Election Special 4. The ex-Presidents, The Bel Ombre skull and the 25th November Defence Forces Day.

Tomorrow the country celebrates the Defence Forces Day.
We the people salutes our boys and girls in Uniform on this occasion and wish to convey the pride with which we the people look up to them.

We the people would take this occasion to remind our boys and girls in uniform of the oath they would have taken when swearing in: -- to uphold and defend the constitution of the Seychelles, its people and nation.

The people would also remind our guys in uniform that they are one of us; that they share, and are part of, a non-violent, friendly, peaceful, docile population that enjoys happy living.
The message from the people of the Seychelles to those in Uniform on the eve of the most important elections in the Seychelles is, be it before the elections, during the elections or after the elections, if given any order, before the execution of that order you ensure that the order is both legal and constitutional. Check it out before acting on the order. If you have any doubts, then refuse to carry out the order and commit a Human Rights offense on behalf of and for the personal benefit of someone else. Rather be court-martialed than turn your weapons on a defenceless and peace-loving people. You are one of us. We are not the enemy.

To the people: by all means celebrate your successes (the winners) in any spontaneous joy the moment brings, but respect and have consideration for the losers. Hopefully, it is Seychelles that will win, not a person or a particular party.

The worst thing in our country is the political divide that prevents the country from going forward. This political divide is caused by the partisan mentality of the politicians and political parties of the past. The political divide is not part of our DNA and is foreign to us.

Today, with many more parties on the playing field, the spirit of unity that defines the people of Seychelles overrides the partisan politics that has dictated the political landscape for too long. Let our people in uniform take note of that. These powerful pictures speak for themselves.

The choice of the 25th November as the Defense Forces Day is most distasteful. Yes, as intended, it does bring to mind the landing of the mercenaries on the shores of the Seychelles. But more importantly, it would remind the people of the mercenary adventure, that day in 1981, that failed to take off as the element of surprise was lost. The mercenaries had arrived back home in South Africa even before the Seychelles Defense Forces decided to react and then proceeded to fight the automatic unmanned gun stations. The mercenaries were long gone. There were other unpleasantness that day. Again a dark side associated with that day is the widely believed shady behind -the -scene deals and money transactions (which the people are not particularly proud of) in the release from custody of the couple of mercenaries that got left behind. The selection of another date to celebrate the Defense Forces Day would be on the table.

The ex-Presidents of the Seychelles would have, since 1964, in their respective roles claimed to have stood for the people, by the people, fought for the people and brought prosperity, liberty, peace and human dignity to the people of Seychelles … often with the battle cry "SEYCHELLES IS ONE", ostensibly meaning to do away with the political divide that scours our land; whilst instead anything and everything they do has led to more polarization.
Today James Richard Mancham has reduced himself to being THE ONE LINE EX-PRESIDENT OF THE SEYCHELLES, at least on the local scene, with his infamous repertoire, "That JAM is the right person, in the right place, at the right time".

Suddenly the only thing that seems to matter for JRM is ‘bef dan disab saken vey son lizye’, hardly a line any politician, past or present, should ever consider if they want the respect of the population. Now on the ‘right side of the divide’ he, JRM, conveniently forgets to address (the fact) ALL he once stood and fought for -- to continuously improve the personal development and wellbeing of the masses that is, 40 years later, an even a greater challenge. Presently, we have an education system in place that fails to educate our children, a health system that needlessly struggles to provide even the basics and is unable to arrest the slide into deterioration of the health of the Seychellois people. JRM also refuses to speak of the ‘joie de vivre’ the people enjoyed before 5th June 1977. Neither does he address the fact that we are the worst paid lot of people on earth. --That often one has to have a second, even a third employment to make ends meet, leaving no time to enjoy life or fully participate in parenting. JRM is totally mute on the scourge drugs and corruption inflict on the nation. JRM has totally forgotten the people of Seychelles. Little wonder then that the masses forget him as well and those that do remember see him as a hypocrite and a sell-out.

