Albert Rene at Odds With James Michel


  1. Even the master mind of the coup D'etat feel there is a need to unity the country beforev it tears apart.FAR call is a sign of ergency,probably a tacit self-apology,remorse,and feel of guilt by FAR.but at least he is wise enough to recognize that change throught econciliation is much better than the risk of a Coup DĂȘtat.

    YES FAR,as SFP has long been calling for the time to heal a time to Embrace and a time to Reconciliation.It is written that"to everything there is a season,and a time to every purpose under heaven.There is a time to weep,a time to mourn,atime to cast away stones,.There is a time to buld up and a time to speak .

    This is the time to all seychelles to lock fingersjoin hands and to heal the open wounds fear,laothing antagonsim in thier hearts,minds and souls.It is the time to embrace one antoher a brothers and sisiters,this is the time Seychelles' best and brightest to work together for a better Seychelles and a better future,a future that our people long deserved,to dream of alternaitves futures built on solid foundation of the rules of law,respect for Human rights and democracy.

    How that FAR has aggreed with SFP leadership,and seeing RAM;VOLCERE calling for change ,what is left is that MIChel/FAURE now alone re-act to FAR calls for REconciliation.

    Let this genration be the first generation without chain around their feet,let them be the first to close the wounds of hatred,be the first to become all you can be and to think waht you will.

    It seems cristal clear that Michel/faure has the ball in their court now.They alone against even their mastermind FAR . I would therefore ,for the benefit of this NAtion,that Michel /Faure stop playing the fools and follow FAR call for unite/reconciliation,something that SFP leadership has long been calling for.

    It seems to me.FAR realizes that after his gone,the country under those pp left behind you be too desastrous for our people,and he soemhow can allow to see while he is in his grave what would happen to our Nation.

    And in the closing now that even FAR support us,we the Oppostion should now get together ans support FAR call for REconciliation against Michel stubborness not to change anything.

    With FAR statememnt,Michelhas become orphan,and if he really want to fi nnd an adotive parent(the people)then he must understand that he cannot continue to enslave Seychellois anymore.

    FAR statemet could also be interpreted as RECONCILIATION ro literally if Michel fail REMOVE HIM by any means.

    FAR agrees with SFP,who would has bet their money on this one.But Unlike Michel he proved that he at least has a functional brain.

    Jeanne D`^arc

    1. Jeanne, i have deleted your comment by mistake. Please send it again.

      My apologies.

  2. You should had call for a reconcillation seen years before arabs and other foreigners starting tearing apart our country but its till not to late FAR for a reconciliation.Thats what sfp had been calling for seen forming as a party.



  3. Johnny be good tonight

  4. Bravo Albert!
    Let's see if you are still counted in Seychelles and Michel heed your advice.
    If we do not see the formation a 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' as early as next week to start the process, it would mean that your words have fallen on deaf ears.

  5. President James Michel should take the opportunity to announce the formation of a 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday 21st February. The process is long overdue and no Irish Judge this time please, it is a Seychelles issue and it should be dealt with by Seychellois!

  6. Albert Rene is back into the picture expecting the Seychellois people to forget the damage he had done. Surely Mr Rene does not expect us to forget the blot out of his deepest sins from our heart. His opinion is the greatest lie in the world that only fools will swallow. Rene wants to rebuild the bridge he set on fire, and expect us to be grateful. In time of anguish we dealt with it, now he is back building comfort sheds on the heel that has crushed it, trying to go forward, expecting our forgiveness and for us to let go of the painful past. The key action to freedom is for the whole PL government to step down. If Rene has any decency he will ask all his goons to step down, and let the people choose a new president.

  7. Rene is playing a game of pass 'pass baton'. So which one will be the next President Barallon or Savy?

  8. Judas is back, ensuring that freedom, peace and justice would never come to the Seychelles and its people...He is dedicating to oppress and dictate all the way to his grave.

  9. I know for a fact that he hates Faure.

  10. Well, well this time Albert Rene got the bull by the horns! so let's see if he still has the strength to wrestle it to the ground. No doubt Michel must be conferring with Khalifa what to do next. Time will tell, but the opposition will be foolish not to react with unity and seize the moment to the best of their advantage.

  11. Far was thinking after leaving State House he will be transfer and he was more afraid to stay alive than to die,but him self has been surprise he has to live longer and don't to face truths and justice.No wonder why now his coming out of his hole calling for reconciliation.


  13. Rekonsilyasion?

    Si i pa ti fer kou-de-ta.

    O-zor-di sesel ti pou en pe'i pli ris e prospe dan losean endian.

    La prezan nou pre 40 an deryer. Ziska lezar in'n pous plim.

    En ansyen SPPF.


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