2015 Presidential Election Special– 3.The other fight; defining the political landscape, 2016

Viral Dhanhee
2015 Presidential Election Special– 3.The other fight; defining the political landscape, 2016
The other fight -All NEW presidential hopefuls have another very important fight before the election day. Remember the infamous rhyme ‘’En vote pou Ralph Volcere and a vote for Philip Boulle is a vote pou James Michel’’? Wavel will be playing that unsubstantiated tune again, and at an opportune moment that does not allow the president hopefuls targeted to respond in any way. All candidates would be smart to come out and warn the nation of Wavel’s coming battle cry, how unintelligent and inaccurate this statement is, but to expect it from Wavel.

Wavel’s strategy has always been to absorb any opposition under his wing prior to the first round of the elections, under the guise of unity equaling strength! While I can understand the motivation for Wavel spouting such nonsense, I have never been able to understand why people buy it and fall for it. Wavel viciously targets those who ignore his call of unity under his and his party’s banner, his aim always to be the sole opposition candidate against JAM in the first round. Through this tactic, all other parties and independent candidates are denied the chance of knowing their real strength and number of votes they can pull.

By being the sole candidate against JAM, Wavel, by default, has historically attracted all who would vote against JAM, yet these are not necessarily votes of support; not necessarily voters who would prefer to cast their votes for another opposition candidate given half the chance. By seeking to be the only person to stand against JAM, Wavel has always managed to guarantee his political future. It is always all about him and never about encouraging formation of a new political landscape.
Wavel gives little-to-no regard for the numerous, and very important advantages, of sending the election into a second round will bring to the country and our democracy. Wavel will definitely be playing this card of his and will continue to do so as long as the only thing he seeks is the chair of the Leader of Opposition in the Seychelles. As long as his only political objective remains reclamation of his desired position as virtually permanent Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, and to also replace the current ‘fake’ one. Multiple candidates drastically increase the chance of the election going into a second round.

Wavel and his SNP claim 45% of the voters. 45% is the figure of voters who would never ever vote for SPPF/PL, but also includes all voters who then voted for Wavel when there was no other choice. The maths changes this time.

It is not a matter of ‘’Unity is Strength’’ but rather ‘’the more voices the better’’, and ‘’more eyes are better than just one pair’. Multiple candidates assure there will be many voices, all having equal airtime to ask and answer vital questions, voice the pain and problems we face as a nation and propose solutions, an option voice denied by the SBC always. Multiple candidates also ensure there will be more and better supervision throughout the campaign period and voting day, particularly at polling stations.

The various opposition parties could have met a number of times over the last few months in an attempt to form a single common force to fight JAM in the Presidential Elections. I am personally
glad the idea never took root, and am proud to have played my part to stop this from happening. I am all for all opposition contestants to provide, in the second round, all necessary support and backing for opposition candidates to make it to a second round, but for democracy, and for the people of the Seychelles, I would support the multi-candidate scenario in the first round, and always in any election having a two-round process.

Focused support for opposition candidates making it to a second round can only come naturally from an atmosphere of entente and cordial relationships. This is why I had asked everyone, particularly the older parties, to extend a hand of encouragement and help the newer ones so all can make the contribution they seek to make in the first round. This should include organizational assistance and helping them get the required 500 signatures necessary. Instead, we find SNP telling their supporters off for helping the new, yet-to-establish parties. In a second round, SNP would naturally expect support from parties it never supported or helped or had cordial relationship with. Guys, if you understand the logic of Wavel and his SNP then you are miles ahead of me, for to this day the only thing I see is the total absence of any strategic planning.

