When will Wavel stop lying and fooling the people?

This newspaper is in total agreement with the view that the SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep has made many mistakes that have caused hardship to many people and costs this country a great deal. However, it must also be accepted that they did some things right. We will not go into the details – this conversation can be had at a later stage. Crimes committed against the people in the last forty years must be investigated in a fair manner by authorized agencies, outside of the control of politicians. Our country is now in a state of turmoil because the political leaders in the limelight have very little to no tolerance at all; several of them wants revenge. This is playing out in full view of the entire nation, from school children to great grandparents. It is doing more harm than good to our country.

The National Assembly is doing a great job scrutinizing the 2018 Budget allocation, but the way that it is being done, which is a problem. Most, if not all the honorable members are not being rational in their deliberations. If you need to fell a tree out of necessity, you must make sure that it does not fall on the house when it comes down. Otherwise you would have solved one problem but immediately created another. In our view this is what is happening to a certain extent in the country today.

We fought hard for freedom of speech and other god given rights, now this same freedom we fought for cannot be used as a weapon against others. It must be used to do good for all our people.

The National Assembly is being allocated 41 million rupees for 2018, is it proper for them to be scrutinizing their own budget or will it be approved without a murmur with not even one question asked? Wavel himself is being paid an average of one million rupees in a year. Is that OK? Who will question it?  

Wavel Ramkalawan wants to be president there is no problem with that; he is a citizen of this country and no one should deny him that right. However, there are some responsibility that goes with the ambition to be president and even the mighty mouse or mighty ape for that matter must adhere to those values. Wavel cannot intimidate and/or bulldoze anyone on his way to State House. He must get there with humility and respect for all our people; his many sycophants must also adhere to that same code of conduct. These people cannot be saying one thing and then doing the total opposite. We are publishing here evidence that Wavel is a liar and that he can never be trusted with the highest office in the land:  



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