was indeed an evolution for a priest to upgrade to a politician and that if Albert Rene had not brought about the 5th of June event, he would still be a priest on minimal wages and not a power hungry politician seeking to upgrade his personal agenda with a position of ‘The President!’

Each and every day his own followers are seeing the true colours of the Opposition and to quote the CEO of youth in the National Assembly… “I do not think that it will be difficult to work with the youths of Seychelles because of their political affiliation, since their support for a political party seems to change almost every minute with each passing day!”

I will now finish with a quote from one of their own… Honorable Jean François Ferrari, “Eski nou bezwen koze dan sa lansamble menm ki nou napa naryen pou dir?” hmmm food for thought!



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