A State of A Nation With A Leader In Despair and Arrogance

Mr. President James Michel has used the State of The Nation to make false claims on the success of his Administration, and then vehemently attack the poor, the ordinary, the sick, the under educated, the weak in our society, all of which are a product of a failed system, they are your people Mr. James Michel, and today you kick  them with your foot.
 I have never heard such an uneducated speech on the serious problems of a Nation. While you may take offense to that fellow 3000 miles away giving you lessons, guess what: this is the digital media age where one can be 10,000 miles away, yet keep you well in check. 
Only the fat cat MNA’s and Ministers who do not feel the pinch of James Michel’s failed economics clapped hands. One short and fat MNA dressed in a burgundy short, with the buttons missing a hole clapped his hands by slapping his table with one hand. He only had to say whoooooo,whoooo, to  remind us of Darwins’ Theory of Evolution.
Never has a President said so little, and yet dehumanized his people so much, to engross himself in the drapery of power, for the sake of power, at the expense of Nation building and serious Reconciliation that Seychelles needs before she turns into the beast that it is being nurtured into becoming under James Michel.

The Beast Under James Michel
PL roots rests deep in the violence of the one party state and the conspiracy to use arms guns on a people on June 5th, 1977. Mr. Michel has learnt that the use of guns and imposition of his will to solve socio political problems at an early age in his life, is expedient; now he is learning what is expedient brings with it very  deep  poisonous roots.
To persist with Mr. Michel’s style of lack of compassion, causes also great damage to Nation Building, a task that is the larger picture beyond your day to day statistics that now make Seychelles situation look more bleak by the day.

Guns Do Not Solve Social Problems Mr. Michel
Over the years, as social problems like drugs, alcohol abuse, prostitution, human trafficking, theft of Tourist and Seychellois alike,  have gotten out of hand for the Michel Administration, the solution was always a strong arm approach: buy more guns, give them to enforcement officers, get more bullets, use AK-47’s in tourist districts, put up road blocks, harass even innocent civilians, tear up cars searching for drugs randomly, search homes without warrants, because warrants require that you prove your case first, and establish Probable Cause, that takes professionalism in the Police and NDEA, something which is fundamentally lacking.

NDEA Is An Agency of Brutality
The creation of the NDEA is one clear example of Michel resorting to brutal tactics to overcome the drug problem, instead of focusing on keen intelligence and at the same time respect Individual Rights enshrined in the Constitution of Seychelles.
NDEA, for it to function, while answerable to Mr. Michel, it must breach numerous recognized universal human rights listed under the Seychelles Constitution:
1.    The Right To Privacy Article 20 (a) is violated through random bugging of mobile phones and internet connections; search of homes are done under NDEA enabling legislation, which permits searches of homes without a warrant, but the Constitution prohibits such conduct by any para military unit.
2.    The Right To Freedom of Movement Article (25) is violated each time a random road block is set up to search vehicles without Probable Cause that a crime or traffic infraction has been committed.
3.    The Right To Use and Enjoyment of Property Article 26 is violated each time the NDEA barrages in with weapons into a home to search at night, without a warrant establishing the details of Probable Cause.

In a phrase, People of Seychelles, while drug traffickers are peddling and taking away our quality of life, the government is using strong arm tactics to also reduce our quality of life. It is a vicious circle and the ordinary Seychellois is the loser.
The mercenaries, like Scully, the Ghurkas, and the fat cats are the winners. The rest of us, our children, our women, young teenagers, are all the losers in Mr. Michel’s act of breaking his promise, to respect democratic norms enshrined in the Constitution of Seychelles.

