Seychelles Holidays: Break News ....SAVOY HOTEL SEYCHELLES FLOODS OUT!

Seychelles Holidays: Break News ....SAVOY HOTEL SEYCHELLES FLOODS OUT!: Following heavy rains in North Mahe, the SAVOY HOTEL grounds flooded out as reported by SBC. The area was under water, red and muddy. Th...


  1. The price been paid,mother nuture are fucking angry with them crooks,bad planning making them paying the prices.Socialist with heart like there say on website I visit, have be come egoist,selfish turning themself into capitalisum don't care for their country by their distruction they have made in past 10 years.Socialist you are no more socialist with heart seen arabs other foreigners have landed with money.I pray god to degrade this Raffel hotel on praslin and it will happen with the help of god.

  2. Today in Seychelles nation.One way traffic at Francis Rachel street the man Michel shoot dead, just look in this picture those idiots put two lane our arrow one way traffic and the other one way traffic and you can turn right.I think you can change lane to go straight and then turn to the right,but were is the cutting lane in middle of this road - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -to allow you overtake to change lane to go straight and turn right?.if you don't have placard near this road overtake is not allowed ok the line in the middle of the road must stay----------------------------------------so if not should be so- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -that's why to much accident on Seychelles road.Me no see a placard by this road overtaking is not allowed.

    sorry guys for me to change topic.


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