James Michel Government Total Failure in Education- Back Fire!

It is a dangerous thing for a country to place at the leadership a position a person who has very little understanding of Education. When a people do this, they risk the future of a generation of children.  When a People do this, they fail their children and they fail to live up to the promises of a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Seychelles Spends 3% of GDP SCR. 480 Million
As Mcsuzy Mondon, Minister of Education, makes these boring speeches to our children and SBC airs them without ever questioning her, People of Seychelles beware, Mcsuzy Mondon is fooling James Michel every step of the way, to guarantee her comfortable job and big fat salary which will go to SCR. 63,000.00 with car, driver and VIP perks. Yet our children are failing.
The IGCSE scores in Seychelles Public schools is dismal and a humiliation that the SBC conspires with the Ministry of Education to fool the Public and perhaps fool Mr. Michel himself. Seychelles consistently averages 32% success rate for students that take this aptitude test each year and achieve at least only one “C” grade in one subject. The SBC and Ministry of Education usually announce a Pass percentage, which can mean 50% or worse then an “F” grade (failure), “G”. Who in the world claps their hands for a “F”? Only PL.  32% rate for one single subject in IGCSE, amazing when you consider that SCR. 480 Million is spent on the Ministry of Education per year. This means, the money is being wasted, squandered and the effort to educate our children has back fired under James Michel Administration. The buck stops on your desk Mr. Michel, because this Minister like others, has fooled you like there is no tomorrow. Mcsuzy Mondon is a teacher, with a Masters degree. Send her back into the class room to do what she can do best for Seychelles: Teach! Take her off the soft road of fat cats, that does not help our country at a critical time. Education needs serious players, who are willing to burn the midnight candle to sort out the mess Seychelles is in. It can be done.

Private Schools In Seychelles Exceed UK Standards
To show you Mr. Michel that Seychelles can excel under a different administration then yours, just look at the private schools in Seychelles that are doing an excellent job with Seychellois students, who are  not different then the students in Public School over funded and mal administered by your government.
The Private Schools are registering 96 % success for “c” grade or better in Seychelles for the IGCSE examinations with much less budget per pupil. The UK national average is merely 76%. This means there is no disadvantage to being in Seychelles to learn. The disadvantage is being in a school administered by your party Mr. President. There are numerous issues that are not working well, due to your government’s mal administration of Education.  Your PL educational dossier is backing firing on the children of Seychelles. You are failing a generation.

High Salaries For Politicians Low Pay For Teachers
Under your government Mr. Michel, the salaries for politicians are outrageously high for a micro state. By June, a minister will get SCR. 63,000.00 and an MNA will get SCR. 30,000.00 and pensioned politicians will get about the same. This is made. Yet teachers are paid a fraction of these huge pay cuts.
If teachers are not paid well, you will not get good teachers, simple. If you want to stop failing teachers Mr. Michel, cut the salaries for politicians that just say Yes to you, and increase salaries for teachers, by 35% in 2014, and 35% in 2015.

Not Every Child Will Be A Rocket Scientist Mr. Michel
We know not every child will be a rocket scientist. That is ok. But every child must have a chance to be the best they can be given the circumstances of their family life, their environment, and their ability. That means for many children Mr. Michel, you will need an army of social workers and probations officers, to monitor in a systematic manner, the progress of each child at school and at home. It is not enough to ask parents to come to PTA when parents themselves are on drugs, or in jail or facing court charges to end up in jail. Our people today need the help of social workers probation officers to relearn how to cope with a ever mre complicated life for most people.
We may live around coconut trees and the ocean but Seychelles under your term of office has become a very complicated place to live and our people many, perhaps most, do not have the life skills necessary to successfully cope with such a complicated life, much of which you are responsible for.

All the nice speeches on Education, and all the ribbon cutting has just gone down the gutter.

Wake up from the nice polite Ministers who are fooling you, hold them accountable. If Mcsuzy Mondon cannot bring up the scores and percentage of tests to 70% ask her to resign, and same goes for her replacement.
Sure they will have every excuse in the book, but if Ministers are tasked with giving you excuses and not solutions, guess what Mr. Michel: they will give you excuses. Seychelles will Back Fire!
[ To Be Continued]
More Surprise  to Come!

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Tell your Ministers to Stop calling me to not write about them.


  1. Biggest mistake that FAR did.
    Pas baton ek en KLARK cable and wireless.
    And today nearly 40 years WE are in DEEP SHIT.
    Really, I don't know where to begin and end the story.
    What ever he touch everyone LAUGH.
    When he preach everyone CLAP.
    What an IDIOT?

  2. Name me one thing that James Michel did, that did not backfire? From screwing the NYS to his marriages. From murdering our heroes to shooting his own flesh and blood, his very own son.Fromm banking the Seychellois money off shore to bribe in order to get vote.

  3. In a world of technology,the bad education provides by PP makes it even much more difficult for our people to survive in the 21st century that more and more high position that in the past could easily be taken/occupy by Seychellois experts,proffessional are now given to foreigners,expats,which in itself typifies the degradation of our education system under PP illiterate.

