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Human Trafficking Report 2015 - Seychelles Tier 2

Seychelles is a source country for children subjected to sex
trafficking and a destination country for foreign men and women
subjected to labor and sex trafficking, respectively. Seychellois
girls and, according to some sources, boys are induced into
prostitution—particularly on the main island of Mahe—by peers,
family members, and pimps for exploitation in nightclubs, bars, guest
houses, hotels, brothels, private homes, and on the street. Young
drug addicts are also vulnerable to being forced into prostitution.
Foreign tourists, sailors, and migrant workers contribute to the
demand for commercial sex in Seychelles. Eastern European
women have been subjected to forced prostitution in private
homes. Migrant workers—including those from China, Kenya,
Madagascar, and various countries in South Asia—make up
20 percent of the working population in Seychelles and are
primarily employed in the fishing and construction sectors. Migrant
workers are subjected to forced labor in …

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