Seychelles Moves Towards Greater Militarization of Tourism Based State‏

After the US led and EU ATALANTA joint coordination task force to reduce piracy in the entire region crushed piracy reports along the Somalia coast and Seychelles waters by 90%, one would have expected a victory announcement from the Group and followed by Seychelles government declaring the fight against piracy a Victory, informing the World Seychelles is safe for travel.
Not Seychelles under James Michel. The PL government has received so much international support and their shortfalls in best democratic practice have been ignored to co-opt their assistance in the fight against piracy, that feared losing financial assistance from these countries.
Hence, made no announcement of a Victory against the pirates. Though in reality, many pirate leaders are on the run, caught, in jail, dead, facing trial, running  for their lives from US Drone attacks in their abode. It is the drones that is keeping them on the run, and the unofficial policy of shoot and ask questions later on the high seas.

Seychelles Military Build Up
Instead of reducing the military program in the age of drones, and international cooperation and assistance in the region, the Michel Administration is increasing and building up the military program in Seychelles at a time when we are at peace in the region, and hostile neighbors are being watched carefully by USA, India, and even People Republic of China (PRC) is getting into the gig in the Indian Ocean region with its mighty naval forces build up.
Most recently, Michel Administration has run for the SBC camera, guns, bullets, armory and anew facilities under construction to demonstrate his administrations military build- up effort. Since PRC has backed down from supporting Michel Administration in military areas, because it poses conflict and concern with India and USA, Michel has sought out the assistance of the UAE to finance a military build- up.

Michel At War With Himself
James Michel in my opinion, is the saddest person on this earth. He seems to suffer from acute insecurity complex. He has no formal education at University level or High School, yet he is tasked with running a country. He is running it into the ground. Since 2004 we have been able to achieve at best a “B” rating from Fitch ( B means vulnerable).Too bad for us. His money is stashed away nicely, in BVI company accounts as exposed by SFP. I only ask why no paper will publish what we have posted with credits?
To compensate for this insecurity in education, Mr. Michel had Rolf Payet cajole a Honorary Degree from Amity University in India for him. He was sure to get a cap and gown, red, and show him standing in line to receive a Honorary Degree.

Mr. Michel, let me explain to you Sir, in all politeness, a Honorary Degree, does not confer any education, knowledge or insight unto you. It does not make you look any smarter. In fact, I would say it makes you look even more stupid then you may think, because you stand in a line in cap and gown with others that worked hard for what they have earned, and they did not steal it or cajole their way through graduation. If I were you, Sir, before the IMF turns up in March,2014 again for a new program, hide that picture. Stop fighting yourself, and trying to hide your demons of your past.
It applies to your education, or lack of it, and it applies to your perception that someone is out to get you, so you need to increase your military at a time, when we should be giving it a rest and focus on the building of our economy in a serious way, and taking care of our security by co-opting international players other then Sunni UAE, because where Sunni go, Shiittes will follow.
Costa Rica Happiest Country In The World
1.      Michel Administration is facing United Nations pressure and USA on Human Trafficking and sex workers, construction workers arriving in planes piled in containers, in Seychelles, the international pressure is about to be placed on Seychelles. Jean Paul Adam, Minister of Foreign Affairs, will have a tough time bouncing and jumping his way out of this mess, validated by the UN, exposed by the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) when everyone else went to sleep or were pre occupied with planting hairs on their head.