Marijuana V/S Heroin
After busting 1000 or so marijuana users, with possession, few heroin traffickers are behind bars today. Yet it is heroin that is the real threat to Seychelles. NDEA has failed to deal with heroin successfully. The “skagg” (decrepit) men and women who walk our busy streets like zombies with a little pocket knife in hand day and night, is evidence to the naked eye that the program to stop drugs in Seychelles is failing and falling fast and hard. Brutality will not solve this problem Mr. Michel, nor will the dehumanization of the victims of addiction. They will react and become more violent towards the innocent, until we will be in a spiral of total decline. As a leader, you must consider an intelligent and educated approach to the problem.
Allowing the addicts to be killed off as hinted in your speech, is not a responsible solution. It will harden our people and country and yes eventually when the World knows you have adopted a policy of letting drug addicts die, as you suggest in your speech, even tourists will stop coming to Seychelles. Then what Mr. Michel?

If you take my words lightly, recall my warnings on offshore sector and money laundering. Now that pillar is in pieces because, you did not listen or heed to the Seychelles Column.
Mr. President, while drugs is dehumanizing and frustrating for us all, we must exercise restraint and seek out human relief for addicts. They are sick and need help. You let the problem go out of control because you did too little too late, now we all have to pick up the pieces. Why? Because they are Seychellois Mr. Michel, your family, my family, all our family. Your energy in fighting drugs needs to be placed on the traffickers, and dealers, not users. This means going after your own people at the top of the food chain and yes, even key opposition players. 
Today, every Seychellois family has at least one drug related problem destroying their family life and cutting into the fabric of society.
We must address the matter in a spirit of humanity when addressing addiction, not guns and ammo and Lanet to kill them off. This practice must stop.
With traffickers, NDEA is still underperforming. They just lost a big load by boat into Praslin. By the time they turned up, all of Praslin was stone in heaven, floating around like zombies. Too much traffic detail makes NDEA a dull operation.

James Michel Says Get Off Welfare!
Mr. President made it clear in no uncertain terms: Get Off Welfare!
Mr. Michel’s attack on his own party base is applaud-able. But who created the welfare system Mr. Michel? Was it not you and France Albert Rene and Mancham?
Who institutionalize the abuse of the welfare system to guarantee that power stays in the hands of the person with the gun, was it not you?
It was you Mr. Michel. If an educated person is the creator of an abusive welfare system, he cannot come out and blame those who abuse the system. The educated person must blame himself for his bad system he imposed on People.
Your approach Sir, is like blaming the patient, for bad medicine he gets that makes him sick. He gets the medicine from a Doctor. In the welfare equation Mr. Michel, you are the Doctor, not the patient.
As the Dr. you should simply propose measures that will reduce the incidences of abuse. This is how it works Mr. Michel. It is very uneducated to attack the very victims of welfare advocated programs for their abuse of a system that invites them to come in and abuse the process and call them ungrateful.

Do you remember the long lines at Social Security office before elections? I thought you may have forgotten. What about the free tin roofing, free wood, free blocks? This is not welfare? What is it?
If you educated your people well in 50 years, instead of giving them certificates without the background education (32% single pass rate on IGCSE) , no one would be on welfare today. Just this scores tells you we have a Nation of invalids that graduate through your educational system. There is a serious problem there, because Seychellois in private schools that have less money per pupil, score 96%, higher then UK Public School system of 76%.
This means Mr. Michel, it is not the pupils failing the school system, it is your school system failing the pupils. That means your whole 50 year bash is unjustifiable unless it is for a few fat cats to party on in town.
Every single Seychellois should be well off and empowered today, if you are such a success in words and deed.
If they are not empowered today, it is because your Communist system that you now want to shake off, has failed every single Seychellois, except those elite fat cats that you protect to the extent that your party “gifts” them whole islands only for being born, in a few instances, it is more then one island.
It is this that will unwind your 50 year legacy that you intend on extending for 50 more years. If we are being insulted today for your failures in 50 years, what will you say to our children and grandchildren in another 50 years? 
End of Part One
State of the Nation Dose!

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Same Shit Different Day.
    So all drug dealers need to go to MARIE LOUISE.
    Line up take a number.
    Poor Marie Louise, hope she can handle.
    Only 1250 m. long and 600 m wide.
    I will give a list of the surprise JUNE SYMBOLS soon.