    More and more the failing Pp education is being felt by companies,unable to find personnel they need and the country should have provided becuase of the failure of an ignorant government ,thus impeding continued growth,but also help great mass unemployment,poverty.In a word Seychellois manpower become useless to society when in fact it should be the motor of growth,prosperity,advancement etc..

    How can our children meant to learn and be performant when they do not get the ablutionfacilities in schools?How can knowledge creation be the goals of the governemnt when the end result is catastrophic?How can they be useful to society and productive when they cannot perform they jobs given to them becuase they were badly educated and trained?For the last 4 decades many intelligent Seychellois who could ahve been useful to society had left behind,a generation of capable Seychellois could not particiapte in their country developemnt just becuase PP has the power to impede their success ,waht they could have produce to our land just because PP thugs failed to provide te means to achieve their goals.mMaybe,becuase PP thugs ,the most under educated in our country faer Seychellois with brain,they could be a threat to the system of idiots,thus put at risks their grab on power.

    Under PP,we have EDU-CORRUPTIOn and MIS_EDCÙCATION.FPr PP education is indoctrination,instead of preapring them to be future leaders etc.. Pp feeds them with a porpaganda diet rich in disinformation,misinforamtion,distortions,misguided,worn out slogans of a bygone era.
    PP is convivnced when they can control a man's thinking you donot have to worry about his or her actions.You do not have to tell him or her not to stand here or go yonder.S/he will aleays find their porper place and will stay in it.You do not need to send him or her to the back door.S/he will go without being told.In fact,there is not back door,s/he will cut one for his,her own benefit.Her,his education makes it neccessary.

    Pp thugs continues to use education not a palce of learning ,inquiry and research,but as a diploma mills for a new breed of party hacks and zombie ideologies doomed to blind unquestioning servility.

    For the alst 4 decades PP thugs have tried to keep Seychellois in state of blissful ignorance,where the people are forced at gun points to speak no evil,see no evil ,and hear no evil.

    We nned to reintroduce the education base of MERITOCRACY.A system base of ability,whereby those will talent are push as high as possible while ensuring others to be as most performance as they could by providing all the tools to make this happen.
    Morever,our country fial institiuions that provides guidance for sutdents sitting for their A-Level and wouls later be opting for a proffesion.Seychelles fail a VOCATIONAL orientation instituion which though collecting statistic,inforamtion,and analysising developemnt in soceity could advice Students finding it difficult to opt for the right jobs to make so.Helping Students opting for the right jos,means encourage them to take jobs that we lack in the ocuntry,experts we lack,but also forsee the future by prvdieing them with inforamtion on future jibs or new jobs that would be needed in the futre ,or need immedaitely in order to ensure there is no waste of brain,becuase students opted for jobs that have been congested like LAW and came back after their study to end up as fishermen instead as lawywer,which is not only waste of brain ,but waste of tax payers money,and a waste of man power and experts needed to advance.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Michel you just cannot give a person a task of which s/he is ignorant of.Else you doom to failure as it is the case in our Education,Health system.etc..Give you a tilte of Minister does not provide the lack of education you ahd Mcsuzy.

    True knowlegde illuminates and liberates while ignorance veils your wisdom and hold you in bondage Mcsuzy.

    Mcsuy motoo.is simply"if cannot impress people with one intelligence(for one does not have)then confuse them with your bullshit.

    DEGAGE MCSuzy.

  5. PP mouth piece NATION tells us "Team work needed for a strng community.Dito PP-- Democracy needed for a prosperous,peaceful,successful,stable society in which the people participate fully.TEAMWORK is nothing than UNITY PP.so why continue dividing the Nation PP?

  6. NYS was created just to keep our youth from entering the job market much latter for PP counld not provide enough jobs,failed to createc enough new industries,etc... Most Seychellois under PP,ended up in Public service and the army becuase of this Pp gross fialure to be creative,innovative,pro-active,versionary ,adptatzion to changes etc...

    You know it is sad to see how Pp has destory the good and high standard of education system the British proudly left to us.And to compare the different in srtandard just look at Pirvate schools still using the same methods,standard the Britsh left us.We might argue that Seychelles collge,REGINA MOUDI porvided education for a small elite group whose family could afford to pay.But this is no reasons to closed those high quality schools and repalced them with schools providing middle level of education to the mass.Syco could have just be a supplemnt to our schools which would have been much more healthy to our society.

    During Brit rule,Schools provided high quality student,like Gerald Hoarau,and amny others ,capalbe of reprsenting proudly our country ,today Pp produce under educated indviduals to the likes Mitzy,Mcsuzy,Meriton,FAURE which retard our porgress,impede devlopment,make us depend on foreigners,etc...French langauge which should be plus for our people as it has always be and should be ,is each passing year becoming more extinct-----This porduce idiots speaking FGRANCIOS instead of real FRENCH like our ancestors did,making us the laughing -stock of the FRANCOPHONIE and the world.It is more disturbing when you hear Michel Speaking FRANCOIS instead of Frnech becuase as a CREOLE speaker ,a langauge derive from French ,not being able to speak real good French as before really make us look like monkeys.

