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A State of A Nation With A Leader In Despair and Arrogance

Mr. President James Michel has used the State of The Nation to make false claims on the success of his Administration, and then vehemently attack the poor, the ordinary, the sick, the under educated, the weak in our society, all of which are a product of a failed system, they are your people Mr. James Michel, and today you kick  them with your foot.
 I have never heard such an uneducated speech on the serious problems of a Nation. While you may take offense to that fellow 3000 miles away giving you lessons, guess what: this is the digital media age where one can be 10,000 miles away, yet keep you well in check. 
Only the fat cat MNA’s and Ministers who do not feel the pinch of James Michel’s failed economics clapped hands. One short and fat MNA dressed in a burgundy short, with the buttons missing a hole clapped his hands by slapping his table with one hand. He only had to say whoooooo,whoooo, to  remind us of Darwins’ Theory of Evolution.
Never has a President said so little, and …

Russia is seeking to establish bases close to the equator for refuelling its strategic air force


Last Updated at 02:36 IST 

looks forward to expand it presence in the world's key areas, Defence Minister said Wednesday.
"We are going to expand our presence," Xinhua quoted Shoigu as saying.
He elaborated that Russia has currently been negotiating with Singapore, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Seychelles in particular. "Results are nearly at hands," Shoigu said.
According to the minister, Russia is seeking to establish bases close to the equator for refuelling its strategic air force.
In 2013, Russia deployed a wing of fighters in Belorussia and plans to deploy more warplanes there this year.
Russia recently beefed up its military presence in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Shoigu also said that Russia is undertaking measures to secure safety of its military facilities in Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula where Russian Black Sea fleet is stationed.…

Autopsy of US Security Officers Completed in Seychelles

N THE latest press release by the Seychelles Police, the cause of death of two US Security Offices is reported to be respiratory failure, with suspicion of heart attack.The autopsy reports into the cause of death of Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, two US security officers found dead on the Maersk Alabama last week, has concluded that they died of respiratory failure, with suspicion of myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Samples of urine, blood, stomach contents etc, from the two men are being sent to Mauritius for forensic analysis to establish if they had consumed a substance which may have induced these events.

The Police preliminary investigation report includes suspicion of drug use, as indicated by the presence of a syringe and traces of heroin which were found in the cabin.
Arrangements are underway for the repatriation of Reynolds and Kennedy, states Jean Toussaint, Public Relations Manager for the Seychelles Police.…

Breaking News: 2 former Navy SEALs found dead in Seychelles died of respiratory failure; drug use suspected

February 24, 2014 - 10:53 am EST AAA NAIROBI, Kenya — Police on the island nation of Seychelles say that two former U.S. Navy SEALs found dead aboard the ship Maersk Alabama died of respiratory failure and were suspected to have had heart attacks, possibly from drug use.
The police said Monday that a syringe and traces of heroin were found in their cabin. Police said samples are being sent to Mauritius for analysis to establish if the men had consumed "a substance" that could have caused the health failures.
The ship the men worked on, the Maersk Alabama, was the focus of a 2009 hijacking dramatized in the movie "Captain Phillips."
Officials named the two men as Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44. They worked for the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group.…

Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏


DRUG TRACES On Maersk Alabama Reported In Seychelles

(CNN) -- Traces of narcotics and hypodermic needles found with the bodies of two American security officers on the container ship Maersk Alabama suggested the deaths resulted from drug overdoses, a Seychelles government official told CNN on Thursday.
Seychelles police identified the bodies found Tuesday as Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44. They worked for Trident Group, a Virginia-based maritime security services firm, and Trident Group President Tom Rothrauff said both were former Navy SEALs. "It's bizarre. Of course, it's a shock. They're all great guys," Rothrauff said. "I'm absolutely clueless as to what happened." Police said an autopsy would be carried out later this week. But the Seychelles government official, who spoke on condition of not being identified, said the presence of drug traces and paraphernalia "would suggest that their deaths were a result of drug overdose." The 500-foot Maersk Alabama was the ta…

James Michel Government Total Failure in Education- Back Fire!


Police: 2 Americans found dead on Maersk Alabama -- 'Captain Phillips' ship

(CNN) -- Two American security officers have been found dead on the Maersk Alabama container ship, police in the Seychelles said Wednesday.
The vessel was moored at Port Victoria in the Indian Ocean archipelago. The men, both 44, were found dead on Tuesday. CNN first learned about the incident on Twitter. "A postmortem will be carried out this week in order to establish the cause of their sudden deaths," police said, adding that the police investigation is ongoing. The Maersk Alabama was targeted by Somali pirates in an attempted hijacking off the east coast of Africa in 2009. The 2013 film "Captain Phillips" is based on the incident. The two men worked for Trident Group, a Virginia-based maritime security services firm. The company's president, Tom Rothrauff, said the men were former Navy SEALs. "It's bizarre. Of course, it's a shock. They're all great guys," Rothrauff said. "I'm absolutely clueless as to what happened…

Breaking News: 2 former Navy SEALs found dead aboard ship at center of ‘Captain Phillips’ saga

Two former Navy SEALs working as security contractors aboard the Maersk Alabama were found dead Tuesday aboard the container ship, a day after it was docked near an island northeast of Madagascar, according to the Trident Group, the security firm that employed the men.
The company said families of the two contractors have been notified and requested that their names not be released.
A spokesman from the shipping line only confirmed that two people had been found dead, citing the ongoing investigation.
The Maersk Alabama was featured in the movie 'Captain Phillips,' which was based on a pirate hijacking off the coast of Somalia in 2009. Phillips' ordeal galvanized the attention of the U.S. public to the dangers of operating merchant ships in the Horn of Africa, one of the busiest and most precarious sea lanes in the world.
To be sure, only seven months after the Phillips' saga, Somali pirates attacked the ship again but were repelled by gunfire and a …

Reconciliation Should Happen But Not On A Tyrant’s Terms And Conditions.

By Josette Hoarau

So Albert Rene has finally looked up his dictionary and has learnt a new word – reconciliation. After so many years of hardline dictatorship with acts aping the behavior of notorious dictators like Mugabe, Kim Il Sung, Gaddafi etc., one must question the timing of this call by an ailing hard man in the twilight of his years. Reconciliation - it sounds great! So should we all jump up, rush and reach out to the dictator and again let him dictate the pace of change in our country?

Firstly, I would be very interested to hear what Albert Rene’s definition of reconciliation is. In my opinion reconciliation means more than just a senile old dictator uttering some words over the radio or even sitting at a table so that we can reach over, listen to a shallow insincere apology, shake hands, then we all go back home and we live happily ever after with the current status quo maintained.

When Rene executed the plans of his coup in 1976, he knew exactly what he was…

Mearsk Alabama Docks In Seychelles For Suspected Double Murder!

Mearsk Alabama, the famous cargo ship subject to Somalia Pirate attacks in 2010 has docked in Seychelles after Two (2) security details were found dead in their cabins. The Mearsk Alabama was made famous by Captain Philips heroic courage as he faced pirates along the Somalia coast in 2010, and was rescued by a dramatic USA Navy Seal intervention. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest breaking News on the death of the security detail on Mearsk Alabama.

Where Is Seychelles Back firing Under James Michel