James Mancham
Not that France Albert Rene is seen in any better light. Loved by many of the ruling party he put in place in the first instance; the non-performance of the team he left the people with after his retirement, and his seeming inability to remedy the situation that continuously weakens and threatens the very foundation of the party he founded cannot amuse FAR. Neither does it amuse the SPPF/PL supporters.

Not only would they not be amused to see, in front of their very eyes, their party weakening, but neither can they be amused by the current state of the political party FAR left behind so many years ago. More importantly, the total dismissal of certain cardinal principles he, FAR, always adhered to:
1) Never bring the IMF and the World Bank into the country. No leader who loves his country would ever do such a thing. Even when SNP was calling out loud that IMF should be brought in (to help resolve the economic mess, including the For-X problem then), that was never done. FAR held firm and held the IMF away.
2) Never bleed the Central Funds to the extent that would necessitate calling in the IMF and the World Bank. FAR would have been very strict with people who might have tried to bleed the system, and always brought it in check (monies and that too serious monies, if it were to be made were made in different ways). Who made what and how was always tightly tightly controlled.
3) Protect the economy from the shock of a savage and brutal economy controlled by the Ultra-rich and Multinationals. The GDP would go up as it has kept doing recently but nothing filters down to the people. What is the point of such massive development if the people are stuck further and further into slavery?

Albert Rene
He, FAR, is understood to have, on many occasions, in private, talked about his displeasure with JAM’s performance as President because it went against what he built and stood for. And was anti-people. Did these words, heard by the ears of like-minded people, lead to the formation of a new political party, which had active support of some folks very close to FAR, to correct the wrong?
What started off as a phenomenon in Seychelles politics and took the country by storm, Lalyans Seselwa, all ex-SPPF/PL big guns, lost much of its momentum and active support around the time the Bel Ombre skull was found.

Suddenly even for these people who recently exhibited a change of heart, JAM suddenly became the ‘right person in the Right place at the Right time’. Or was it the Bel Ombre Koksis that refused to remain buried that was ‘the Right skull, in the Right place, at the Right time, just on the eve of the election.’ This discovery no doubt has everyone on the edges and worried. Was the right skull sent to Mauritius for DNA testing in the first place? And the belief by the people that it is impossible that such a fresh skull could not give concrete DNA results, but that the results may have been so damning that they were not disclosed. The skull was talking more than the ex-presidents and is an issue that will never go away, in this case as in other similar cases until the respective families get the chance to have proper closure.

In the end, JAM would have been his own worst enemy. He was unpopular (and that is ok; some people are) but maybe not his party. If only he had read the writing on the wall and allowed someone else from his party to run, whilst he chose another option.
We would then have had three ex-Presidents and a young untainted team to run as the SPPF/PL. candidate in the elections. What a different set of elections we would have had. Would we then still have had as many opposition parties to contest the presidential elections?
Even the Ex-presidents take the Seychellois electorate pou bann K.O.U.Y.O.N. Not long ago they had asked us for our votes and for yet another FIVE. Now they ‘vey zot lizye’.

24th. November, 2015
Viral V. Dhanjee, Union Vale


  1. Excellent piece as always,Mr Dhanjee.
    This election ,Seychellois will have their defining moment,when they stand out and defend their liberties against a tyranical king.
    Seychellois must now make choice,achoice that will define them today,tomorrow and in the next millenium.We must plant the seeds of liberty today,so thT future generations may harvest the bounty

    As to the Military.....U are the servants of thevpeoplr,not an old frailing paranoid blood~thirsty evil crook. .....Donot allow urselves to be dragged into the vicous circle of a tyrant.....and participate in his crimes against ur family members,seychelois bothers and sisters........If Michel choose Ghaddafi way...let him go alone..for he will end up as ghadafi.......Michel can be for once wise enough not to choose the way of ghaddafi but rather his Ex President of Sri lanka,his friend Rajapaska,and as the latter accept the peoples verdict...

