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Election Special 4. The ex-Presidents, The Bel Ombre skull and the 25th November Defence Forces Day.

Tomorrow the country celebrates the Defence Forces Day.
We the people salutes our boys and girls in Uniform on this occasion and wish to convey the pride with which we the people look up to them.

We the people would take this occasion to remind our boys and girls in uniform of the oath they would have taken when swearing in: -- to uphold and defend the constitution of the Seychelles, its people and nation.

The people would also remind our guys in uniform that they are one of us; that they share, and are part of, a non-violent, friendly, peaceful, docile population that enjoys happy living.
The message from the people of the Seychelles to those in Uniform on the eve of the most important elections in the Seychelles is, be it before the elections, during the elections or after the elections, if given any order, before the execution of that order you ensure that the order is both legal and constitutional. Check it out before acting on the order. If you have any doubts, then refuse to carry…

2015 Presidential Election Special– 3.The other fight; defining the political landscape, 2016

2015 Presidential Election Special– 3.The other fight; defining the political landscape, 2016
The other fight -All NEW presidential hopefuls have another very important fight before the election day. Remember the infamous rhyme ‘’En vote pou Ralph Volcere and a vote for Philip Boulle is a vote pou James Michel’’? Wavel will be playing that unsubstantiated tune again, and at an opportune moment that does not allow the president hopefuls targeted to respond in any way. All candidates would be smart to come out and warn the nation of Wavel’s coming battle cry, how unintelligent and inaccurate this statement is, but to expect it from Wavel.

Wavel’s strategy has always been to absorb any opposition under his wing prior to the first round of the elections, under the guise of unity equaling strength! While I can understand the motivation for Wavel spouting such nonsense, I have never been able to understand why people buy it and fall for it. Wavel viciously targets those who ignore …

2015 Presidential Elections special. 2. What lies ahead?


There may be honour amongst thieves, but is there honour amongst politicians?
James out. Michel in. – won by the system, not at the polling booths?
What lies ahead:
James Michel warned earlier this year, ‘’People in glass houses do not throw stones’’. This was meant solely for the break-away cluster of ex- SPPF/PL ministers and technicians who surfaced as the new political party, ‘Lalyans Seselwa’. There were massive expectations from the public that we were in for a spectacular fireworks show, in that for once we would know the inner (maybe even dirty) secrets of the SPUP/SPPF/PL era. Thus far, people have been disappointed. Campaigning has started earnestly, elections will come and go, but no stones will be thrown. Those concerned would be good boys and pay heed to Michel’s warning.
But what are these stones that Michel cautions against throwing? Skeletons no doubt, which if known to the larger public would raise questions never seen bef…

2015, Election Specials Part One

2015 Presidential Elections -1-The Players.
Peaceful, Free and Fair? Peaceful, Free but NOT Fair. – Which will it be? And who benefits from either?
The Players:
Yet another Election Day fast approaches, a day that most believe could well be the most important day in our republic's history. Others are not so optimistic.
The players: What started with eight political parties and a declared independent candidate in the run-up, the hype and political temperature, and especially expectations naturally on the high. Will there be a new beginning?
Will there be any new players at this last minute? At least players that could make a difference?
Four weeks before the election, we already have some drop outs from the race. Having done some initial contributions, but having failed to really take off, ICUS now supports the candidature of the independent candidate, Mr. Philip Boule, and SUP supports the candidature of Lalyans Seselwa. Having failed to create a space for themselves, on…

Ahmed Afif Of Lalyans Seselwa Fights Back!

I note the response of this day by State House rebutting the validity of information we have received concerning some planned ambushes against key members of Lalyans Seselwa. The statement further urges me to substantiate these allegations. 

For many reasons, however, I will not divulge the sources of my information as I cannot and will not compromise the safety and security of my sources. How can I trust the security services when to this date they have not resolved cases involving direct attacks against pets and property of members of Lalyans Seselwa as well as the opposition in the period leading to the Presidential elections? At least 9 dogs of two opposition party leaders were killed in 2 separate incidents at their residential premises within a space of a few days only recently. At my home, I have noticed on several occasions in the recent weeks, vehicles said to belong or operated by the state security apparatus either tailing me or parked close to my residence. T…

James Michel Uses State Security Agents To Intimidate The Opposition

Members of Lalyans Seselwa has just learned from reliable sources that state security agents, the army, NDEA and some select Tazar personnel have been assigned the task of planting illegal substances or weapons at the residential premises of key members of Lalyans Seselwa with the objective of ambushing them at the appropriate moment, charging them for illegal possession and keeping them under detention indefinitely.

According to their information, this operation is masterminded by State House. One of the key objectives it appears is to prevent Ton Pat and Lalyans Seselwa from successfully lodging their nomination for the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates on Nov 11th 2015. 

"We will bring this to the attention of the Electoral Commission immediately and alert the public so they know better if indeed this rogue regime reverts to these cowardly tactics at this late hour". 

"To all opposition supporters, we say please be on the alert around your hom…