In the previous order of things, it was always a two-horse race for political power in the Seychelles.  On the one hand there was always the supposedly under-funded opposition SNP against the state-sponsored and over-greased ruling party PL.

Whilst many believed in this being an eternal battle until the end of time as we know it, others took heart in the knowledge that with perseverance comes victory.   The latter group was proven right in the 2015 Presidential elections.  In the first round of elections SNP polled 20,540 or 33.93% of the vote.  Had the issue been a 2 horse race the difference between PL and SNP being 8,371 votes or 13.5% of the total valid vote, would have settled the matter there and then.  Many believe that SNP had thrown in the towel (or sold it) long before the first vote was cast.

The saving grace came in the form of Lalyans Seselwa led by Patrick Pillay with a voter count of 8,593 or 14.19% pushed PL into a second round of presidential elections.  Under the current banner of LDS, which united all opposition parties, PL again won with 31,512 (50.15%) against LDS 31,319 (49.85%).  Blind-sided by the ensuing 2016 National Assembly elections results that saw LDS the first-ever opposition majority party in the National Assembly, ZB began plotting his way to the Presidential State House.

A lust and greed for power and money saw ZB lay stake to be the LDS Presidential candidate, where only a few months he derisively dismissed a call by Ton Pat for fresh presidential elections in the Seychelles.  When making his presidential claims, ZB made a serious miscalculation causing him an unending series of catastrophes.

In the 2016 elections ZB was a losing candidate in the English River district, where had he any bones and principles of democracy he should have resigned.  Worse still ZB announced his presidential candidature on the international stage whilst on a trip to India.  There his presidential thrust was portrayed as that of an SNP candidate.

To further infuriate the grassroots supporters, ZB went to promote the Assomption Island agreement ceding the island’s sovereignty to India.  This mess of unimaginable proportions is what ZB is frantically trying to sweep under the carpet.

It is indeed a daunting task, given the micromanagement mentality of SNP; no grassroots structures within the LDS are active.  ZB spends his time creating more enemies than friends with his abrasive and domineering attitude of never giving space and always hogging the limelight.


With LDS having been in the Assembly under the leadership of ZB for nearly 18 months trying to make-up for lost ground and time does not bode well for any presidential election results for ZB.  His plans to get the Assomption agreement through by stealth will put paid to any State House ambitions he currently holds. 

ZB put his head on the international block on 2 counts the first being the early ratification of the Assomption Island agreement and the second being the ease with which he would secure victory in the upcoming presidential elections he would call for.


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