2.Reports Without Borders Down Grades Seychelles, on Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Expression. Not even recruited Pauline Ferrari could put on a show on the radio to cover the disgrace after 22 years of Multi-party had been declared. The Madam that designed ZOMN LIB and proud of it, was lost for words, on radio, and mumbled:” ah, be,…. I have to get back to Paris,….. ah, to see what this is all about….ah non, non, pa ditou…” ( in an anba coco French accent).
Mr. Michel, deliver on the promises of Democracy made in 1992 by Rene and yourself, and you will have no one running after you, not even ghost of those who died, because they knew you, at the wrong place, and at the wrong time.
Wishing Arch Bishop French a long life, does not vindicate the death of Davidson Chang Him his brother, of which, you are still a co conspirator to murder.
That is why you need to increase the military, because you have not made peace with your past, you have covered it up, under ZOMN LIB, built by Wavel Ramkalawan’s father. He too is not at peace with that piece of metal art work.
He sued me in defamation to degrade Seychelles ratings with Reporters Without Borders.
2.     No Human Rights Report After 22 Years
Can you believe it? Seychelles remains under SANCTION for non performance on the human rights country report. What are you PL SPPF afraid of?
In all of this, I would like to mention, Costa Rica shut down its army and military in 1946 after the war. They are a people at peace with themselves, and are listed as the Happiest People in The World. They have laws, and people live by them. They have investment codes, and clearly outlined laws on property (basis of national wealth), that allow growth and prosperity for all its people, and not just a few of its people who cajole national wealth in their names.
My suggestion to Mr. Michel is this: stop fighting yourself, stop using the possibility of remote unlikely outside threats to build up a military, when you can be using resources to build up a country and people, so you do not need a military. 

Live up to the promises of Democracy, and stop faking it in Seychelles.
We all know you and Khalifa are building up the military to impose your will on the People of Seychelles and to strong arm them into submission under the will of Khalifa, the UAE SUNNI dictator that pulls your strings.
Mr. Michel:Seychelles cannot be strong arm into submission .
What will you do when the fires start again?
What will you do when UAE Tourist start getting murdered in Five star hotel rooms? In St. Croix Viring Islands, the a thriving Tourism Industry was shut down with a golf course massacre of golfers on holiday in the 1980’s by hard line frustrated Rastafarians who lost access to the beach.
What will you do when boats start to sink again?
What will you do when engineers for Air Seychelles commit sabotage on the planes?
What will you do when government staff sabotage offices again?
What will you do when the Police turn corrupt again because they do not believe in you, since you send Gurhkas to Lord over them which tramples on Seychelles sovereignty ? A People have a right to be policed by their own people, not foreign forces, Mr. Michel.
These are the problems you create when you impose your will on a People whose only wish is to be free, live in freedom, mutual respect, and not be strong armed to their knees by foreigners, and your tenacity for dictatorship. The dictator never beats the will for Freedom of his people, you should know that by now, if you have read any books, on your shelf.
Remember Mr. Michel: we were once a slave based economy. Then we were a
one party state economy. We have no intention of turning back to please you into a false sense of security, while IMF returns, and signs up another Agreement with you, because you continually fail Seychelles.
Turn a new leaf, announce a round table of all parties, lets discuss what needs to be done to bring this country into full democratic status and make it free. Air it on SBC stop using teleprompters and practiced speeches to interact with the People.

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. we all have dreams & we all have vision..It is not always ours to see the real. Life moves around the bend it seems though we can achieve by sincere zeal...Water resource in the Seychelles would be a dream come true, but that is it 'our dreams' sadly are not the GOS dreams...The tyrants governmnet dreams and vision is to get rich fast
    . Sadly it became an addiction, the richer they get the more greedy they become.Clearly I see where and how it looks, Seychelles is sinking and leaders are too busy scraping what they can instead of unite to find a better solution to this dangerous hazard.

    Our dreams our vision are not those of the tyrants nor the leaders. Bulle has his reason for hiding, Wavel has his reason to sleep on duty, Pierre is a maharajah brew pot . Can Ralph and Gill be the two with reasonable influence of taking Seychelles to a better level? Well we will just have to wait and see.

    As we scream, as we curse as we insults the tyrants laughs all the way to the bank with our hard laboring goodies!! Pride has taken over our faith, instead of uniting we tear each other apart, we block each other and we all think that we are better than others. What a sad world we live in. And we expect to find justice, peace and freedom. (got to be kidding yourself right) wake up to your senses bunch of morons!

    We want our freedom to practice that which we hold dear the dignity of humanity, our rights and religious beliefs, soon we will be oppress in covering our face, because this tyrants government are selling us out.