On The Meeting of Heads and Minds.
Why the HEADS and MINDS OF THE VARIOUS OPPOSITION PARTIES COULD NOT MEET TO OBTAIN THEIR OBJECTIVES to have a joint common force against JAM, is a story on its own. Whether that objective to form a joint common force was strategically right or wrong is not of importance here. WHAT IS OF IMPORTANCE IS THAT THEY COULD NOT AGREE.
Even from the start it was clear it could never be. Coming from very different backgrounds and for different reasons and having opposing DNA, they could never and will never be able to agree on the modalities of a joint force. It was a mistake to undertake such a task, as it only served to amplify their differences. The common objective (of removing JAM from power) was never on the agenda, but would have been if, from the onset, there had been mutual respect and support. As it is, certain political parties come down hard on their supporters who dare sign the nomination of other opposition candidates. I cannot see where this would have hurt them, but for sure the stand they took eventually will.

The only thing discussed each time was who they wanted as presidential candidate. The only thing they had in common was their ego and each wanting the seat of power. The country was never the main concern; the change the electorate wants, never the focus. The fact that they would not agree to form a united front says one thing -- that they do not really have a problem with JAM and SPPF/PL, as much as they would have with each other.

Defining the Political Landscape, 2016
Whether or not any party has taken part in any previous National Assembly elections, and their performance there if elected, is of paramount importance to a large percentage of the electorate when deciding who to vote for in the Presidential Election. These same voters would favour a united front in those National Assembly elections, as it is a first-past-the-post system of voting. The presidential hopefuls would do well to remember this if they are serious about having any political life after the

2015 Presidential Elections
As the big day approaches, the vital question in the hearts and mind of everyone is: ‘Will the different parties come together to support the opposition party that makes it to the second round?’ The fact the opposition parties spent so much time and energy discussing, then failing to come up with a single leader to face SPPF/Pl in this election has left a bitter taste in the mouths of so many. With 'who gets to be in charge' being the prime motivator, it is no wonder nothing was achieved. Had the agenda been ‘’ Change now/ Change at all cost/ Seychelles First’’ we would have seen the rise of this force in the second round. I get the feeling the lack of tact in dealing with and building sound working and friendly relationships with all new political parties can only be a disadvantage.
While, in the coming Presidential Election, all focus seems to be on recreating the Big Bang, get a new leader and a new political party in power, other advantages on offer are, as in all previous Presidential Elections, neglected once again. At the very minimum, two things should come out of this Presidential Election.

That it should, for the first time in the history of the Third Republic, be thrown into a second round.
That at least one other opposition force emerges to help break up this unhealthy (for the nation) political divide that permanently exists in the country. It does not necessarily have to be a big force, but one that holds the balance of power, one that would change the political landscape and bring sanity to politics in the country. This time round it is possible, as many people/parties have totally rejected the idea of existing under the flag and banner of Wavel and his SNP. What remains to be done now is to bring together all opposition votes, those not Wavel’s and not SNP’s to create that second opposition force.

10th November 2015
Viral V. Dhanjee, Union Vale


  1. Ramkalawan is not worried that the opposition could not agree in forming a united front under one leader to challenge James Michel. He is gambling that his party will come out with the bigger number of votes and therefore he would become the de facto candidate and leader of the opposition parties to face Michel. He said so himself that the agreement they reached was that whoever gets the highest number of votes will lead the second round. If this is the scenario, then we shall be back to square one again - Ramkalawan v/s Michel. Opinion is that even if SNP gets the highest vote, Ramkalawan should not, repeat should not be the opposition Candidate to face Michel in the second round, or all the fight and energy spent for this election would be useless.
    Ramkalawan should show some self-esteem by recognizing he lost not once, not twice, not thrice but four times! For the love of Seychelles if he has any, he should excuse himself and let someone else challenge Michel, if he stands again and loses, he would be the most hated person on the island and with a Guinness Book record of losing Presidential Election five times!!!.

  2. Excellent analysis Mr Dhanjee.Ram as u brilliantly puts it,is a guy who wants to be the opposition leader for life.He is obssess by this role,just as Michel is obssess to be President for eternity.
    He isca personal and political failure.Ram is as umcomfortable of losing his position as stooge opposition,like rooter ina pond.Talking about a pond.Ram should really go back to the pond and chase mousquitoes..This guy is a shame ,he has no place,in politics.