  2. Once again grand thief Michel delivered a rediculous monologue teemed with trashes that did nothing than annoyed Seychellois like a flie on a piece of shit.His trashy monologue follwed by sweeping gestures and soaring rhetoric ,merely drew attention away from his greedy hand reaching our pockets.He demonstrated the audacity of an evil an ostentation public vindication of the ignorable principles"might make right".He attempted to disguise himself as an aposlate while he is known for being a shameless hypocrite.

    As all dictators,grand thief Michel blame on Seychellois for his ignorance,iliteracy,and failures and not himself.He almost put the blame on God,Like Captain Ahab Moby Dick strikes out against GOD for his own evilness-The grand thief lacs of education,lacking the understanding of his duty.responsibility and limits as a President and thus failed to recognize that the people did not elected him in the first place,and that we the people is HIS MASTERS/SUPERIORS and Not the contary .With his thuggish arrogance,ignorance he wrned the PEOPLE HIS MASTERS"If you do not accept my dictation and be modern slave i would import more expats"Donkey if the people the only authority without conditions do not like you.love you.elected,and you cannot delivered the right thing to do is DEGAGE CONNARD.YOu are the servants of the people not the opposite DOG.

    Ali BABA and his forty thieves--nothing on the Seychelles thieves.Seychellois forty thieves have crippled,plundered,looted,sold out and pickes Seychelles bone clean.And now they gang-mugging Seychelles ghost.

    Grand thief Michel think Seychellois should continue paying for his mess and continue to be his Cash Cow to feed his gang of thieves.Moreover,Seychellois should take grand thief Michel accusations as an insult.They must get those thieves understand that they are our servants and we are their masters and superiors,that we will not let them hang to our breast in order to suck us dry like a tic on a milk cow.

    Seychellois wake up,Stop demanding a gang of thieves back what belongs to you.Wkae up,take your country back from those monkeys.Slave only wait for others to come a free them.We are not slaves but the masters of this land,let us take our land back for state organized criminals and foreign thugees.

    Time for a paradigm change!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. The dictator-cum-economic spinmeister of Seychelles,grand thief Michel speech was equivalent of the proverbial bull that gave birth to a calf.

    grand thief Michel and his racketeer Laporte aassociate Economic growth with development leading tp t a race to achieving gross Domestic Growth rates ang higher per capita income at any cost.(voodoo economy)

    Grand idiot,grand thief Michelfailed to recognized that economic growth is only aneccesary condition,nota sufficient conition of developemnt.

    Economic Growth has double-sided impact on society.On one hand it should form the structure of economic sector,and create jobs.On the other hand,the application of advanced technology and increased demand for a highly skilled workforce that leads to a redendancy of unskilled labor and increase of unemployment and training fall ro meet requirements.

    Pp continually tell our youths that 2We have the best education system in Africa and beyond"Strangely when the same youths after their studies present themslves on the job amrkets,Pp tell them you are not qualified enough ,we must replace you by expats.

    DEVELOPMENT should be defined as economic growth combined with progress qand social fairness.Economic growth should be a core driving force for developemnt and a primary factor and amterial condition for solving social problems.

    SUSTAINABLE Development requires Vertical Growth based on increasing productivity of labor through improved qualification of workrers and technology,roganization and production managememnt reforms,and more efficient use of resources combined with environmental protection.The increasing labor productivity pushes up added value to any follow-up development process resulting in more products and services to improve peopl's standard of living.

    Appropriate social policies are tools for sustainable socio-economic developemnt.it creats conditions for maintaining economic growth and citizens welfare.

    The purpose of hard work ,PP,is for the skae of fulling one life and that of families.

