UN expert calls for an end to human trafficking in the Seychelles.


The trafficking in persons in the Seychelles remains hidden as a result of a lack of awareness according to a UN expert.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, recently visited the Indian Ocean archipelago.

She warned that the islands were not out of reach of traffickers and what she described as their "nefarious activities"

Ms. Ezeilo will present a report with her observations and recommendations to the UN Human Rights Council in June.

Derrick Mbatha asked her how serious trafficking is in the Seychelles.

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  1. I would say Huamn traffickin^g in seychelles remians hidden becuase it is praticed by rich Arbs and who use secret means to conduct the trafficking such as the case of cheap Indain slave worekrs transported in Containers by Khalfia and apporved by PP.The same to Young Euroepan ladies treansported on our shores as sex slaves .Young ladies flight to our shores in Private jets,use special port of entry provide by partilepep etc.....Th

    The reasopn why remians hidden and well-hidden it becuase those invole are Rich foreigners who work hand in hand with a well-organized state criminal organization call partilepep .The latter does anything to keep it secret to protect their foreign fianciers such as Khalifa etc....

    As i many crimies commited by Arab rich often the power of their money protect them for being exposed or help witnesses.victims to stay silence.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Is this certain, is this really happening in the Seychelles? I am finding it reallt hard to believe.

    1. You must be living a life of denial...Wake up!

  3. The Rapporteur Special must have been able to see through the mirage and the misleading information that the Seychelles Government has presented to her during her fact finding mission. Michel and his cronies are shamelessly lying to the people of Seychelles and the world. Take a look at today's Nation, Michel and his entourage (the usual ones Minister Morgan, Lionet etc., and of course Lise Bastienne these days is never far away) visited the Coast Guard base at Ile Perseverance in the guise to see the new building for a Military Academy which will accommodate also the Police Academy, in need to protect the Seychelles blue economy. What a jerk! Your President does not say that Pointe Larue Military and Police sites have been ear-marked for free parking of Khalifa private planes. The Arabs want their own space for coming and going at the Air-port. Human trafficking will continue nefariously, voila!

  4. Agree with Jeanne!Arabs especialy Kahlifa has force Michel and pp in a criminals act.What we have do take pictures or film what we see going on the island sent it to UN ,take your mobile to capture those pp and arabs criminals activity on our soil.

  5. I guys nice to be back!We Seychellios have to capture more evidence to prove to UN that they can take though action against those socialist crooks.Seychelles are becoming like Qatar,UAE,Bahrain,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia.Qatar these list of countries are were human trafficking are going on and then they been transit to Seychelles order by Khalifa and co.

    Though action we want UN!


  6. Michel extraordinary visit of police station here ,miliatry base there is a sign of uncertainty-He feels not in compete control as he used to be of the military after the coup D'etat were most military officers were members or pariticpant in the coup.Those young officiers who was not born back then,are not easy to be brain-washed and ready to defecen a one -aparty state.While they(Soldiers)maybe earning a good salary(to avoid coup D'etat)many understand that the bulk party of their family members are suffering under the corrupt small gang of crooks ,so the slaveryness demonstrated by for instance PAYET is not longer there,and that worry PP thugs,they feel unabel to trust the new genration of soldiers of whom amyn chose the army beucase of patriotism than ideology.This put PP crooks in an uncertain position ,they can no longer sleep with both ears and eyes closed afraid that they new generation could come and visit them any given time without warning.

    And to demonstrate the growing fear within the PP,especially Michel,EAch time Michel visit a site,a palce ,he now carry all military oofificers with him,it ensure him that none is left behind who could be planning a coup.Bring them all with me,thne i have them under my control thinks Michel,and of course the forest of Bodygaurd that he promnade with shows his worriness and fear.He has more body guard than Mugabe,Kim Il sung,and Castro just to show you how frighten he has become.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. After trying to sell out BLACK golden(crudeoil)that we have never seen a single DROP which Michel was supported to pump in 2010,2011,2012,2014,maybe in 3000,Partilepep tries to sold us GREEN ECOPNOMY,and after destroying our green economy,partilepep is trying to sell us now the Blue economy bandwagon.

    i took partilepep 40 years to understand the importance of our blue economy--but understanding and speeaking about does not make us benfit from it.Allowing foriegners to rob us trillion of dolllars in the last 4 decades is quit an acheivememnt by partilepep.Manchan was sent to support the comis show call blue economy perform by Michel the clown.

    But the thing ,is Seychellois have been asking for the expliotation of the blue economy,thmesleves since 1978 partilepep.

    Next year Faure the dictator.in-chief in the waiting might sell us his own economy--Maybe the RED economy create by CHinese navy,or Brwon economy from UAE dessert sand,why not a rainbow economy create by the handful of remaining world dictators.


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