  3. Viral; you have said it all. Those fucking so called politicians of our nation are bunch of cowards and does not use fucking brains. Hence, the major problems; They will be collectively treated like morons in fools paradise; Philip Boulle is to ny estimation a KAZO POULE politician. What sort of lawyer is this shit? A very stupid fool who surfqced every 5 years to confuse the voters; A chap like that I use him as my shoe shiner on my dooormat. Philip you are bullshiter of the first class. Find a neurosurgeon to examine your stupid brain liki ou manman ZAKO ZAKo

  4. Pierre Laporte hqs always been a con man. So do not be surprised if you see his cameloen colour. He will do anything for money. He is a first class crook; James told him to speak on his behalf and he agreed without hesitation. Pierre is a thief and had made a few nasty deals with the Eden Island Manager for R100,000 per month: He was asked to spy on James for the South Africans. He did it and got paid. This is why he has to escape the country in a rush. He has given a lot of info about James and his crooked deals to Opposition for a fat cheque:

  5. I heard PDM .Mr Anthony saying that PDm is the only democratic party in Seychelles ..this guy cannot be a politican for he seems not to understand what decracy is all about ...a stooge party is in itself cannot be considered democraticparty.......For its slave of another party....

    These guys understand democracy as Pl..that is one party state.

    what are you doing in politics Anthony?

  6. Recently most of the blogs of Seychelles including Totof, I can notice that there are a lot of POTS and KETTLES!

    Mr Pillay ezcepted that Seychellois r still living in fear.
    We struggle to have freedom of sppech and when we goy it we can't express!
    So I am asking myself, if you r not going to use it to criticize your government,then what the hell is the point of having it.

    Je suis Charlie.

  7. Two things are being swept under the carpet right now, the opposition must make more noise about them for the public to take notice. First, they must demand a debate of the Presidential Candidates. Secondly, ask that the result of the skull DNA analysis.

  8. In the case of the Mauritian visitor 'Chellen' clearly there was a police cover-up. Now in the DNA testing of the skull found at Bel Ombre there is another apparent police cover-up. In any civilized country in the world today, and Michel keeps reminding us that Seychelles is top amongst African countries, the Minister and the Police Commissioner would have to answer to those allegations. If Minister Bastienne and Commissioner Quatre have any self-esteem they should resign now, or be held accountable and sacked after 5th. December.

  9. Pierre Laporte was sacked for different reasons ; James wanted to have a favour from him. James asked Lise Bastienne to talk to him. He agreed but he demanded Lise Bastienne to sleep with him for one night at the Wharf Hotel. Lise reported the matter to James and he went wild. This bastard Suketu Patel went to see him to write off USS8 milliion owed by Arab; Owner of Kempinski. Pierre refused and again James was pissed off. Glenny wanted Govt to sign a guarantee for USS500 million for his house project. Pierre refused and asked him for the R80 million of stock of sands sold: Glenny went mad. Pierre tol James that the marine fleet was spending R40 million worth of fuel. This amount increased 10 times. Pierre asked Suketu Patel for the audit report of IDC for past 5 years and Glenny told him thqt it as none of his business. Pierre asked Saeed for the forex spending record; This matter was reported to James; The next day James called Pierre and told him whaty the hell he wants from his people. Pierre was called by Francis Chang Leng for a deal of USS5 million from a dealer of powder. Chang Leng asked for a commiion of USS500000 to be paid in HSBC in Singapore. Pierre told him that he needs this money for our airline. James told Lekha Nair to instruct him to pay USS5million into his personal account in the offshore account. Carolline Abel knows the full details of the deal and received a new car for her sister as compensqtion. Pierre telephone was being listened for all his dirty tricks.