    It is time for a paradigm change.We want to see an education that arm our children with the knowlegde neede to survive in a knowledge society.not education of indoctrination to ensalve our people,stagnates our evolution,and retard our Nation.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc



  9. I must comment on this read. I am a professional recruited to work in a 5star hotel in Seychelles as a HR Manager. I took the job excited about the possibilities. After my first year I wanted to go home. The circumstance we deal with in HR in Seychelles /no education no university can prepare you for this nightmare. HR issues are the main impediment to the hotels success. Where in the world would this be the single reason for a 5 star hotel to be failing. It is utterly over bearing and a lot of pressure is placed on us in HR from management owners, and the government side that is not realistic.

    At the top the applicants come to us from seychelles school system with horrible test scores. They cannot express themselves well. They mostly have tattoos all over their body, we cannot design a uniform to cover it all off at times.
    In a word they are severely mis prepared for the working world.
    Second point is the attitude of the applicants is so arrogant we do not know where to start with them. They speak to us as if they know everything about their job description. When we bring them to the front line we find out they know nothing. The performance looks like the report cards.
    It seems there is a policy of passing students right through and giving them false security in their education. The statistics announced in the read above does not surprise one bit.
    Then when we try to recruit workers from over seas we get a hard time with the employment office. They drag our files. The process is cumbersome with delays, lost documents and worse for our establishment service is not delivered and money is lost.
    I must mention that many seychellois tell me to my face they do not want to do certain jobs in the field they are employed in. This is fine with me in HR. But what to I do? I must hire maybe 150 extra staff over the 300 I already hire. This approach I am sorry will leave me on the unemployment line when my company assess the situation. Therefore I must be frank and disclose the chaos to my boss and simply try to re station somewhere else where we can make sense of a situation.

  10. Sorry for what you are going through, but all the blames are pointed to SPPF.
    Than PP made it worst due to the low style education by the minister.
    This is nothing but the truth.

  11. We have literally no Vocational,proffesional,education and training system,.in part of learning for jobs to make .No analytic wroks designed to helps Students taking a career to Oriented themsleves .No system to design to anylses market developemnt that would provide inforamtion on the kind of Experts we lack and needed and the future jobs/proffesions that would be needed in the future in order that Studfents are market oriented,not just opt for a job/proffesion that after their study they could be sure ti find a job and thus participate activily on the developemnt and prosperity of our country.
    As a small country we should orient our students opting for the right proffesion(not necessarily what one's would have like to do in the ifrst palce,but entice them to take proffesion that they would theb find a job when finishing their study and by doing so,the country asure itself of having high proffsional and avoid the shortage of experts and also avoid brain drain.

    Study (Theory) should be combine equally with practice,that is governemnt should together with enterprises set up a system whereby Sutdents can shar their time duting their study between school and enterprieses,this allow student to already gert to know the real world of the future proffession ,acquire pratical experience beofre even the come to the job market.This will gprovide them with a ceertain amount of pratical experience which in turn make them come on the job market better arm.

    A country that has such a system,and have successfully implement it,and is praised by the rest of the world is Switzerland.This explain the economic,soicial successfup of Switzerland ,She provides and put in palce well-organized and planned system that would allow the country to use to the maximum its local workforce.

    School and work place- based learning muast be well-integrated,Vocational teacgers and trainers,examiners,etc must be well-prepared. Quality control must be in placed to ensure the standard,to upgrade the system etc...

    I give you a xample of Seychelles actual problem.The failure to have a Vocational Orientaion system in palce,Students often take jobs which of course they would like to do,but in many cases because they take jobs they know about,though there are many of proffesions and fields where Seychelles lack experts or need but does not exist an so on.For instance,we have many seychellois who opted for law,come back as a laywer ,but ended as fisherman becuase the market for such as job is congested,too much of them,while in other proffesion like medine,etc.. their is a lack of experts,

    Pp must provide the type of education adapted to the 21st century and to the need of our country and the market orioented.We must provide our youth with the education that would arm them with the tools needed to survive in Knowlegde society,thus amking them useful to society PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. During the Brit governemnt ,many Seychellois could make it easily to Western Universities,under Pp and its communsit education system has destroy everything.Our youths can hardly earn A+,A,etc...when they sit for theGCSE or As.They cab hardly enter western Universities with such gades .But you j^know what ,Michel tells them No Porblem!I If you cannot enter western Universities becuase of your bad notes, i Michel "Will build you a University" the best in Afrcia you can make do with that.

    R, Payet our Proffesor and nano scientist,would be your educational planner and me your tuitor ,to ensure your success.



  15. It would been better to stay under britisn colony as suffering under this wicked sytem,during those days education was better our police force was better their were no courruption in police department and in the justice department.Today education mon gren better education today only for those that be leave in communist -socialist and corrupt government.

  16. IF would have been under british conlony,heroin would had never arrived on our shore those mafia spup had brought it now playing there are fighting it but still coming in and NDEA are harassing old peoples in their houses those pussy with no respect for elderly.


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