    We are the people of this land, we believe in the power of the cross, we are not creatures of bad habits (except PL who thinks the sun shine in their stinky butt) we are people with dreams and vision . We are no longer free to practice our voice be heard, without being victimised... Our life as a race is ending on a very sad note, just like unity just like brotherhood. (Use your head and senses and you will know what I mean)

    The end of Seychellois has arrived, and the price paid will be great. You know my writing is the truth. No unity No Seychelles cursing will change anything.

    Having saying this all I'm left is a few more chapter after my book is completed. Wavel hold on to your horses, my truth will boil your tongue and burn your rear end. You will want to sue me for sure, but guess what I have proof and they are not black and white they are in bright colours.

    Many interesting characters from cursing mouth, to blessing intention. Some will be happy some will wish they have never been born.
    A little chapter
    on every traitor. Bonne nuits mes amies, a bientot!

    1. Ralph Volcere? Mais non. He is a sell out. You can have him to yourself!

    2. On Wavel, you should let it out. What are you waiting for? It does not help the cause if you continue to hold it back. You might end up with depression or worse, a cardiac arrest!

  2. Wake up people of Seychelles.
    Look what is going on in Venezuela.
    Students are demonstrating for their FREEDOM AND EXPRESSION.
    Let us stand up by OPPOSITIONS and do it!

  3. The psychopath Michel had enough arms and Ak 47 to rap our democracy but not enough means to defence our terriritories and soveriegnty and that after 40 years of independence.

    Since 2010 with the massive present of the Nato ,piracy in the region was reduced by more than 90 percent,and since then most rare attacks have taken placed in the Aden sea not in our Waters,.

    Michel the buthcer has been long using piracy as a blackhorse to pocket fianacial helps from abraod but though all those helps nothing has really change in regards to our defnece capacity to upgrade significantly our Naval force in accordance with the degree of threats.One should ask Michel why our Navy is still in this shape?Where is all the ofreign money given to boost our naval capacity?

    After trying to sell Seychellois fake Chinese_Seychelles Celebration Day ,The Butcher must find a mean and justification that would still allow him to let our territorial waters at the mercy of Chinese Naval.So Fielfdmarshal Michel has an idea."Well,create a priacy attack with ex-pirates hold prisoners in our prison ,create one if it does not exist then we will have a good excuse to allow Chinese to dance the Dragon dance in our EEZ, disguise as--fight against Piracy"

    We must n9ot forget that we not dealing with a monster but also an atheist.Since Atheist Michel does not beleive in GOD,he surely think that for this reason He can allow himself to do wahtever he wants.He is nourished by delusion that obstructs the views of the realities,so there had to be a speical condition under which disturbed people could gain a political power(coup d'etat).When you donot beleive in GOd you donot have spiritual guidiance,you think man Kind is worthless and can be used ,exploited as we do use animals and that they could be dictated,controlled which is asl oan intellectual failure.but it is also a threat to Huaman progress,and danger toHumanity.

    When you have a half-brain,atheist crusader,combine with a genetic inherited inpulsion to murder,then you got a monster to the likes ot Michel the butcher.The dogma imprisonment of Humanity.

    Disbeleif in GOD lead to idioliSES hUMAN BEINGS as demonstrated daily by the Butcher as it was also for Hilter,Stalin,Moa ,because they convivnced themsleves that if there is a god IT COULD NONOE THAN THMESLVES AND if anyone could improve Huamnity for hteir own.

    No rational movemnet dedicated to intellectual courage and honesty should maintain a relationship with those from whom intellectual laziness,dishonesty,and cowardish is a way of life.Hence our commitment to turth we counter those psychopathic monsters to the likes of Michel the Butcher and ilks.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Military programme only to save pp ass some guys had told them they are coming 2016 pp are getting ready.This military programme just for crooks that afraid of their shadow and afraid some pepoles bring the end of them in power,this military programme not a military programme to fight against piracy to save the ass of a gang of mafia.

  5. to the first commet

    Could Chris take Seychelles to a higher asked?Surely for now we at level ZERO.I can iamgine how hard it is for some who live so long under one aprty system and might have been brain-washed into believeing PP is divinity and nothing else could be better than what PP does and say.But for those have ssen the world,see how things are,and live real democracy the question of IF would the Oppostion be better than PP,is a question that is tacit.

