Why is Wavel so fearful of Alain St.Ange

Again this week the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly took full advantage of his privileges from the floor in the parliament to insult people who he feels can beat him at the polls. This is an unfair advantage and an abuse of his post at the head of the opposition in the Assembly. The Speaker said nothing, or try reining him back. Wavel and his colleagues in LDS have developed an obsession with the former minister for tourism. Several political pundits are saying that he fears St. Ange and that he is trying hard to cast doubts on the character of the former minister.

Alain St.Ange is now retired and living on his pension, he has a lot of time on his hands and still has a lot to offer. He could have decided to stay at home and enjoy himself watching TV, reading a book or entertain himself in other ways. But, he is doing a lot of voluntary work for the community without claiming any salary and/or expenses. He has a wealth of experience, which he is using to help those in need of his assistance. This is very commendable and the leaders of the country should be thanking him for his input. He has not abandoned the people like Wavel did, when he lost the 2011 presidential election; for four years and came back early 2016. During the time away from politics Wavel went into the construction business and fell in love with Glenny.

The devotion of St.Ange is now a big problem for Wavel and several of his sycophants in LDS. They spend their time targeting Alain St.Ange for no apparent reason. This week they tried blaming St.Ange for the situation with Air Seychelles. The former minister told this newspaper over the phone that he never negotiated any contract with Etihad and had not even seen a copy of the document. The way that Wavel Ramkalawan was going on about St.Ange in the Assembly this week one would be forgiven to think that St.Ange was president. Wavel must get over his phobia fast because Alain St.Ange could well become his worst nightmare at the next presidential election…    



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