Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏


  1. Brutal crack down of civilians by dicators is the last tool of survival for a dictator seeing change coming to them.GHDDDAFi uses this tactic,still he ended a sewage rat,ASSAD is usung it,but in the end he would inherit the wind.The Dictator of UKraine is using it ,i predict he would be finished beofre the end of the months.The dictato of Jemen used it,he is now handicap.Mubarak used it he is gone,Ben Ali used it ,he id now hiding.SOny Abacha for Nigeria used it he is now in his grave.

    CBrutal crack down byx dcitators means the fianal call for them,It signify the end.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Ukraine dictator thereaten by the people run wild.As all dictators the only thing he can do instead of using his brain is having an easy finger on his gun .That is not a sign of strength but weakness,It is a killer in fear,disperation,he can see the end coming.

    He could have change instead of allowing change to come to him.I guess PP is wathcing and learning from his dictatorial brother mistakes and bring the change around themslves or chose to let change come to them.The later choice is always lethal for any dictator.CECESOU of Romania,GHadafi of Lybia,BOKKAA central Africa,etc...

  3. Ukraine I watch it every day,65 brutal policeman taking hostage,just been realise by protesters.Why politicians have to kill its peoples when its peoples what to decide what best for their future.Its the same shit going on right now in Venuezula with a bus driver in power making his peoples suffering like Michel.

    Communist is falling down communist is following down!

  4. Those are things to come in Seychelles too, that is why Michel has strengthened the POA, at the same time he is appointing a board or committee for every organization, just like in a junta system.

  5. France,Poland and other eu countries are planning to sanction Ukraine dictator.UN should also sanction pp criminals if they don't STOP human trafficking on the island and punish pp if they not respect international law.

    Do all Seychellios see all what is going in Ukraine in Kiev?I don't thing so Seychelles media never show the real story they just show what they want to show they cut the rest of the news to stop Seychellios seeing realty from out side of other world and Seychelles media is one of the worst media in the world from 200 countries they rank 195 from 200.

  6. Dear Freedom House,

    May we/I ask you and your institution by what rights and standard - do you/can you judge the capacity of a nation to contribute to global affairs. What we have written about those 21,000 exile/refugee form Seychelles beside the SPPF/government of Seychelles and the Local Opposition - we put together that SIROP program.

    Because we are a small nation, lack the appropriate resource to mange that program it was hijacked when those form the USA<Britain and EU found it was workable. What they stood to gain. They had been adamant to change Seychelles by military force.

    Just as France, Britain, the USA and Russia can develop sophisticated mechanism and management mechanism to change a given nation economic , political and social system - we had studied this and applied in the case of that SIROP program - We had linked and contributed to managing the link issues, the changes in the COMECON, in the USSR, China, OAU, Latin America, Asia and the gulf Region.

    This include Ukraine.

    There are those in Russia, EU, the USA who know if the issues of those former USSR countries Independence - how they used certain linking mechanism beside their own resource and capabilities - then they take all the credit with the highly corrupted media.

    We have been instrumental and contributed to a number very complex Ukraine process - In Britain/London next to the Libyan embassy in the British Ukrainian society /association - Professor, Dr, Dentist Souyave have his Office and the church of St Paul the Seychelles community have been praying and attending form the past 30 years.

    In Europe - Germany there those University who understand and develop the discipline study of the various mechanism used/applied in the COMECON, USSR, China, Latin America changing process.

  7. Ukraine president Viktor is on the run he has left the country and went to hide!

  8. People's power has proved once again more powerful than communism and guns. People in Ukraine can once again breathe and live in freedom.
    The power house of the dictator crumbled so fast, he did not have even time to pack and now he has no place to go or hide.
    Same thing happened to Gadhafi, Michel you better take heed of what is happening in Ukraine, the sycophants are nowhere to be found when the house of cards started to fall!

  9. It is important to read - the views of the many who compare the situation to Libya and others places including Iraq.

    The crucial issues to ask everybody when those that is deemed corrupted and what have you, been removed and a new Team put in power - the country needs is required to grasp the full complexities of running a highly competitive government, country and what it takes and will take - they will have to be compel to go down the same road. Safe in instance the previous president and government they have removed had been elected - what will happen to them.

