Wavel solicited letter of support from the President

Honorable Ramkalawan has been caught in the eye of a storm and he is doing all he can to defuse this situation. The views of many people on Facebook and elsewhere alleges that he was directly or indirectly involved in a tumultuous situation. This newspaper has no proof of the accusations being levelled at the Honorable Leader so far; however, there are many questions to be asked and answers to be provided by Honorable Ramkalawan.

The President had already said that the case was brought before him and he granted the passports on humanitarian grounds. This newspaper doesn’t believe the President. We believe that he is hiding something and might also be protecting some people. We are of the view that some pressure and/or seduction played a big part in getting the President to arrive at his decision to grant citizenship.

It is clear that in the letter dated 3rd April, 2018 by Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan to Mr. Danny Faure in the fourth chapter in line five Wavel knows a lot more than what he is prepared to tell. He wrote, ‘It would also definitely help if you could name the person who discussed this matter with you. This would definitely put a close to the speculations’. This particular statement proves beyond any doubt that Wavel knows more about this matter than he is letting out. What has Wavel got to hide? Instead of asking the President to name the person who discussed the matter with him, Wavel can do it himself in the spirit of transparency. This little line in the fourth paragraph is a big bundler by Wavel Ramkalawan.

We all remember that it was Wavel Ramkalawan who tabled a PNQ in 2017 for the minister of Home Affairs, Mrs Mitcy Larue; asking for the status of the gentleman and his family in the country at the time to be made public. When the Minister informed him that the President had granted the gentleman and his family Seychellois citizenship; Wavel Ramkalawan said nothing to indicate that he was unhappy about this situation.

No one from the PL side spoke and the other LDS members in parliament also refrained from expressing concern or any reservation on the matter. It was a sign that they all agreed with the decision that the President had taken to grant Mr. El-Materi Seychellois citizenship. This situation spoke volumes and the general public felt that maybe there was a deal on the go, it was very strange behavior coming from this National Assembly; not to say a word on such a controversial issue.

It w
we have it from a reliable source that it was five million dollars and not ten million that was on the table since a long time placed by the Qatari.
as then that the allegation of five million dollars started to surface; however, in the international media they mentioned ten million dollars – as quoted by a journalist from Today in Seychelles at the first live press conference for 2018 with President Faure at the State House. But,

In the third paragraph of his letter the Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan wrote about fake e-mails being circulated. In a sense the fake emails are not far from reality the author of these e-mails must have based his invention on what took place in the National Assembly in 2017; when no one in LDS apart from Wavel spoke on the issue. WHY? Surely, the silence of the MNAs  (LDS & PL) on such a sensitive matter was enough to get the rumor mill going with no sign of abating until the real truth and nothing but the truth surfaces. Wavel must stop crying wolf. 



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