    The message to all our men and women in uniform........Be the soldiers of God,not the devil.
    As u watch the change unfold...SOLDIERS.....let urselves be guided by these words from EPHESIANS 6:11~17..“Put on the whole armor of God,that u may be able to stand against schemes of the Devil.For we donot wrestle against flesh and blood,but against rulers,against the authorities,against the comic powers over this present darkness,against spiritual forces of evil in,the heavenly places.Therefore,take up the whole armor of God,that u may be able to withstand in the evil day,and having done all,to stand firm.Stand therefore,fasten on the belt of truth,and having put on the readiness given by the Gospel of peace“

    Donot allow a fol,a less educated old crook turn u into a kiling machine to satisfy his own thurst for blood.
    Remember MATHEW 26~52~54..“Then Jesus said to him..“put ur sword back into its place.For all who take the sword will perish by the sword“........let Michel go to ICC alone for genocide...there is no reasons,for u to pay the price with him.

  2. I was reading your interesting article until you start throwing Manchanm in the picture and I stop suddenly! This dude is part of the problem of what we are going thruogh our daily lives.When he was overthrown in 1976,we got use to it even we didn't like FAR. Then came the multi Party system which we all think it was going to be better.So here HE come like a POPE with a kiss of death when he landed! Now WE are more divided then ever everytime Manchanm name is mention.

    Now my thought if ever the court said the SPUP museum need to return to the original owner. All the people of "lanmode swa-san-set" know the answer only the pti trezor doesn't.

  3. Today the Nation announced the passing of ex-minister David Joubert, and guess what, that hypocrite and opportunist James Michel played politic with the sad occasion. He sent a message of condolences to the family of David Joubert and said that despite of their political differences, they were good friends and had great respect for each other. One thing we all know is that David Joubert is not here today to support this claim. He did not say that one SPUP activist - 'Charlette' stabbed him in the neck, trying to cut his jugular vein. And that same 'Charlette', in compensation for his vicious act, was promoted Captain in the Army by that same James Michel and Albert Rene! And we all know that David Joubert did not condone the present policy of James R. Mancham towards Pl.
    By the way, is it not strange that James R Mancham himself published no condolences? and yet a person like John Adam wrote a beautiful article on David Joubert. Well done John. God will surely bless his soul in the better world that he is now!

  4. PL we knew long time our compatriots from Egypt are coming home.They were suppose to come earlier bUt you PL were trying to use them as political mileage to gain votes.SHAME ON YOU.
    If you can bring back all the stolen money back home,YOU WILL GET MY VOTE!

  5. Michel is too old to change.He will fake until the end.The Three Seychellois should be longoout of Egyptians Gulag,but as alwayss,Michel left them alone,n suddenly now that his defeat is unstoppeable,he uses the three seychellois as bate hoping it would help him gain some support.

  6. Misel still insisted that there are no corruptions do be found.
    This statement he made in his recent speech is just like his Zimbabwe friend,Mougabe.

    MOUGABE has insisted that there have never been corruption or vote rigging in his country. He made it clear that he won in an honest manner.....Opposition Party received 55% of the votes and his Party received the other 75%.

    Mes cher amies this is what going to happen in Seychelles.

    Finally,yes lanmode swasanset, we know the answer,but don't say it.
    But don't be surprised nou ban'n titrezor nowadays knows everything.
    Granmoun in dir nou,zot in rakont nou tou.lepok bomb,dife, e al san bannyan(disparet)

  7. So FAR I have listened to all the 6 Presidential Candidates but I can't understand why James Michelle is so defensive with the oppositions views. According to him HE is the only one that can rule Seychelles.His opponents like Pillay is telling that corruptions are right under his nose and he disagree with that! He (JAM) got to only say if there are corruptions just come look the audit books!

    If after PL lost the election and the books stated otherwise the new President in power need to grab his balls for a spin!
    Those PL Elites are desperate and trying to find a way to escape in a PL lost!
    Helicopters are ready for the first leg....second leg will be by boat!


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