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Wavel solicited letter of support from the President

Honorable Ramkalawan has been caught in the eye of a storm and he is doing all he can to defuse this situation. The views of many people on Facebook and elsewhere alleges that he was directly or indirectly involved in a tumultuous situation. This newspaper has no proof of the accusations being levelled at the Honorable Leader so far; however, there are many questions to be asked and answers to be provided by Honorable Ramkalawan.

The President had already said that the case was brought before him and he granted the passports on humanitarian grounds. This newspaper doesn’t believe the President. We believe that he is hiding something and might also be protecting some people. We are of the view that some pressure and/or seduction played a big part in getting the President to arrive at his decision to grant citizenship.

It is clear that in the letter dated 3rd April, 2018 by Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan to Mr. Danny Faure in the fourth chapter in line five Wavel knows a lot more than what he is…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

I apologise to all the readers for missing last week’s issue, but I am a fervent catholic and was strictly observing the period of lent to be ready for Easter.

I cannot be long this week in case I am sued because we have now thrown the Democracy baby away with the bathtub still full of water to the dogs.

“There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech” said Idi Amin. In Seychelles this is translated to freedom after speech with a million rupee defamation claim in court.

Seychelles is on a path for early presidential elections or is it a case of both Danny Faure and Payeye just playing with the Seychellois people. Elections are needed, this is quite clear and Ton Pat has been saying this since last year, but no one believed him. Our country is in a mess, cost of food going through the roof, fuel prices too high, electricity the highest ever and going up again. People are tired of all the talking and now want some actions. For the Off-Shore Sector the LDS sho…


In the previous order of things, it was always a two-horse race for political power in the Seychelles.  On the one hand there was always the supposedly under-funded opposition SNP against the state-sponsored and over-greased ruling party PL.

Whilst many believed in this being an eternal battle until the end of time as we know it, others took heart in the knowledge that with perseverance comes victory.   The latter group was proven right in the 2015 Presidential elections.  In the first round of elections SNP polled 20,540 or 33.93% of the vote.  Had the issue been a 2 horse race the difference between PL and SNP being 8,371 votes or 13.5% of the total valid vote, would have settled the matter there and then.  Many believe that SNP had thrown in the towel (or sold it) long before the first vote was cast.

The saving grace came in the form of Lalyans Seselwa led by Patrick Pillay with a voter count of 8,593 or 14.19% pushed PL into a second round of presidential elections.  Under the cu…

SR700, 000 for PL and LDS each monthly

Parti Lepep and LDS get SR700, 000 each monthly from the Government as political funding. This amounts to SR1.4 million in total every month. The Government can use that money to build at least two houses for the homeless per month; it comes to 24 houses for a whole year. The people are entitled to know how this money is being spent by both PL and LDS.

This money is on top of the monthly salary, yearly gratuity and end of term bonus they collect from the National SR700, 000 for PL and LDS each monthly Assembly. This is totally unacceptable and the practice must end “ASAP” because both LDS and PL are not putting that money to good use for the betterment of the country or their members. There are allegations that this money is being used to share between top people in the parties. It is alleged that LDS is paying one of its Leaders SR100, 000 per month and they are topping up the pension of another to SR100, 000. How can that be? They need to either deny or confirm the allegations and …

Why is Wavel so fearful of Alain St.Ange

Again this week the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly took full advantage of his privileges from the floor in the parliament to insult people who he feels can beat him at the polls. This is an unfair advantage and an abuse of his post at the head of the opposition in the Assembly. The Speaker said nothing, or try reining him back. Wavel and his colleagues in LDS have developed an obsession with the former minister for tourism. Several political pundits are saying that he fears St. Ange and that he is trying hard to cast doubts on the character of the former minister.

Alain St.Ange is now retired and living on his pension, he has a lot of time on his hands and still has a lot to offer. He could have decided to stay at home and enjoy himself watching TV, reading a book or entertain himself in other ways. But, he is doing a lot of voluntary work for the community without claiming any salary and/or expenses. He has a wealth of experience, which he is using to help those in…

The Tyrant Is Back!

Ramkalawan knows the power of SAINT ANGE. He was always scared of the man, a popular and successful Ex-Minister who could easily defeat him.

In the Seychelles National Assembly Ramkalawan is showing he is a fearful and paranoid Opposition Leader.

He is obsessed and constantly reminding Seychelles that Alain St Ange is his adversary. He brings up the name St Ange at every opportunity.

Today, in the Assembly he could not refrain himself from talking about Alain St Ange and the Etihad - Air Seychelles contract knowing full well that it was Joel Morgan who was responsible for the Transport Department and the said contract.

He is making a mockery of himself because of his psychoticbehaviour. Some are even saying on his toilet door he has a framed photo a of St Ange because it eases his constipation.

Lets remind the people of Seychelles it was Ramkalawan who said to the Arabs and Etihad to pack up their bags and leave. This has contributed in the redundancy of 200 Seychellois by Air Seychelle…