    Can we build our own TUNA SEINER fleet and pocket the bulk part from our Natural resources?YES.
    CAn we be the Switzerland ofAfrica?Yes,we have all the potential to be ,In fact we should have been since a long time ago,should PP teorrists did not rape our democracy and impeded progresss.
    Could we solve our water shortage?Yes.Solvution has only been given to PP,all pp has to do is act.Can we do better?Yes,one simple and natural reason why is that progress is more invident in democracy,where poeple participate in decisions making .

    And since it seem to me you have doubts--i would ask you to mediate a while and answer this question by yourself?WOuld fishing our Tuna ourselves make us geenrate multi -millions(not to say billion) of dollars now pocket by Foreign Seiners?Answer,Should be straight forward for someone with clear mind.

    In the closing,if we where much better off during the colonial time with little exploitation of our Natural resources, i guess we could undoubtly be better off when we exploit our Natural resources wisely and ourslves and pocket the revenues and allow others to rob us and then pay a handful of crooks bribes in order that they stay blind and allow the robbery to continue. .:

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Where is Mr DIAVEDSON chang him corps Michel?Just ia piece of adivce to the Bishop.PP might inimitadte you by clasifying you a SEYCHELLOIS WITH CHINESE ORIGIN a new word in the vocabulary of PP to create division.As you well KNow,such definition is used by Nations whose own NAtions were built on racism--but SeychellOIs never use such a word to describe his fellow brother or Sisiter becuase it was never part of our vocabulary and our state of mind.

    PP wants to clafsify Seychellois b origine as a menas to create division,maybe PP thought racism will help CHines colonisation and maybe Pp thought the so call Seychellois of Chinese orgine would rally behind PP/CHina fake Clelbration and create a BASE of support for the fake CHINE _SEYCHELLES celebration which intention is to try and make us love CHINES in order that it could dance Dragon dance in our water.Dito ,with what PP label as Seychellois of Indain Origine.

    Jeanne D`^arc

  7. As well-stated above--Michel should be alittle wiser and callon all political parties around a round table in order to make the first important step toward real change.He could take a leaf from ex-Dictator of SPAIN namely FRANCESCO FRANCO who voluntarily gave powr back to the people and restore the long traditional Monarchy of Spain imperative in having the people unite,ensuring stability etc...
    He could follow PINOCHET who was also as wicked as Michel but did not hesitate to give back power to civilians too.Gerry RWALINGS of Ghana did gave power to civilian rules too by taking the initiative by himself.etc------

    Could Michel do the same?Of course,if he has a functional brain and fellings,cullability?DO he has them?WEll,He has a change to show us that that he has them by doing What SFp porposes--Bring all party around a round Table and work togetherfor the betterment of our people and country.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  8. ON MILITARY--------As the article stresses out why not take example from COSTA RICA Michel?Maybe due to Michel's illiteracy in geography, he could not figure out where COSTA RICA is to be found on a map.Lets simply things for him by saying MAURITUIS instead of COSTA RICA:

    Pp would argue that an army not only defence our soveriegnty but create job.Yes Michel,it creates job becuase of the fialure of PP to create new industries,new businesses,be creative,innovative etc...

    While i would agree that due to our massive EEZ we need a naval forces,Yes,But what the pruposes of having two infantry and two artillery diviions each made up of thousands men?To do what General Michel?

    We could have only ONE smaller S pecial Ground forces of lets say 8oo men highly- trained,highly- proffesional,trained in artillery and infantry.I could imagine something like a SPEICLA GROUND FORCES twith the proffesionlism and caliber of the FRENCH LEGION,(a highly all rounder ground forces) that would be enough instead of having we thousands of men.(NB.when it comes to providing our men in uniform proffessional training,we already deenfit from them from the worlds best military--from the French,brits,Swedish,Norwagian,USA etc....and beleive me many nations are jealous of the good contact we have with those countires(probably due to our common history with EUropeans)many would like to benefit from the expertise of those Western friends,We have them,hence can provide even better training for our smaller army).

