James Michel tussles with Jean Francois Ferrari

Mr James A Michel

The former President of Seychelles has now decided that “enough is enough” he said; for one whole year he has endured insults and accusations from the LDS majority in the National Assembly. “Designed to smear my character and destroy my image”, Michel added. It is obvious that both Ramkalawan and Ferrari have it in for the former president; their grudges and venomous attitude stems from the fact that Michel amended the law after the 2012 National Assembly Elections that provided both Wavel and Ferrari with early retirement pension. The changes in the law meant that they could no longer access the early pension; Wavel was getting SR45, 000 and JFF SR20, 000. Jean Francois had to go work in a shop at Premier Building as a sales assistant and Wavel intensified his activities in the construction industry, with much help coming from his friend at IDC. They have never forgotten or forgiven Michel. They are now out to get him ‘by hook or by crook’ (by any means whatsoever).

Jean-Francois knew exactly what he was doing when he went on the attack in the National Assembly last week; he was fully aware that Michel would not be able to touch him legally in any manner or form. This is why former President Michel has now demanded that Ferrari repeats the same thing in public outside the National Assembly. This, Ferrari will never do, because he knows full well that Michel will get him. The statement, this week in the National Assembly, that he will ask for the revocation of his immunity is a red herring to deliberately divert attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument, which is to repeat his statement in public outside the National Assembly. If Ferrari has balls of steel, something that he wants us to believe - he should stand somewhere in town, maybe at the Clock Tower and repeat what he said in the National Assembly about James Michel. Then the ball would have been placed firmly in James Michel’s court and we will all know if the former President was bluffing or if he was serious. This is what has to happen for us to establish who between Ferrari and Michel really meant what they said or if one of them was only playing games.



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