Corruption in the National Assembly LDS in collusion with PL

This is a most disturbing story for the whole nation. This is proof that the country is not safe from corruption under both Parti Lepep and LDS. It is a typical example where the National Assembly members from both sides are colluding so that they can amass as much money as possible for themselves. We highlighted previously in an article that LDS and PL are getting SCR700, 000 (each) monthly as political funding from the (Budget) taxpayers. This should be more than enough money for LDS and PL to fund their activities nationally taking into consideration that we are not in an election period. They have each collected 13.3 million rupees so far since the National Assembly elections in 2016; making a grand total of 26.6 million allocated to the two political parties. What have they done so far for that kind of money?

Furthermore, on top of the SCR 700,000, their monthly salaries, bonuses, gratuities and per diems the members of the National Assembly are working together to put as much money as they can in their back pockets or bank accounts. They are paid an extra monthly amount of SCR17, 000 each as constituency allowances along with another SCR7, 000 for a constituency clerk, these are paid straight into their personal bank accounts for the LDS members and for PL members the money is paid in Parti Lepep’s bank account.

Then, there is the small matter of Chief Whip (CW) in the National Assembly, which has recently been created - a post not provided for by the Constitution or the NAS Emolument Act. This is a little arrangement between them to steal money. The two CWs are getting an extra SCR6, 000 each for doing next to nothing. This is an abuse on taxpayers’ money for selfish gain, pure and simple. Can this be construed as corruption? We think yes.

On top of all that they are paid extra to sit on the select committees created to earn more money in certain cases; the chairperson gets SCR 3000, vice-chairperson SCR 2500 and an ordinary member receives SCR2000. Each one of them must be earning on average, an extra SCR 8000 per month for select committee duties. If all of the above are taken into consideration it means that the Chief Whips are getting SCR38, 000 over and above their basic salary of SCR 31,000; Both Simon Gill and Jean Francois Ferrari are collecting SCR 69,000 every month. And an ordinary member is taking home SCR63, 000 - with the two (LGB & LOTO) leaders taking home SCR 87,000 monthly. The end of  year gratuity with end of term bonus has not been factored in the amounts above; these are the cherries on the cake so to speak, to be collected later (yearly & end of term).

It must also be noted that the SCR 700,000 that LDS and PL gets every month as Budget allocation was not subjected to public debate and/ or scrutiny during the 2018 Budget presentation in the National Assembly; it was approved on the quiet by members from both sides. Where is the transparency they keep talking about…. endlessly? How could the Speaker agree to such shenanigans? We need an explanation on the above from the office of Speaker Nicholas Prea in the spirit of accountability. Or will he stay silent and orchestrate a cover up?



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