Where Is Seychelles Back firing Under James Michel

James Michel showing his love for hats

In my last article I laid a credible and solid base establishing that our leader, President James Michel, lacks adequate formal education to run a country well and as a leader for all his People.
This message is not intended to be funny, or rude. Today, we all know the value of education, in life business, politics, social life cannot be dismissed. More so, we all know the value of unity in a micro state, and the consequence of deep divisions.
Mr. Michel’s poor performance on the economy and political reforms, sex trafficking, money laundering speak for themselves. Seychelles cannot stay on the wrong track of history much longer.
Time To Wake Up
 In Seychelles, we have taken this for granted for too long. It is time the Seychellois people wake up to deal with their sorrows, failures, and curse, because they are ready to place a non-educated person at the helm of the Nation, and run snails ( Bann koupa) in the National Assembly to slowly just raise their hands, to fill their pockets. (I am speaking figuratively of course, the MNA’s are not really snails, they are people, that may act like snails in dispensation of their duties to the People ).
The message of course, is a dead serious message: we need well educated people to move our country forward, last week, as James Michel showed us some old guns, pistols, from the good old days, and the recent State House Facebook page dressed in Blood  Red, or Burgundy, only demonstrates a not educated man at the helm, grotesquely lacking in Savoir Vivre, and Savoir Faire.
Turn The Tide of Failure
 Our failing economy year on year and the systematic displacement of Seychellois, day by day, under his rule, shows the systematic failure in leadership of one man up to now. We must turn the tide that vows to drown Seychellois under James Michel. For us to wake up one day, to the hope of a better Seychelles, we must all unite in thought and spirit, to turn this tide brought upon us by Mr. James Michel and the failed legacy of France Albert Rene.
Council of Ministers To Be Run Like A Corporation
Do you remember, on the occasion of a Cabinet reshuffle Three (3) years ago, Mr. Michel announced on SBC:” Cabinet will from now on, be run like a corporation (“Seychelles Incorporated” he called it) and we will review Cabinet performance on SBC quarterly basis”.
What happen? Quarterly reports, and recommendations were to be made, and the People were to be kept abreast, what happen, three years later, where are the Reports for “Seychelles Incorporated”?
Nothing. No Reports. Seychelles Incorporated only looks to be incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus, with James Michel and Guy Adam as shareholders.

Same-o Same-o Three (3) years on. Everything happening in Seychelles has now to pass through Lise Bastienne’s “hanker-chief”.  Afif a professional, is now giving us lessons on the Radio and starting a plane operation to compete with Air Seychelles. Back Fire!
There are no quarterly reports to the People, it was all nice words and cow stuff all along, in classic James Michel teleprompter style laid out in 28 size fonts.
Education Mr. President, teaches you one thing your words do not have: “discipline in action”, not just discipline in goose step parades and marches with guns for a day, that remind your people….one day, you may use them on your people,……….again!
In spite of Mr. Michel failing us on this grand promise, let us take a peep for ourselves.
President James Michel- take notes,then take some sensible action with the Council of Ministers to stop wasting our money, please, Sir, Msye Prezidan.
Look at the performance of the Ministers for a moment.

Minister of Employment- Alexander, she took SBC to Raffles to film the GM of a Five star hotel that has invested $450 Million in Seychelles, (James Michel allowed most of that money to go straight into Vijays account, and Seychellois benefit nothing from the project- Back Fire!), live, to say, hire more Seychellois before the Nation. Is this how the Minister of Employment deals with labor issues?
If so, tell Minister Alexander to come visit me, and film what I have to see to her and air it on SBC in full. Then we will see if she still keeps her job.
So far she has taken the labor problem in its collection and turned it into a labor crisis. Yet her salary has increased from SCR. 40,000.00 to Scr 63,000.00 by June 2014. Is this a joke or the games of a leader that lacks education? How can we increase ministerial salaries when our people are living a bare bones existence because you bankrupt the Nation, and we went under IMF Administration?
We are employing 14,000 GOP, responsible for SCR 1.2 Billion per year in capital flight from Seychelles. When Alexander took over, we employed 12,000 GOP, an increase of 2,000. Today, even truck drivers and bus drivers, are on GOP, not just mechanics. Mr. President, even without any formal education, you do not see this is a problem? You do not know how to solve this problem? Back Fire!
I do, but I will leave this for another article.

