Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Seychelles has entered a state of No Return if sincere Seychellois do not get together to put a stop to the atrocities and all the rubbish we are been made to endure. A post on Social Media said it all: “Lasanble inn pran recess...be komite ki Pou anpes divan antre Dan vant seselwa, Kan Pou zwenn? Kankan Milyon, Kankan later...Kan sepec Pou Pas son profi lo malere? Bill elektrik pa kapab peye..ni en share dn en bouret nou pa ankor kapab Aste, ki share malere Pou Aste Dan sepec?  Kan pri lavi Pou desann? ....Kan eski nou bann malere Pou aret Viv lo kredi? This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

To add insult to injury a call for overseas training in India is possible but ONLY for Seychellois of Indian origin. Is that xenophobe or just plain India sponsored racism? The news paper that printed such rubbish must have been breaking all our laws of basic human rights. Is the Indian High Commissioner allowed to segregate Seychellois into communities based on colour of the skin, religious beliefs, ethnicity or political affiliation? He is spreading division between Seychellois right here in Seychelles. Has the Government or the National Assembly called for his immediate expulsion? What would the Indian Community say if the UK said its bursaries are only for Seychellois with English origin, and the French did the same?  This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Some dogs will always bite the hand that feeds it. The Sarah Rene and her land episode showed this clearly. Seychellois learnt a lesson of ‘use and spit out’. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?
Flory Larue

The land issue selectively raised has got many running to get details on who owns what? But more importantly on who owned what before making big bucks through speculation. Example who sold Florry’s Aunty her Sans Soucis property if not the good doctor himself? Who has the large piece of undeveloped property opposite the Inter Island Quay on the road after Ocean Gate House for instance? This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

MNA Afif spoke with real expertise on the land issue especially on the question of speculation. Having two bits of government land and constructing a main home on one plot and a dwelling for rental on the second plot shows the speculation strategy. Millions will be earned in due course when the second home is sold. Afif is right and he will make the millions. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?
Ahmed Afif

More hands will be bitten by the desperate dog we are feeding. The Australian trip will put some new Seychellois in close connection to the ‘ready to bite’ ungrateful dog. Wear thick gloves when feeding the dog. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Danny Faure has a new Cabinet of Ministers and the weakest the country has ever had. He is said to be more accommodating when dealing with his Ministers fearing a resignation in the middle of the co-habitation that is now showing its true colours. DP of Paul Chow and Frank Elizabeth could have told you this was coming. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

If I fall, more will fall with me said several lawyers and CAA is said to be in a fix. Corruption was rampant and that should not stop they are warned because some very close will also fall. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Slush Funds bring real big bucks and the country seems unable to deal with this serenade. Imagine 5 million US Dollars for 4 passports. 15 million dollars for agreeing for the island to go... 500 thousand rupees for raising ONE compulsory acquired land issue. 500 thousand rupees for not raising 180 redundancies at a big hotel. AND SO MUCH MORE. We must be the most crooked country and will come out first in the next world listing index. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Electricity has gone up and Seychellois are shocked with their latest invoices. Elected MNAs did not try to get the latest increased stopped by raising a Private Members Bill like they did for the Off Shore rich folks. The poor Seychellois are always given the raw deal. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Air Seychelles with a smaller plane cannot carry day-old chicks from Mauritius. Chaos getting deeper and the National Airline are just oblivious to the let down it is causing. Who is running this airline that belongs to Seychelles? Can’t they see they are a letdown? This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

LP Congress is coming and the party is set to change its name once again. From SPUP to SPPF to LP and now another branding to finish off the party of Albert Rene. Sarah Rene and her daughters played with fire in 2016 and they destroyed the legacy of Albert Rene. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

This is all for today. Elections are coming and some are just trying to delay the inevitable. Call it today and end the bleeding. Seychelles today has two choices to make in the coming elections. Vote Danny Faure or Wavel Ramkalawan and get more of the same. Both could have changed the tough life being experienced by hard working Seychellois if they had waned to do so. “A vote for Danny or Wavell will give you five more years of all the suffering you are experiencing today” said a frustrated green supporter before adding that anything else would be better. Others are saying that Seychelles must be saved from total dictatorship. Wavel controls the Assembly and soon the Judiciary will have one of his men at the head. If he gets the Presidency as well, all hell will be let loose and Seychellois will suffer even more. Seychelles must rally to save themselves. Tooth paste and toilet paper has VAT, and imported clothes now have no VAT pushing Seychellois seamstresses looking overseas for work. Do we need more years of this madness? Minister Lalanne spoke about a new version of profit when answering questions in the National Assembly about Air Seychelles. The Lalanne accounting brand gave him the Ministry of Finance, now he can introduce his brand on the national scale and we can all better appreciate the cost of the Meriton Palace under construction by an Indian Construction Company. Plus as change…Can Seychelles have the Land Committee to see who has had two pieces of land or more from the Government.  Some have land and getting more at providence today. Some of us still have nothing. Did the Air Seychelles package get to Australia? The loveliness and well packed parcel will raise many an eyebrow in Australia and many even drops the Big Head (excuse the pun) character developed since end 2016 by the carrier of that parcel. Blondie, Blondie please move on and let my Sister K alone. We are tired of your meddling. You change a cosy small affair into a nightmare. Get a life girl.

Bye for now,

Ugly B



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