    Seychellois recognized that to reverse the economic and politcal conditions that is crushing Seychellois families,we need a new capable governemnt made up fo intellectuals,experts and long-term economic strategy.If we left the challenging circumstances of now lower exspectation of waht is possible ,we have already lost.We need the economy in which the properity and well-being of all citizens isaccounted for in our national bottom line.One lifts by everyboby up ,and is defined by a robust commitment to dismantling the structural barrier that locks,chain,enslave,emproverish the working-calss,and out of economic opportunity not depedning of foreign aid--BONDAID.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Grand-grandpa anf grand thief michel tell Seychellois to stop depending on welfare.WEll,first we donot have dole system in seychelles and in fact the onlypersons depending on statewelfare for doing nothing are---Pp thugees.ministers,collaborators and stooges to the likes of ram; pierre ;voclere,---tHEY ILLEGALLY DOUBLE THEIR SLARY,THEY GAVE THEMSLVES ILLEGAL PENSION FOR LIFE.THEY ROBBED 2,5 BILLIONS,THE ROBBED BUSINESSES PERSONS FOR EXTERNALITIES WITH FORCED CRS.ETC...

    wHY IS ram FOR INSTANCE POCKETING A PENSION OFR LIFE WHILE HE WAS ONLY 4 LITTLE YEAR PRESENT IN THE ASSEMBLY, and fit to wrok to make a living.WHere did FRANCIS Savy who never worked in his life,afford to built a multi-million dollar five star hotel.How DUD Guy Adam became mutli-millairdaire if not from robbing into SEPECCOFFERS, dito to DAVID who robbed AirSEY,Glenny,FAR Nad grand thief Michel the people etc...

    To pay for your mess,it is the people sacrifcing for it,if Seychellois ever diced to depend on their own sacrifice no one have to ask them not to do so,It is their contribution donkeys.

    PP thieves should stop robbing Seychellois,plundered them,loot them and shut their arsehole until they stop their robbery.

  5. We know the state of the Nation--we banrupted,poorer than under the Brit,retarded in progresss,poster not as a unique tourist destination but poster as a failed state where its ogvernemnt is invole in Interantional organized crimes from money laundering,human trafficking,sex slave,robbery,participation in genocide,etc...
    that is Seycheles under PP.A potkin village for crooks.

  6. The butcher tells our youths to stop dependening of WELFARE.WHy are they dependeninf on welfare Michel?Well becuase you have illegal imported 20 ooo plus cheap foreign salve laboreres to robbed them from their jobs.YOu crooked policy has left them with two choices,Either dependes of WELFARE or turn criminals.

    The welare you talking about Michel is money contributed by their hard working families.If sons and duaghters of theose hard working families who are making ever ending sacrifice nned welfare,then it is their contribution you paying for welfare.

    WHat disturb Seychellois is that their contribtuions are being robbbed by Pp thugs and ilks like RAM,Pierre.Life pension,double salary increments,robbery,2,5 billion in swiss bank.You donkeys are illegally depending on the people's contribution, instead of doing a real job to make a living.YOu should stop sucking our people blood dry like a tic on a milk cow.

    IF you really want them to siop depending on WELFARE pp,then reduce those thousands of illegal foreign workers on our shores so that Seychellois can finally benefit from their own economy.Stoip distributing RAM with life pension and ask him to find a real job,Dito to Pierre,Volcere,and the rests.

    Stop robbing the poepl Pp.

  7. As soon the teleprompter is on the donkeys start clapping their hands.
    Just like monkeys saw ripe bananas.
    You noticed the DOKTER wear BLUE that day.

  8. What come out of his mouth its the same that come out from his ass every day!Seychellios living on welfare and government are living on debt and dole from arabs and credit from IMF.If you see Seychellios today living on welfare its because of pp they creat those kind of things in our society and those kind of things been tolerate by pp and themselves are living on debt and baillout from IMF.A government with bad behaviour abusing power running after money and have planted greedy seed in the past 35 years and don't care any more for its country and its peoples.

    Fixed it donkey head Michel or step down go and make your new tosi play with your old balls.Are you afraid to step down?of what?