Minister of Agriculture-Peter Sinon
Sinon is a Golden Boy of PL- SPPF who has basically followed in line of his great mother Rita Sinon , and his great Father, Guy Sinon, as a Minister. Guy Sinon had to say “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, to get a job as Minister. Peter Sinon, his Son, says nothing practically, aside from taking farmers by the hand and sending them on a circus merry go round until farming in Seychelles has practically shut down.
His efforts at making farming a success has been just the opposite, because in farming, talk is cheap, yet PL sent a talker chatter box to the farmers, relying on the legacy of his mother and father, to keep their attention.
 Where is the accountability Mr. President? Or are you allowing Peter Sinon, with Johnnie Walker run circles around you on Ministry of Agriculture Budget? You know what they say Mr. President: you get what you pay for in corporate business. You overpay a Minister, he will over consume Johnnie Walker and yes, walk circles around you.  
At the end of the day under James Michel, we are importing fruits and vegetables from Sri Lanka, from 0 kilo to 20 tons a month, which will wipe out every farmer, and we are now importing chickens from Brazil, which will wipe out every chicken farmer, even those that fly the SPPF flag on their chicken coop to get a little concession from you, which does not seem to help.
Tip Mr. President: since Peter Sinon made planting fruits and vegetables not viable, did you know many farmers are now planting cannabis to replace their profits that Sri Lanka takes from them?   Give Scully some local advise: to plant cannabis, you need fertilizer, follow the cows and arrest them.
The People lose out when the leadership is out smarted.
Back fire!

What happen to Blue Economy?
We had oil tankers, were promised/guaranteed to be a new sector of the economy. After Ephelia Hotel, Port Glaud opened, soft lease in hand with 100 Million Euro Loan plus from MCB backed by Government of Seychelles owned land, Guy Adam resigned, the tankers went bust, and we do not have a single cargo ship to run the Indian Ocean routes, so cargo rates go up for Seychelles, or a single purse seiner to multiply the net benefit to Seychelles per ton of Blue Gold (Tuna) as you call it.
So…..Someone else makes a huge profit off our Blue Gold. Sounds like a bad movie Mr. President, indeed, it is. You are the lead actor in it all, from what I can see.
How did you drag Seychelles so far off course from where she had to be today, Mr. President?

Remember your own words in 2006: “Seselwa Tenir….Pa…Large’, Nou Pre Pou Arrive Kot Nou Destin”. That was on the implied promise of oil being discovered the following week and Blue Economy being exploited in a smart manner. What happen, Sir Mr. President, what happen?
Mr. President, just look back today, and see what you dragged Seychellois through since those fine words in 2006. All because your Ministers who you tasked with serious work, out smarted you.

Minister Sinon, Mr. Rondolf Payet (EX SFA Boss), Dr./Minister/Sir/ Mr. Rolf Payet ( Brother of EX SFA BOSS), yourself, your whole gang has failed fisheries so miserably, that today, Fishermen are not fishing, they are trafficking drugs on the high seas and being chased down by hired mercenary Sergeant Ex Guardia Reserve Part Time Nail Scully. You need body guards to attend to you when you go speak to the fishermen. Another Back Fire of mega proportions, Mr. President.
How did it get so bad under your leadership?
The People lose out when Leadership is outsmarted, it is as simple as that, is it not.. Sir, Mr. President?
Next Topic: Surprise
[To Be Continued]
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. One of the best articles. Looking forward to the next issue. Like to know your comments on AG Govinden who is tipped to be the next CJ.

  2. James Michel looks like an idiot in this cap. A sitting President being given a honorary degree. Lord have mercy. Did he not know that sitting presidents are not crowned with honorary degrees while in office?

    Peter Sinon look at him and look at the Arabs next to him. They are taking him for a fool first class. As Gill said what happen to Sesel Pou Seselwa Sinon? Did you forget that little detail.
    Rolf Payet no comment.

  3. on Rolf Payet photo- a picture speaks a 1000 words.

