SCCI Proposes Strategy To Work With Ministry of Finance


20.12.2013 | REF: MF032

Chamber of Commerce to work more closely with Finance Ministry

The Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment (MFTI) and the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) will next year work more closely with a view to bring on board more proposals from the business community toward the work of the MFTI.

This point was made during a meeting today between SCCI councillors and the Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment, Pierre Laporte. Those discussions centred on the 2014 Budget address and to mark the end of the year.
Mr Laporte gave a commitment for more regular meetings with the Chamber during 2014 in order to gain more private sector input and participation in the budget preparations and other policy decisions going forward.
“Next year we need to talk more often and we will be happy to look at proposals from SCCI as contributions to the 2015 budget,” he stated.
Discussions at the meeting were hailed as fruitful, with pertinent and constructive input made by the SCCI councillors on topics such as enabling SME growth, local investment opportunities, the impact of the salary increase on private businesses, and the tax regime.
In particular, suggestions to make the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tax more equitable for businesses were tabled, for which the Minister expressed his readiness to consider. Both sides agreed to conduct further analysis on the proposals which would be discussed during the coming year.
The Chairman of the SCCI, Marco Francis, expressed his support for the 2014 Budget on issues such as the Port Victoria development project, the extended support for the Fisheries Development Fund and e-government initiatives.
 “SCCI is all about promoting economic growth for the people. I think it is vital to understand that merely because we do not agree with every proposal from Government that we are against Government,” said Mr Francis.
“As Government, we recognize your mandate as a very important one,” agreed Minister Laporte. He further acknowledged the help that SCCI offered towards identifying policy issues that would help the private sector become more robust and vibrant.
The two sides also discussed the issue of Government contribution toward the SCCI. In 2013, Government gave a SR500,000 contribution to the Chamber and in 2014 it will increase this contribution to SR750,000. Minister Laporte urged SCCI members to contribute more actively to the funding of the organization.
Mr Laporte thanked the SCCI for their input and said that MFTI would meet with the Chamber on a quarterly basis in 2014 to work together on issues affecting the business community in Seychelles.

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  1. Laporte moves go in the rifht direction.While most businesses agrred to CSR it must be kept in mind that CSR in defintion is an atruistic voluntary responsibility for it has to do with externalities.When CSR is not voluntary it is action under duress.In other words,PP forced CSR can be considered a second tax on businesses.

    Now,Laporte somewhere in his comment said"CSR will help boost economic growth.I disagree with Laporte,for CSR is not a normal way of boost economic growth,Growth is achieved by productivity.Neither should CSR money collected be used to pay back govt.Debt,overspending,wastage,double salary and pension for life.

    As a CSR contributor iwould like to see the benefit of CSR, i would like that CSR money usage is defined and used for specific National projects such as :Sponsoring our healthcare system,Building an artificial DAm to sovle our water shortage probelm for centuries to come,to develop new businesses(to boost economic growth) and boost enterpreneurship,sponsor projects such as renewedable energy etc....

    Morevoer,governemnt shouldnot just racket businesses it should also lead by example by for instance,cancelling their self-given double salary increment,fight corruption,overspending,wastage,and cancelled their pension for life.

    There is no justification that individuals who are physically and mentally fit to the likes RAM,pocket millions in illegal DOLL while as a physically fit persons he should be contributing to the country developemnt by doing an active job and also to make a living as any other Seychellois does namely by Working.Pp cannot continue to to encourage individuals like RAM to live on DOLL as if he is an handicap/DIsable who needs State helps.Such pratices encourage a culture of laziness,dependency on state.RAM should be send find a real job,and deliver his civic duty .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. WHile i agree with Laporte that the S`CCI as an organization(very important roganization) should find means to fiance itself,we must must ask Laporte also to ensure that RAM finds himself a job and stop depedending of illegal pension for life,as a handicap.What Laporte gave to SCCI (which has a useful purposes)is not a drop of water in the Coean of minister self-given double salry,and pension for life.Illegal life pension cost our country multi-millions annaully thus it should be revised or cancelled.Cancel becuase i think any public servant earning over SR20 000 monthly should start paying TAX and stop beneeftiing from free healthcare, i equally think EXPATS earning more than Sr 10 000 should aslo be made to contribute,the latter already benefit much more than locals with free house,free car,free flight ticket,free accommodation,bonus,etc...Some might argue that we all equal under the law so no need to pay tax while the rest of the population do not.WEll.first.the slary they earn is astrnomic and often voted by those concerns for thmeslves.Then i could argue that making those in the public sectors earning Sr 20 000 pay their dues,can be considered a positive descrimination.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. After Dr Michel we have Dr FAURE graduated from the same Indain UNi as Michel.Their motto is when you cannot achieve one by hard and studious working at UNIVERSATIES then no worry The Indain Uni would give you one.I was told his thesis was about economy due to his experience as minister o ffinance the same two guys namely Michel/FUare who bankrupted us dry.

    Now at last FAURE can gave up his degree earned in CUba in rolling Cigars--for FAR--and could compete with Michel at the same level.

  4. Hijira ALma--donot sound Seychellois---Should maybe consider making Ministers earning over SR 20 000 monthly to make their contribution ,by paying Tax on their big fat salary.MAybe Laporte should stop sucking money from business persons and start paying his dues.I donot see why Laporte think business persons should give more from what is left after paying what are legally allow when he and his colleagues are eraning a big salary and all kinds of perks and donot pay INCOMe tax.tHEY CANNOT KEEP robbing Seychellois,serving themslves from our coffers at will,get bonus,life pension and all the other perks and walk out contributing nothing while they mis-manage the country and ask Seychellois to do the sacrifice to pay back for their mess.

    LAPORTE pay you Income tax!

  5. Faure has a honorary degree. It is a publicity stunt. Same was done for James Michel. It means nothing. Especially from AMITY University. My God! Idi Amin Faures ex president could get one from there.

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    Yesterday it was our National Symbol the Coco De Mer who was attacked probably by Chinese thugs as many western tvs have shown happenng e.g in Tanzanai where Chinese sponsor,provide arms to locals in order to vcarry porching og Elelphant Ivories.In the Coco de Mer case ,it is no doubt that Chinese were behind,They are known from eating anything and destroying everything and have no sense toward enviroenemnt protection and so on.



  7. Profanation by Pp hard drug addicts Hooligans.A product of PP Rennaissance moral policy.Influence by Michel examples of wickedness .

    Jeanne D'Arc


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