    We have just been listening to former PM Yulia Tymoshenko underlining what we have written and addressed above. Right at the outset of Ukraine independence and Privatization we had been involved and contributed to this process. Particularly the government of President Yushchenko. A great deal went very wrong and events of 2008 in the West and the USA.

    Given what we knew distance our working support for him - beside those who know EU had enough economic headache and those who know/knew he was being use to bring Ukraine into the EU Fold - many in the EU who work and manage such important issues did not agree.

    We have addressed certain issues involved in high politic of the world - the mechanism/discipline those behind the coming to power of Yulia Tymoshenko were using - had this method been applied in Libya and Iraq what the West would have said - the excess use and abuse of that " infernal satanic rage/mechanism in her media and surrounding, these are not values and benchmark of Europe may be Britain. If she found her demise it is because of what we stressed in public those who took note.

    The High Institutions of EU then to forget very fast or have short memory - already the Western media those of Britain what they are saying. She is back using the same old manipulative technique - wast everybody time, energy and resources.

    We have also been listening closely to Ukraine Economic situation - the need to say the logic of accepting the Russian package as against EU.

    Ukraine have only one option - default and go to the IMF/world Bank and they will set stringent benchmark. There will be very deep cuts and they will have to pay for their gas at market price.

    Any idea or talk of absorbing Ukraine in the EU as special case given the situation will be total lunacy. They will have to go through the pain of learning how to govern their country until they are ready and future events.

  10. Next will be Mikael the doctor kon tou.
    He can smell it coming down the chimney.
    That's why the legendary FAR calls for REDEMPTION.
    If PP wants real reconciliation ZONMLIB need to go.
    Cenk Zen need to abolished.
    Show the remains of the DISPARISYON.
    Ran'n sa ban milyon kin disparet.
    How many bogus passports sold.

  11. Ukraine Dictator run into hiding. On his way to Russia.

  12. PP want to create ethnic group in Seychelles to create division.What we see In Ukraine is a good example of what could happen in Seychelles in 40 years when Expats are illegally made Seychellis and would out numbered us beucase they do kids as pigs without control.Ukraine is divided becuase 50 percentage of the popualtion are of Russain orgine came during the Soviet Era.KOSOVO is now an ALBANIAN country though it is historical the birth palce of the Seribian Nation andthat happened becuase during the Soviet ERA Alban9ains moved from Albania into Serbia and finally out numbered serbians.In Idan we constantly see ethnic conflicts between Hindus and mUslim,the same as in Arab countires where is is tribes--sunni fighting SHITES etc...

    We must stop the pp practice now beofre it is too later.

  13. 12.51
    You must look deeply into Ukrainian history to understand the whys they dividied and the Situation of Ukraine,its history etc are not the same as in Seychelles.In Seychelles most Seychellois want democracy and we donot have many of those problems such a ethnic etc.. like Ukraine.Our problem is a politcal problem artificial created by Pp thugs in order that the can grab to power.

    But as you have been experiencing seen Michel too office--The Butcher have in fact help Seychellois a great deal--help Seychellois to Unity --not becuase Seychellois love him but becuase Seychellois is UNITED in their hate toward Michel.

    The difficulties we see in many countires like Irak,LYbia etc.... after the fall of dictatorship is mostly due to ethnical,tribal,clan,Religious reasons than anything else.Those difficultes of division like tribe does not exist in Seychelles.So Seychelles post-authoritarian problem would never be that we see in Lybia,Egypt etc....for simply the many things that divide those people such as religious,tribal,ethnical etc.. do not exist in our country.And of course Seychellois rasin would not let Indain,Pakstanis etc.. imported illegally by PP to our shores come a divie our peaceful unethnic Nation in anyway.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. Ukrainians have balls.Coming to our paradise soon if things don't change.

  15. Breaking news!Warrant issue for Viktor!

  16. US prez told Putine do not meddle in the Ukraine affaire. It's the people revolution.
    In the meantime the bus driver also the president of Venezuela is hanging by the thread. And in Seychelles Pierre is in bed sleeping with PP! Only frank zimo can save Seychelles.

  17. In Venezuela its a bus driver as President in Seychelles is a LATRINE DIGGER.

  18. Welfare Michel you create it for all pp lazy pussy!Seen decade peoples who vote for pp they are living on welfare under you Michel donkey head.


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