  4. He look like a PUC worker!That were he should be not in Fes House state house.

  5. People like Alexander will never visit sfp,to much shame to look people eye to eye their head full down when they got no answer for question like always when they lie they look down or left and right!

    Those pp minister are pocketing as much as their can before pp full.Man,women there are all mafia working for their own benefit and for this wicked sytem.THey must be a jugement day one day for them for their wrong doing with a hard punishment.


  6. Hehehehehehe PL is so out of touch with today. Look at president michel in a cap and gown closely. He dyed his hair "Red Hot Mary". Hehehhehehe!

    James honey, may as well have dyed it blonde.



  7. These people look so out of touch you would think they have been around for 50 years.
    Wait till the people start to implement their own rules over PL.

  8. Excellent piece!

    Michel is the dumest Pp dummy,tough act for anyone to follow.This donkey has been behaving like a punch- drunk boxer who,clearly dazed by a barrage of right-on-target punches from the people,run the ropes and start punching the air.
    He is definitely dazed by his own failings.

    Seychellois should not accept to be rule by persons without a brain to the likes of Michel and his army of idiots ,the consequences is too desastrous for a Nation as recent history show in cases like IDi Amin DaDa of Unganda,Bokkas Central Aifrca,etc...Seychellois must take their country back from those psychopath and make te aparadigm change the country need.We cannot continue to sit a look at an atheist illiterate destroy our GOD given country and whole nation as Hilter did to the German people.

    Seychelles is one amount the only few countires in the world whereby Dictators still hang on to power,this cannot be continued and to change that Seychellois must act and fre themselves from the modern slavery Michel and his gang forced on us.Seychelles has enough intellectuals,highly qualified and experienced Seychellois who can lead this country for a better future ,and better future we long deserve.Seychelles does not need gansters to lead them but leaders with brain.Seychelles must delevier their cviic duty and stop being vicitm of a small gang of crooks,and to stop state organized criminals from ruling ,Seychellois must get out of thier passivity and act,for not acting aginst this demonish system ,is in itself an act that help porlong our suffering and allow Pp thugs to destroy us further.

    Now,that FAR ,has called for Reconciliation as long call for by SFP;and has left FAURE/MIChel alone in the bubbble of illusion,It is now time for the Oppostion to Unity in order to pressure Dictator-in -Chief in the waiting FAURE and his secretary Meriton to move ahead and take the initiative and start a RECONCILIATION PROCESS immediately without delay.FARvall ould surely bring division in the Pp between hard core criminals and those who who consider themsleves as inheritant to FAR legacy of whom FAURE is the one of them,He who is consider FAR^s adoptive Son and uncoditional stooge.

    FAR ,with a functional Brain,First thought--though the constant wind of change blowing over our land ,he would not interfered in Michel's Prwesidency,probalby he touhght when the people Tsunami would come he would long in his grave.Surprisingly .DFAR has come to realized that the speed the wind of change is blowing ,he would probably be still around when the people tsunami would stirck and he would be one of the first victim,while Pp would be washed away into extinction.FAR ,has decided that it is much better to take preemptive actions by calling for Reconcicliation thus a bigger change for him to survive than awaiting stupidly for the people tsunami to strick and perrish him.Adaptation is much better than fighting the people forces ,the latter always succeeds in destructing all on its way.

    FAR has laid the first stone in the pavememnt of reconciliation ,it is now up to FAURE/MERITON to follow suit,and to continue paving the way in order that we can finally start walking the road and make the transit from Dictatorship to Democracy.

    Finallly,FAR public call for RECONCILIATION has in a away provided Oppostion with an extra tool.His words would definiteively not only create division within the PP,but has helped to consolidate Oppostion position of the issue,thus this should be used to further divie PP,force them to come at the round table,and together embrace change.

    it is time to turn the Tide.Failing to do so,as FAR himself seemed to have recognized would provoke a people tsunaim that asd FAR prohpetize would bring Pp to extinction.PP survival depends on FAUR/MERITON cleverness to follow in their mastwer FAR,call for reconciliation,Now is the TIME,There would be no amny times FAURE,be wiser than Muichel,grab this opportunity and do the right things beofre the sky falls on PP heads .