  10. Danny Faure asked Pierre to borrow USS25 million from the commercial banks for the PL campaign. Steve Fanny was asked to take R125 million from Pension Fund. Steve gave a new car to his girlfriend and pokected R2.5 million for hi,self. Danny Faure went wild. He told James thqt he needs to do the dirty job himself because he cqnnot trust Peter Sinon. Sinon bcame annoyed and threaten to resign. Danny gave him R250000 to remain quiet. Meanwhile 5 Ministers joined oppositions on the quiet side. James does not know the full details. Here it is, Didier Dogley, Michael Benstrong, Alain St Ange,

  11. Children Fund has zero balance because Ti France has eaten all the funds by paying himself R1 million per month in his own personal account. Manwhile the school children are going hungry at schools. James did worse by paying himself R1.5 million every 2 weeks. This is why there has been no audited accounts and nobody can give an explanation. Doreen Monthy was ordered to give a token gift for political expediency thus making a semblance of having money. Patrick Payet the PS of MoF has sleepless nights when the oppositions raised questions. The sam account was used to pay hefty funds to David Pierre another conman; bastard; diable; Crooks are every where; Charles De Comarmond received R800000 to keep quiet because he stqrted to ask questions. Can anyone raise this matter in the PPB? Let us see who hqs the guts.

  12. I cannot believe that Pierre De Comarmond fucked his own daughter Jeanine when Jeannete his wife was next door; Gustave De Comarmond and your clicks on Lari Bazar what can you say about this fucking; kaplage; kaple; dans ou famille; liki ou manman? Gustave you belong to an animal family who lived in an animal farm donkey. Gustave you should feel this weight on your shoulder qnd explain to your wife family and your LaRi Bazar pigs. Prend our latet bour dans ou fes liki ou manman scare crow. Danny what can you say to a father in law who has fucked his own daughter ? Where is the fucking problem you evil spirit, diable; Dracula? Danny this is your punish,ent for your dirty work for James; To James can you explain to the people; how you took your son Jude life that Saturdqay night? Come out from your hell hole liki ou manman Michel; Malediction ki lo ou lenauet Juda; Jude spirit is disturbing you qt nights when your guards cannot protect you for the departed innocents. Bishop Chang HIM you have a responsibility to talk about your brother Son Chang HIM; Where is your morale and family responsibility? And yet you shook hands with q Judas; Dracula demon. It is only Bishop Wang zho is tqlking about fairness qnd justice from the church view point.

  13. Come on Mrs. Amesbury and you too Ton Papa, next time you go for PPD look straight into that TV camera and tell Michel you know that he is watching and challenge him if he is his own man as he often said to come forward for a debate.

  14. The skull .I was told Michel keeps it in b his fridge for superstition reason......instead of handing it to Ah Tim family memebers in order to conduct a dissent funeral......"016 the truth will come out...and culprit of whose Michel is one ..would be investigated and prosecuted...........Of course QAUTRE should be investigated too for attempting to hide truth and failed to realse the facts.....we will make the skull speaks out ....by sending it not to Muaritius but in Europe in highly professional labors with highlylified experts .....and where there are high and lately innovated high tech.......If EUroepan experts can identifiy skeleton dated millions of years ..they surely an identified that the skull is that of Ah Tim ..something Pl forensic experts cannot and will never be able to do.....
    Pots and kettles we seeing it with PDM;DP;PL;SNP..........

  15. Michel bankrupt Us ,called Laporte to clean the mess...........Laporte failed ...He failed badly that pseudo economist Michel even though he is a con recognize the incompentency of Laporte...........

    I think he has been offered a job as book keep at IMF.-

  16. 4.02
    The fear that used to shut us down is the fear that has woken us up..........Donot be afraid of your fear...there is something more important than fear ....that is the coming freedom---
    The different today or this year is that it is not Seychellois fearing but Pl.....Pl is fearing fear and the people ........that is the worse fear one can have.

