Mearsk Alabama Docks In Seychelles For Suspected Double Murder!

Mearsk Alabama, the famous cargo ship subject to Somalia Pirate attacks in 2010 has docked in Seychelles
after Two (2) security details were found dead in their cabins.
The Mearsk Alabama was made famous by Captain Philips heroic courage as he faced pirates along the Somalia coast in 2010, and was rescued by a dramatic USA Navy Seal intervention.
Stay tuned to this blog for the latest breaking News on the death of the security detail on Mearsk Alabama.



  1. Now Hollywood can do a movie, sequel on the Alabama: Part II- Murder In The Seychelles on the Mearsk Alabama!

  2. Venezuelans people are marching the street after their opposition leader was arrested. Will Seselwa people be marching if their leaders get arrested? Freedom is ringing across the world!

  3. It is a very strange case is another world advertisememnt for Seychelles,under Michel our land has unfortunately become the poster for crimes no longer the exotic tourist destination.

    Dr Quatere our police chief does not know where to get started with the investigation.We have no proffessional investigators,real forensic experts to get the job done,Of course,we cannot even send the so call forensic expert who investigatde the case involving GURKA chopping a TAZAR member head ,He would shame our Nation further..

    Jeanne D'Arc


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