  9. Michel give our youths pens and books not guns!We are not at war!

  10. Marijuana no profit made for pp and are peanuts for pp Escobar Govinden and the rest,they want to see LANIS LARGENT heroin big money for them to put on their off shore account and that's why they can not fight it.PP prefer to spend more money with rehab with Seychellios tax money instead of fight this toxic chemical and stop it countinue coming on our shore.And in the same time they making family of those addict pay rehab like hotels that's they letting more youths consume for them to welcome in their rehab to get more money from poor Seychellios family.

  11. The spirit of Gerald Hoareau will be watching this kind of new symbol coming in JUNE! Like Patrick V said in his patriotic song; " ANTER MWAN... DAN LATER SE....SELWAA !.

  12. News are out two bronze statues of James Richard Marie Mancham and Franc Alber Rene shaking hands at the roundabout both facing trois frère mountain and waving their left hands. Zonm lib has four months left in his 37 years contract.
    Zorz Payett will be rocking number one on the bill board with his banned song of "Sesel nou patri,nou pe'i"

  13. When we hear the word WELFARE under PP regime,it describes a beureaucratic mess and economically and socialy marginalized population.While welfare has always borne the stigma of poverty,under PP Welfare is also bears the stigma of criminality.

    Hearing Grand thief Michel,exploding into rage for his own fialures and blaming Seychellois "Not for his fialures,but rather for allowing a donkey to rule us and bankrupt us"if we donot stop this headless chicken for running crazy ,i could imagine him Criminalizing Welfare of the most vunerable of seychellois and simply treat them as criminals .In other words Michel the grand thief wants to criminalize poverty.

    Now ,Grand Michel if you want to reduce dependency on welfare,increase then opportunities for our people.And reducing welfare dependency Michel is about supporting the people to better their lives,managing governemnt's future financial liability and supporting our economy by ensuring we have a skilled and productive workforce.REDUCE dependency on cheap expats brought in not becuase we lack lcoals workforce but to please Pp foreigne friends who want to give out less money possible and pocket the maximum possible.Morevoer,Seychellois have families to feed they not going to work for One dollar a day like expats whewn 40 years ago they already earned 100 dollar a day.We are in the 21st century,we expect our people welfare to increase not decrease and disintegrate PP.

    TO help built opportunities for the most vunerabvle,you can start reducing your astronomic salalry,cancel you pension for life,make those like RAM dependeing on state welfare while he is fit to work find a real job and thereby particiapte actively in the built of our society---Welfare should for needy not fit persons like RAM who is not a handicap or disable to allow him to hang at the nation's breast and suck them dry.Radicate the illegal present of foreigners controlling our Institutions,Ambassy,ministers,etc... they cost tax payers' millions more than if we would have just put Seychellois to manage and in cahrge of their own institutions.Colonization and slavery is over PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. I am new on this blog and married to one of your people and am glad he is not like your President. James (aka) JAM is a complete first class buffoon in a third word country. He is surrounded with all yes men that have the primary job of telling him how great he is and how wonderful all his ideas. Negative ideas are not allowed near the throne room. This is why all his yes men including me are laughing.

  15. His a yes man because his the most mother fuck idiot president fes around world and not belong were he is now.Peoples that come to Seychelles to invest are more clever and had more knowledge than this idiot and this negative ideas of Michel benefit some foreigner not Seychellios peoples and at the end of the day he become a loser and his foreign freind turn a winner and all Seychellios are also losing every day.

  16. But if we let pp rule for more decade all our generation will come like JAM: PP have form jj-devils those are dem followers.

  17. Mr Michelle...I first knew about him when he was dressed in a camouflage suit wielding a weapon. They had just taken over Seychelles....
    How on earth did this illiterate man manage to become the President? All Seychellois living abroad need to sign the petition ,that they should be allowed to vote..do not turn a blind eye to the plight of Seychelles in this evil grip...


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