  17. It appears to me that the oppositions have caught a big fish in their net and does not have a clue how to handle it. It is very unfortunate. There is no brain used in the whole exercise but only for them to end up barking in the dark. SPPF will not only win with this kind of mentality but will put them into pieces and consigned them like a pack of sardines in the dustbin. Now or never, I do not know if they all realized this fact now.

  18. The journey in India. This bloody Nashiraman Ramani, the fucking Indian who made millions of rupees with false accountant certificate; He was brought on board the party to negotiate zith Bank of Baroda in India to erased the USS50 million for SMB from their books. The Chairman of Baroda confronted him to say that in India; they do not tolerate crooks. He also know where the politicians had parked their monies especially Albert Rene (sa grand voleur, menteur, diable) avek Mukesh Valabhji. There is a man called Karumjee another Indian Crook who dealt with Mukesh Valabhji to steal million of dollars from SMB. Mukesh Valabhji derserves the galos sa gros KOSON, voleur, zako avek liki son manman Albert Rene (sa vieux Koson; evil; demon; white Dracula). Vijay Patel, Darab Pravin, Ramu Pillay all went on the trip to discuss how to get their fucking Indians to vote for SPPF.

  19. Pravin; Vijay and Ramu should paid for their sins and corruption including this big baboon Glenny Savy another white pig, pig; pig. Anand Shah was given a dose zhen he was adnited to hospital because Albert Rene was sacred that he will divulge all his bank accocunts, amounts and where as he was involved in the corruption. Sunil Shah was shocked ater he learnt of the way Albert Rene, Mukesh Valabhji and Glenny Savy conspired to get rid of Anand Shah; The Shahs were promised a piece of land in providence but then James did not honour the agreement; They go scared of him tqlking to Lalyans qnd SNP; Philipe Boulle and Alexia.The story is not completed yet.

  20. In the Savoy Hotel in Beau Vallon there is a basement with a lot of Russians with headphones and laptops trying to spy on the oppositions for James qnd his crooks Danny. Every weekend Danny Faure meet zith them to listen to the oppositions conversations and comminications. This is as dirty as it gets in the fools paradise/ The poor Mazembiaue with no educqtion does not have q clue what is going on. Glenny Savy is inchqrge of the white washing the black market monies zith Chang Leng (sougoula) in the background with the accomplice of Francis Chang Sam another crook, crook and crook who deserve judgment and Ronny Govinden (the pineapple face white monkey).

  21. SPPF has spent almost R1 billion to promote their smear campaign. Michel told Jean Paul thqt after the election if they win; Kreole will refund with tears in their eyes. Those stupid conman who has supposedly received free car will be asked to turn their car into loan or immediate repayment of the amount. This is the problem bane grand KOUYOUN; Wait for the cost of living to rise out of control; cost of baby milk will increase by 75 percent. Electricity will increase by 100 percent, Water go up by 100 percent, the bus fares will go up by 75 percent, cost of medicine will go up by 105 percent, school fees will be unbearable; cost of imported foods will go up by 80 percent. Voters Be prepared to pay the cost of your current parties qnd goodies over 5 years. Life will be tough and rough for all ya men and women if you vote SPPF again. Then; don’t cry foul; SPPF clowns are a bunch of liars, thugs, thieves who they think they can fool all of us. Kreole, BOITE VOTE, BOITE VOTE, BOITE VOTE liki nous manman. Tire sa kaka dans nous latet et metre li dans nous fes kaka. Tire sa lesprit dans nous fes et metre li dans nous latet ;

  22. Who ever wrote this article on People Plus about my President is a lie.
    I will advice him/her to get the fact straight before he/she engage his mouth.
    No wonder there was no name.
    Now I know why he/she lied to us one more time!


  23. Michelle will u please stop visiting us in your swa-di-zan konsiltasyon avek le pep?

    we don't believe in your BS anymore.

    The power point that u are sharing on line with the world is fake.

