Savoy Hotel and Coral Strand Seychelles Beau Vallon Health Advisory (do not swim in the water)


  1. Once again pp have their fingers in their ass,all our goes in the arabs swimming pool and those luxury hotels pp.Zako you don't have enough water on the island,za ban zako want to invest more development for luxury hotels.PP development thinking for this country are only in tourisum you got no other vision for other development.Idiots no water you want to built more hotels with big swimming pool.Like the pool of Kahlifa are full with good water to drink and to wasch us seychellios.Were kahlifa and those luxury hotels get good water pp and we seychelleios are getting shit water.

  2. si ou pa konn ekrir angle ekrir kreol kouyon. Si ou pa konn ekrir kreol bous ou fes!!
    Msye Tourisum


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