Russia is seeking to establish bases close to the equator for refuelling its strategic air force


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looks forward to expand it presence in the world's key areas, Defence Minister said Wednesday.
"We are going to expand our presence," Xinhua quoted Shoigu as saying.
He elaborated that Russia has currently been negotiating with Singapore, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Seychelles in particular. "Results are nearly at hands," Shoigu said.
According to the minister, Russia is seeking to establish bases close to the equator for refuelling its strategic air force.
In 2013, Russia deployed a wing of fighters in Belorussia and plans to deploy more warplanes there this year.
Russia recently beefed up its military presence in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Shoigu also said that Russia is undertaking measures to secure safety of its military facilities in Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula where Russian Black Sea fleet is stationed.


  1. Seychelles should not be a miliatry playing field for communsit,dictatorail regime be it CHina,Russia,UAE,North Korea.We must not be geo-politcal victim becuase of the ignorance of a few gangsters name partilepep.We know our values,it is not for sell and we seychellois should in anyay allow a ghang of idiots to dicide and allow communist,dictatorial regimes to rape our teorritorial integrity and soveriegnty.

  2. As a soveiregn Nation,our territories should not be the play ground of international military forces.Seychelles should not be vicitm of geo-political wars for countires with neo-colonisation mentality and of comminunist ,dictaotrial states such as China,Russia,North Korea.

    We the4n ak Pp to defence our teroritrial integrity.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  3. As pp fiercely called for the Indain Ocean to be a non-miliatry zone of super power when USA built a naval base of Diego Garcia,we seychelleois also thing that no super power or countires with neo-colonial ambitions have present in our EEZ:

    Seychelles must not becuase of the folishness,ingrance of her leaders be sold to foriegn power and less to communistic systes raping huamn rights like CHina,Russia,Noerth Korea,and others.

    As in the 16 cnetury ,again today Seychelles has purposeful flghit between foriegn countires who want to control the region.Well,Since we control the region we should no loose control of our territories and allow foreigners to dance and rape our soveriegnty regradless who they are to achieve their vested interests.Seychelles interests is more important than that of foriegners.

    Under pp Seychelles is facing extremely volatile situation ,which is slowly becoming a threat to our own existence.

    Seychelles must not be the geopolitcal chestboard of colonial motivated countirieslike CHina:we cannot allow exploitation of our territories and soveiregnty for others geopolitcal interests and pp attmept to allow this is simply inacceptable.Geopolitcal intrests of others should not be a consideration when it come to human rights abuse.Raping or attempting to rape others Territories is a human rights voilation.

    Slavery has long been abolish ,Seychellois should i any case allow Pp thugees and foreign colinizators to reintroduce it in our sovereignt land which our ancestors fight and die for.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Just read what is going on in Ukraine. The Russian are interfering in the internal affairs of that country because of the Russia's Black Sea Fleet at their naval base in Sevastopol. No one in the world likes those savages except Michel and his cronies who will sell their patrimony for rubbles.

  5. IUkraine is not Seychelles,Ukraine and Russai have long historical commonities.From language,culture,tradtions etcc--- we have our own probelm oour concern should be how to free our own -self from Pp terrorists in the first palce ,not to see what russain is doing in Ukraine.Seychelles is our country,our home,lets put out the ifrre buring in our own home first before putting our nose in others problems.

    Michel is a crook.The only real firends we could have are crooks like Him--His firends are Mugabe,Autocrat Khalfia,Chinese communist,Cuba dictator Catros,KIm from North Korea to which he illegal sold our birthrights,Sir Lankan thief President,under educated Zuma,etc... real honest firends the Butcher has none for no one want to be firend with a guy whose hands are full of blood,

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. UKRAINE unrest and probelms though ,teach us an important lesson of what could happen when a nation is infested by foreigners.After the falls of SOVIET UNION ERA moved from RUSSIA to UKRIANE to work many RUSSAINS National stayed in UKRAINE after the fall of USSR .They were gifted Ukrianian Birthrights.Today,these people are dividing a Country that do not belong to them,and that base on Nationalism and support of the country of origine.They are creating political division because of their ethnicity in a country in which they were not neceessary belong to.

    The problem of mass invasion of Exapts workers in our land ,especially from Indai,Pakistan,China could in the future create the same prpblems and especially when expats are gifted illegally our birthrights wehile nknowing nothing of our culture,traditions etc... but want to imposes their own culture of us like Indain,Hindu religious procession etc....

    I could imagine India in a conflict with his enemy Pakistan,then Indains who invaded our land and uot numbered us could demonstrate in our christian streets to support Indai cetc.. thus changing completely realSeychellois position in regards to our foreign policy which is based on Non alignement.They could even create chaos in our streets or attack tourists from countires in conflicts with thier country on origine.
    Ukraine situation confirm the WHYS Seychellois donot want to see the lots of expats who are not send back to their country of origne after their contract terminated but instead gifted our nationality in order that they stay to out number us,take out jobs and kill our standard of living,colonize us,deposses us from our land,modify our way of living,culture,traditions,society,our stability,peace,etc...

    Jeanne D?Arc


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