    Jeanne D'Arc


    Michel policies has paralize our farmers and fishermenr from making alving from the hard work and by doing so put Seychelles at risk of Not FOOD SECURITY as Michel preaches by FOOD INSECURITY.Michel liassez faire poliy destory farmers an fishermen but also help regress our economy.

    Farmers as well as fishermen have always been the bread basket of societies,and we cannot allow one -idiotic man to destory everything becuase of incompetency and illiteracy.

    How could he help our farmers and fishermen in order that they help feed us as the been doing for centuries.

    Many things could be done.

    -Implement importation of goods such as fish ,vegetable.,fruits by five star htoels that could be prchased locally form our farmers and fishermen.

    Our Farmers and fisherm,en would also have to do their part,namely get themsleves well-organized to be powerful.Take initative and develop new products from their catches and productions--For instance should Farmers and fishermen have a well-organized association they could start producing from the cathes,prodction other products such as OPENING A SMALL PORDUCTION FIRM TWHEREBY THEY COULD THEMSLEVES PRODUCES things like deep frozen seafoods,depp frozen vegetable and fruits,even canned seafoods others than Tuna,dried fruits and vegetabel as SNACKS/Chips,ready -to -cook products like alreada seasoned grilled fish,pre-packed salads,fish balls,fish fingers ,fish burgers,spring rolls etc.etc.etc... and in addition to that residue remains during the production could be sold to animal feed firm.
    Or they could even go further by building up their own small canning Animal feeds for PETS etc....They could covert their fruits,vegetable into Jams,confissery,seafood snacks,but also deelop new project like FARMING Mud CRABS between TRade centre and east coast Rd,.

    It is also imperative that Farmer look for ways to develop and introduce other products such as producing products that are more profitable -For instance,there is not reason for farmers to produce (SOUSOUT)a vegetable not necessarily like and on high demands and popular among Seychellois,instead they could convert to morevalues porduces such as fruits which might not exist or rare in Seychelles by have a high market potentail.

    In closing to achieve all that and to get our farmers and fishers be able to make a lviving from their hard work and produces Governemnt should give support to our farmers and fishermen in order that they could devlop those project,upgrade their produces and make they once and for all,live on the hard work and unlike provide our country with the food security it needed.

    jeanne D'Arc

  10. You are right it is Red Hot Mary on James Michel's hair. Hahaha. I am a hairdresser and will know it right away. My god what has become of us??? Our President dyes his hair with Red Hot Mary. No wonder everyone is on drugs.

  11. Our values are meesed up.Pne des not have to a philosper to dertermine what casued such a sag in the market.Ît all began when Michel the butcher convinced himself that the Human race is headed nowhere.That man has no destiny.That we are in a cycle.That there is no reason or rhyme to this adsurb existence.Somewhere he got the idea that we are meaninglessly trapped on a penny mudhead that is just a spining mausoleum and the universe is purposeless.The creation was incidental and humanity has no direction. Pretty gloomy,huh?
    The second verse of Atheist Michel is ever worse"if man has no destiny then,he has no duty.No obligation,no responsibility.If man has no destiny,then who is to saywaht is wrong or right?No ethics,no standards.Life is reduced to quick thrills.The bottom line is desaster.
    Atheist Michel finds it extremely embarrassing that God does not exist for there disappears with him all possibility of finding values in an intellogible heaven.Everything is indeed permitted if GOD does not exist,and man is in consequence forlorn,for he cannot find anything to depend on within or without himself. If man has no duty,or destiny,the next logical step is that man has no value.If man has no value,has no future he is not worth much.

    The butcher never had a NAtional version,but a vision of division.He trashed our economy,and make us depednet on Develpement ,AIDS,emergency,Relief,economic, foreign aids---in other words BONDAIDS.

    The donkey must go to either to build his cofin or should he surprisingly life longer than expected like FAR he can use his time to prepare his defence.

    Michel dye his Hair for he does not want to get old,it is a complexe.He has convivnced himself dying his Hair will mae him live longer.IN RED like SOMALI islamic dye their Beard.Maybe he was influence by Khalifia to do so.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. Correction first line--we donot have to be a philosopher


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