    In the 21st Cnetury and in a world of technology---the effectiveness of a defence ofrces to execute its task proffesionally do not depend on how big it is,how thousands men strong ther army,that was the army of the mediaval time when soldiers had to fight with spears,swords etc....In the 21st century and effective and power army is one that is Small with soldiers highly proffesional combine with the use of high-tech military wears,and the use of new technology.

    Israel,Japan,Singapour to name a few ,do not have a proffesional capable army becuase of the number of men they have but the proffessionalism of their soldiers and by using high-tech.

    The advantages by having a small,well-eqquipped army is that;1)you do not thousands of men,2)it providesa balance of force 3)The use of high tech compensate the deficit due to the amount men power 4)Use of high-tech military wears give allow you to do what a bigger army would using classical military wears.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Reply to "Could Chris Take Seychelles to a Higher Level"-
    Good question. Initially many of us thought Christopher Gill was just having a spat with his Uncle. As time moved on, we have all seen that what Gill has been saying all these years, have been highly relevant and on point. We give full credit where credit it due. What Gill seems to give us is an inside picture of power in Seychelles that no one else does. He does that with a tenacious ferver, that raises above fear and political correctness of the one party state mentality. No other politician in Seychelles has the education and sure footed nature of Gill. He has stood alone when he had too. He has joined others when he had to.
    Above all Christopher Gill and his party have single handedly given Seychellois a rallying identity that no other opposition party did. He made us all rally around the slogan of Sesel Pou Seselwa to help us understand where we come from-where we are- where we are going under the current system that abandoned this sacred principle set out by SPUP under Rene.This is not a light ideology and Gill has been able to temper it to apply to today and the problems we face today.

    If you look around PL believes in what? What does SNP stand for? DP what does it stand for today? Gill and company have identified an position that we all live everyday even if we do not think that it is Gill and company that sensitized us to Sesel pou Seselwa after we lost our way under one party state and after.

    It seems to me there is more to come with these young guys. They need your support to make things happen but they have really shaken the house up!

  10. FOr decades now.PP has been living in compete oblivion,as a comatose PAtientUNitl SFP comes to wake them out of their depp acute coma.

    SFP has provided PP with the neurorehabilitation programme it needs.Each Time SFP speaks out,PP always shows signs of reaction.


  11. 21.50
    you eloquently made the points so clear that ,i would just say " no comment"nothing to add.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. Michel dressed up like a fighter pilot and he took a picture of it and send it to Seychelles. Now that is really really stupid, because we all know Michel cannot fly even a De Havilland Twin Otter, yet alone fly a F-16.

    Stupidoo First Class.

  13. Don't get me wrong he can fly.
    He need to go on Kopolia mountain without harness and just jump over the cliff.

    Et voila
    Fly like a bird.

  14. then the crows will have a feast, eating of his mince meat, spate brain and eyes balls.

  15. Pirates!Michel and pp have made deal with pirates,all countries around the world took around 10 years to free their peoples been taking hostage not been free or some have been kill.How come you Morgan can free Seychellios hostage in just 1 or 2 two years?

    Morgan say to pirates to free our peoples than you can freely continue your activity in our EZZ and in the same time pp can benefit from aid from EU getting a few million Euro to put in their coffer for the coming election money that never spend or invest in our coastguard but spend to keep them afloat and alive.


  16. Guys think about it, for a moment-
    1. Michel touches the helm of the tankers, they sink into bankruptcy.

    2. Michel touches the pilot gear of Air Seychelles- it goes bankrupt.

    3. Michel acts like he is flying a F-16 from the tarmac the plane does not crash.- No Bankrupcty.

    4. The next time Seychelles has anything new, do not let James Michel touch it- he will bankrupt it.

    Keep him far far away.

    Better yet, James, take a hike, and move on fellow, you have been disaster from day one for us all, including PL.

  17. So if he can put his hand on a piece of rope he can wrap around his neck and jump dan kanal lasose.


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