    Fake numbers,even pti trezor don't believe in u anymore.

  24. At this time before election PL thugs alias SPPF and SPUP do not really want others to have freedom of speech,they just want others to be given the freedom to say what they want to hear.

  25. Here's a fun fact that all of the opposition reps have consistently failed to mention: We have the highest (or at least among the highest) GDP per capita in Africa, and at the same time, we also have the highest Gini index in the world. IN THE WORLD. Yes, planet earth...

    The Gini index or coefficient is a measure of the divide between the haves and have nots. That's enough reason for us to be talking about a second round where Wavel is up against Pat, leaving Michel in the dust. But then again, this is Seychelles; a beautiful country with a dire lack of beautiful minds.

  26. Lesson for PL to learn from what has just happened in Bangladesh.
    Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury and Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid were hanged in Dhaka's central jail. They were convicted of genocide and other crimes against humanity committed whilst in power in 1871.
    Like Rene and Michel, Chowdhury has been an influential politician - he was elected MP six times. Mujahid was a top leader of Bangladesh's largest Islamist party.
    It took 40 years for justice to finally catch up with them.

    1. Correction- not 1871, it was in 1971 when Bangladesh separated from Pakistan.

  27. The price tag is really skyrocketing and PL is doing anything to win,hope NO one falls in this trap. They are paying half and if they win come pick up the other half! Heard a lot on UTube that they will not take any money from PL,hope they will stick to the principle.If they do,only thing left will be another T-Shirt as a souvenir!


  29. Recently as Yesterday news are the same people who were bought by PL last election said that they don't want NO more microwaves,cements,blocks,corrugated sheets,etc.....what they want is a piece of land for one rupee,cars and luxuries..... .No more bull shits! They also said if they want the same thing of what the seselwa passport etranze have on their soil!

  30. The people will have to decide which party is in the best position to defeat the PL and form government.
    There are 2 questions.
    Firstly. Which party is capable of defeating the PL?
    Perhaps all the opposition parties.
    Secondly. Which party is able to hit the ground running?
    Which party has the organization and is ready to govern on day one?
    This is the difficult part.
    But if there is a desire for CHANGE......
    The best recourse with a divided opposition is Strategic Voting.
    In the various districts, the opposition will need to vote for the party that is in the best position to defeat the PL whether or not that is the party you support.
    This is the best strategy if it is known that the sitting government is capable of holding close to 50%
    It is up to the people to decide.
    It is not up to the political parties to decide.

  31. Parti Lepep will not rig the first round election but they will in the second at all cost when 140% of people will come to vote. More morticians will be on the way soon.

  32. Michelle got the audacity to come on my island Praslin and still saying there are no corruptions.U are living on LALA land boureau! PL is good at suing at others for big money,why not sue them? SUCKER. Misel your pant is on fire! After 38 years U learn nothing or little as President of a small island.When U lied everytime U can't remember SHIT!

  33. SNP procession looks like the group of ISIS without the firearms.
    PL late rally like some hungry bears looking for fish that they suppose to be matured by now from the trees.
    LS are trying to be more Kosto with young adults!
    Boule c'est la menm chose.
    Alexzia? She can talk....She can walk too.....She knows the rules in the book......hope VOTERS listen
    Pierre .......he is waiting to be call the former opposition leader so he can pickup his retirement.

  34. This President is in need of a serious brain surgery,he still saying there are no corruptions when LS proved them.Most of all there remaining 10% supporters applauded while he raised his short arms in defiance. Either his people around him don't provide him with the correct informations or they are lying to him. APRE 38 AN IN VIN PLI KOUYON KI TOU KOUYON.This is what happen when we put a cable and wireless clerk as a President. He is still in telegraph mod instead of high speed internet and satelite.

  35. He is the mastermind behind the gross corupt,that has become pl national sport,so as every proffessional thief,he will swim in the ocean of denial..........


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