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Who is it that really wants to remove Mathilda Twomey as Chief Justice?

The time has come to tell the tale.

In this picture you will see the creme de la creme of Seychelles Free Masonry. From the top of the Freemasons they are elevated to the Knights Templar.

Centre in this picture is Shelton Jolicoeur. He was the head of the new CAA until he was caught on the internet confessing that “Mathilda must go”.

Following that he was hastily replaced by Michel Felix as head of the CAA. Michel Felix is also in this picture.

Now why would this erstwhile organisation  want to remove her as Chief Justice?

How do they get to decide who is the head of the CAA?

It is because Danny Faure is a Freemason.

To understand this story you must understand the history of freemasonry in Seychelles.

Now there is nothing wrong with freemasonry. It is a noble club all over the world.

In Seychelles Freemasonry met with the Seychelles Club. This created an unholy marriage. The result is a total corruption of its values and morals. A lust to continue enslaving ordinary Seychellois using the sy…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Seychelles has entered a state of No Return if sincere Seychellois do not get together to put a stop to the atrocities and all the rubbish we are been made to endure. A post on Social Media said it all: “Lasanble inn pran komite ki Pou anpes divan antre Dan vant seselwa, Kan Pou zwenn? Kankan Milyon, Kankan later...Kan sepec Pou Pas son profi lo malere? Bill elektrik pa kapab en share dn en bouret nou pa ankor kapab Aste, ki share malere Pou Aste Dan sepec?  Kan pri lavi Pou desann? ....Kan eski nou bann malere Pou aret Viv lo kredi? This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

To add insult to injury a call for overseas training in India is possible but ONLY for Seychellois of Indian origin. Is that xenophobe or just plain India sponsored racism? The news paper that printed such rubbish must have been breaking all our laws of basic human rights. Is the Indian High Commissioner allowed to segregate Seychellois into communities based on colour of the skin, relig…

Corruption in the National Assembly LDS in collusion with PL

This is a most disturbing story for the whole nation. This is proof that the country is not safe from corruption under both Parti Lepep and LDS. It is a typical example where the National Assembly members from both sides are colluding so that they can amass as much money as possible for themselves. We highlighted previously in an article that LDS and PL are getting SCR700, 000 (each) monthly as political funding from the (Budget) taxpayers. This should be more than enough money for LDS and PL to fund their activities nationally taking into consideration that we are not in an election period. They have each collected 13.3 million rupees so far since the National Assembly elections in 2016; making a grand total of 26.6 million allocated to the two political parties. What have they done so far for that kind of money?

Furthermore, on top of the SCR 700,000, their monthly salaries, bonuses, gratuities and per diems the members of the National Assembly are working together to put as much m…